Louisiana State University-Alexandria Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


A person who is dedicated to studies but also likes to engage in the social aspects LSUA can offer.


A person should go to this school if they want to really get a good education. Somebody who likes to meet new people and experience living on campus in a city and just want to be around many things. A person should come to this school if they serious about starting a career and want to began a knew life on their own.


The kind of person that should attend this school is someone that is willing to learn and work very hard in their classes. This school is a very tough school and some of the classes don't just give you the information you need for the test, you have to take notes on your own time instead of the teacher just giving you the information right in front of your face.


This school is great for anyone. They have something for everyone and all students are accepting and friendly. The staff are supportive and very helpful.