Los Angeles Valley College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


The advice that i will give myself will be to take as many Advanced Placement Courses as i can, so i can minimize the amount of classes i need to take and i won't be wasting my time and money taking a class i could of taken in high school, and it will help me finish school sooner. I will also tell myself to look for scholarships online, with the college counselor, teacher etc, because school is very expensive, and the money that you will recieve with the scholarships will help pay for the ridicoulous expensive books, classes, school supplies, housing, transportation etc. There is free money out there that would make an extreme impact in your life. Instead of going out with your friends on the weekends and getting no benefits with that, log on your computer and start scholarship searching because the benefit with this is that it is going towards your education which is tool that will propel you to a career that will help you succeed in life! The last advice that i will give myself would be to continue to persevere. No matter how difficult it may get, your education is key to success.


Appreciate the adversities you are experiencing now, as these will allow you to prevail in the future. Although your goal to experience the state of inner peace may instill feelings of serenity, the actions involved with this require vigorous activity. Embrace your sensitivity and continue to question the external world. Contrary to the advice most people give you, keep on fretting. Continue to observe the actions of others in order to draw inferences about their motives. Turns out, the most compelling insight gained is through skepticism. Personal growth is felt by persisting to question external data and then inwardly reflect on how to apply newfound knowledge to your own behavior. Be persistent in practicing this mindful exercise, as you will achieve a “mastery” of reality. For this reason, you will gain an awareness of your morals that allows for exertion of energy towards other goals, such as communicating in an engaging manner. You must participate in analyzing perceptions, clarifying moral values, and evaluating relationships in order to achieve what may be called mindful serenity. Will you choose to be an investigator of life – or live the unexamined life? As Socrates had said, "the unexamined life is not worth living."


This is an interesting proposal, as I recently returned to college after a 20+ year absence. When I had first attempted college at the age of 18, back in 1991, I was extremely naive as to what responsibilities lied ahead, and the struggles I would face with time management. Though I failed abysmally at my first college experience, I returned years later, prepped with the tools and life lessons necessary to ensure my success. I believe that every experience has only added to my ability to focus and study, and to have an appreciation for the opportunities presented to me. I have packed a lot of life in 20 years, from suburbia to drug addiction-fueled homelessness to recovery and all of the joys and sorrows I've experienced along the way. I've been a married housewife, a server in a world-famous 4-star hotel, a touring rockstar, and the owner of a film production company. If I could speak to my 18 year-old self, I would tell her to "enjoy the ride. Even though life is bumpy at times, it's filled with beauty. Follow your heart and don't be afraid to say yes."


Be responsible. Just because you are applying to a two- year college doesnt mean it's a free ride; some of these professors have taught at UCLA, Yale, Oxford, etc. and won't teach your class any differently. College professors are not like high school teachers; they won't have a talk with your parents in order to better your grades or keep you on track in other ways unless you truly want to seek help and actively ask them. Don't be afraid to ask for help if there is something you do not understand because asking questions will make you smarter whereas thinking that you will only look less intelligent will make you... well, you get the picture.


Emily, I know it?s a hard decision for you to stay at home and go to the community college when all of your friends are going away to Universities and moving to other states. You will love the classes you enroll in at the community college and you will make some great friendships. I know that your dream is to move to California and you will do so. It will be the hardest transition that you will ever experience in your life. The thing is, it will make you grow in ways that you could never have imagined yourself becoming. School will be hard and you?ll be very upset when you find out you?ve lost a lot of college credits from the community college you went to in Oregon. Don?t let it discourage you! The diverse faces of your classmates are much different than what you're used to, but you will love it. It will open up your world completely. College is the time that you will become you. I know it?s hard for you to step out of your comfort zone, but when you do, that?s when you will be the happiest!


The advice I will give to myself will be is to study harder, take college courses during senior year, and get financial aid for college.


I would have told myself that school, and grades matter and to work hard and take school seriously. You can only be as good as the effort you put into yourself. I would tell myself that if I am committed that I will achieve great things so to think big and try hard!


