Louisiana College Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


You should not attend this school if you do not plan to reach beyond your own expectations and don't have a desire to know the Lord.


Those who should not attend this school are the ones who do not want to work hard and party all the time because that is not tolerated here at LC.


people who are looking for a college that is all about partying


A person who doesn't like to do work and doesn't like to study does not need to some here. Someone who likes to miss a lot of class should also stay away from LC. If you mind God in the classroom, then stay away. LC is a Baptist College, so God is an itegral part of our instruction.


This school does have a Spiritual and Cultural Enrichment Program. Every student must attend ten of fourteen chapel services (one hour worship services held on Thursdays) and five Cultural activities (such as plays, art openings, music recitals, ect.) per semester in order to graduate. If you do not like attending spiritual and cultural events then this is not the place for you. Although they are very easy to attain, one must be willing to attend and gain credit.