Louisiana College Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The contraverses about adminstrion.


the dorms they need to be remodeled


The professors at this school have no experience and a lack of higher education. Most of the professors have only a Masters degree. They should have a PhD


The food is horrible




The worst thing is the inadequate internet service. Also, LC has not succeeded in advertising itself to anyone outside of the immediate area and as a result the entire student body is made up of simple, small town students. They're making improvements in that area. The lack of bigger-minded people has been a problem, the lack of school spirit has been a problem. Students are allowed very little freedom in the SGA so their voice is very small.


The fact that we are required to attend 10 chapels per semester. Those chapel services are not even that good. The least they could do is make them better. The cafeteria is ridiculously horrible.


My school has a lot of rules, especially for the dorms. Its rediculous. OUr rooms are checked every week, we can't open windowns, that sort of thing. and they literally kick us out for every major holiday. It gets pretty rediculous. Also if you are not active with the campus BCM then most likely your left out and you may not get chosen for a lot of stuff unless you are involved with it, so its really biased and unfair sometimes