If I could go back in time, I would tell myself to follow my own path. I listened to my parents, and with that, clouded me with my sense of direction in life. that at the present time, things are going to be much harder. And that if I don't pave my way during senior high school, I would be standing on a fork with many roads and obstacles to conquer instead of narrowing it down beforehand. I would tell past self to listen to my parents, but follow my own heart.


Life at 17 for myself was not easy... I had a father that had walked away from my life, my mother & I were growing apart, I was contemplating whether or not to go to college, my one true love had just left for the army & I was alone. Looking back now, I laugh a bit because at 17, every girl thinks no one understands or is going through what they are, but now, I would give myself a hug and tell myself to look within and find peace with the battles I was struggling with. So much of me wanted to give up at the time but now, at 24, I can look back and be proud of what i've accomplishments and know that the struggles in my life truly made me stronger. I would tell my then self that college is a must, education is never ending... Learning is not something we agree to do, it's ever evolving within us and college is a must in my opinion. I would say life is open to any possibility you put your all in to and to really put my all in to whatever I do.


Enjoy your life but in the same time dedicate enough time to studying. Do as much as you can to become the best in anything you do. If you are not the best, that?s ok, at least you tried and that is all it matters. College is not easy and takes a lot of work and dedication. Don?t let anything or anybody to tell you that you can?t do it, that school is too hard for you. Is better to hardly finish the race than to be considered a quitter! Is cool to be cool, but is so much cooler to be you and to be proud of that! It is easy to go with the flow, but is so much harder to go against it! Use your wisdom to decide if is better to go with the crowd or to stand up for what is right! People that have integrity and courage are the people that proudly succeed in life, the people that others look up to! Just people that are dedicated and hard working get to enjoy the benefits of having an education, thus having a better job and a better life!


if i were to go back to highschool and speak to myself i would not change a thing. i would just tell him to do what needs to be done, because if i didnt i would not be who i am today and that would affect the whole course of my life which was suppose to be.


Back as a high school senior I wasn't really thinking about college as much as I am now. If I could go back and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself not to procastinate with homework and not to put it off. I would tell myself that slacking off won't get you as far in life. When you have a problem in class, ask the teacher because it will be much harder for you to understand on your own, don't be afraid of what your classmates think because it's your future not theirs. Do your best because it will pay off later in life, and your life will be less stressful. I would also tell myself to do extracurrircular activities because it's betteron a job application. Also the more you understand and concentrate on the material the teacher talks about, the easier college will be because you remember it from high school. The one thing you can't get back is time.


Tough question, as I not only know myself quite well, but I'm 37 years old. It took me 20 years to find what I'm really passionate about (Biomedical Engineering, research and development in prosthetics). I think I'd honestly ask my younger self to consider waiting only 10-15 years to begin college, and I'd probably hint at what major to consider. As for college life itself, I'd certainly assure my younger self that the entire experience is far less terrifying than I know I would be thinking. I'd warn about some of the pitfalls that befall many young students, such as study habits and procrastination. I'd also talk briefly about what life is like without a degree...sort of like the story of Scrooge. I think I'd also encourage myself to get involved with the student body; not necessarily in student gov't, but perhaps some other social activity. But, most importantly, I would stress how challenging (this is a good thing) and FUN college is. Once done with all that, I'd warn myself about a certain ex-wife to avoid dating. )


Dear Amanda, From graduation on, you'll be welcomed to the real world. Get ready; it won't be just one smooth ride, there will be lots of bumps in the road. There will be lots of decisions to make, some that you don't even want to think about. You may forget about the reason you decided to go to school in the first place. You may want to work instead. You may want to take time off to figure things out. Oh and another thing, your friends may be out of state, or starting their own lives and may not have time for you. You may doubt it now, but believe this- everyone goes through different situations. So what do you do? Who do you ask for help? Life's chaotic and you're right in the middle of it! Stop. Take a breath. Look around. And start to trust yourself. You're going to have to start being independent. Don't worry, you will make lots of mistakes in the beginning. But then, you'll get good judgement. All in time. Trust yourself and you'll get through life jut fine. Love, Your(future)self