Louisiana College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


As fake as the people at my school are, there are some really talented people. Ninety percent of the students that go here are very artsy and creative, which makes the campus cool.


The best thing about LC would be the connection to God. Louisiana College is a Christian school, and they practice Christian values. Another thing that is so wonderful about the campus is that people know you by name, not by your student ID number. That is an amazing feeling when you are trying to make that difficult transition from high school. All your professors know your name, and will even speak to you when they see you in the hallway, or out and about. It makes you feel as though you are not alone in the new college experience.


It's on the smaller side. There is more chances for one on one time with your professor, your professor knows your name and face, you're not just a number to them.You are encouraged to ask for help and the professors are willing to help.


The best thing about my school is the small class sizes. These small classes help the professors take the time to individually assess the needs of the students and help meet those needs.


The best thing about my school is without a doubt the teachers. Nearly ever teacher I have had at this school have just been so nice. They would bend over backwards to help you. We are given their home numbers and sometimes cell numbers and encouraged to call. They make time to see you and talk with you for every problem you may have. Many of my teachers, i am on a friend's basis with. I hang out in their office, they take me out to eat, and in one case they are my sunday school teachers at church.