Los Angeles Valley College Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Los Angeles Valley College is best known for its transfer programs. As the time for transferring comes to a close, Valley offeres at least two weeks worth of orientations aimed to aid their students transfer to their school of choice. (Valley offers an accelerated program that also gives its students a higher probability of being accepted to a UC campus than a high school student or a student attending a four-year college or university.)


Los Angeles Valley College is best known for it's diversity and it's great staff! Many of the professors also teach or have taught at Universities in California so it gives the students at Valley college a great insight onto what 4-year University will feel like. The diverse student body brings very interesting class discussions full of different opinions and backgrounds. Every day of class is a complete surprise and experience!


the best thing known for my school is that all grant highschoolers would apply at valley since they are right next door. this would push students to go further in life since college is so close to home it would be less stress to travel to. the location of my college is so convinient that all people around the valley just to take one bus to this school the orange line. our location is well known for being right next to a text book store as well which makes students find materials for classes less stressful and much much easier.