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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


If I could go back and talk to my high scool self there would be quite a few things I would share. First, I would say that education is not about social class, appearnace, or social status it is much more. It gives you the privilege of making your individual goals in life come true. Also I would strongly focus on sharing the importance of keeping your education first. After all, knowledge can not be lost but many things in high school can be. Lastly, I woud emphasize the importance of using high school as a growing experience. This is a place where weaknesses and strengths can be revealed both socially and educationally. Also I would tell my high school self to enjoy the depths of learning who you are because this is a process that will continue through your college career and throughout life.


I would tell myself to stop putting things off, because I've always been very bad at that. Right now I'm stuck in a hole I'm not quite sure how to get out of. So, past self: Apply to every scholarship you can! When you get on campus, do every extra curricular you're interested in! Don't just not go to career fairs because you think you're unimpressive; just go! You never know what might happen. Apply to every summer job you can. Go to office hours! That professor you talk to could be a reference in the future. Don't just sit around doing nothing with your friends all day when you can be much more productive than that. Don't not go to a volunteering activity just because you had your day planned differently; you definitely need to be more flexible. I could sit here and tell my past self things I should have done, but what I should do is take this advice to heart now and start actively preparing for my future. Presently, I'm a bit scared.


If I could go back to highschool, I would tell myself to enjoy my last years of being a kid, because college is a whole new world. . Forget the petty things and focus on academics and becoming a well rounded individual to be able to succeed in working and adult world. College can be a very rewarding experience both academically and socially, as long as you put in the work. Reading, studying and preparing for tests ahead of time before the day before is essential to pass. School, like anything else, only gives back to you what you put into it and to succeed you have to give it 100 percent.


I would tell myself that studying hard enough to get straight A's is the most important part of attending college. I would make sure that myself knows to follow his dream to become a successful engineer in renewable energy. I would tell myself all of the clubs to join in college and participate in extracurricular activities.


Honeslty, I would not go back in time to change anything. I am very happy with the university I chose to attend, with my transition into the school, and with the choices I have made throughout my college career thus far. I truly believe that all things happen for a reason, and that all the mistakes I have made in my life make me the person I am today. Despite how appealing it sounds to have the ability to time travel and talk to my high school senior self, all the occurances I would warn my senior self about have been what I needed to experience in order to become a stronger and wiser me. Although I do wish I had applied for many more scholarships for college senior year, because it would have allowed for more ease in my college career, I am really hoping this scholarship came across my path for a reason.


Although college may seem scarry, intimidating, and tough, do not fret because this step in your life is necessary and important. College is really a fun place that brings together many like-minded and motivated people who are interested in improving their knowledge and skills in order to gain a competetive advantage in this difficult world. The opportunity to go to college is a blessing as friends will be met, lessons will be learned, and knowledge will be gained. The most important concept that college teaches in individualism and the desire within an individual to willingly learn and progress in order to obtain better results for future inquaries.


I would say to myself that time is gold! So there is no need to waste it. For example when I was at senior year I wasted a lot of time on my education, and now I regret it. If I had known the importance and value about really wanting to be someone in this world I would rather be one of the nerds, instead of worrying about my reputation at school. To those who say that there is a balance between studies and social life, let me say that there is not, if there was, then we would all be perfect and nothing made sense. The feeling of overcoming the challenges, the satisfaction of achieving goals had no meaning if it were easy to reach all. College life is not easy, you need to be very focused on what you want because you are the only one who can achieve it, know one else can. Nobody can against you, just yourself. Those were the words that motivated me to go after my goals, I guess if I go back in time and say those exact words to myself lost time would recover. Time is a very powerfull word.


Being able to go back in time to talk to myself is very interesting because I would tell me that the ladder to success is infinite. Also, never focus on the negative aspects of being rejected, use any criticism as good criticism and apply for all scholarships possible as you never know what financial situations may arise. In addition to that, be the best you can be and keep your goals fresh so that you never lose sight of what truly matters.


Being a high school senior is nothing compared to being a college student, when your a high school senior you have more control in a way and you do not have as many deadlines when it come to projects. In college your on your own you do not have anybody to be there for you step by step you do not really even haved your parents in a way.


The advice that I would give myself as a high school senior would be to study more in high school and listened more to my parents and my teachers. I would have made myself get a better GPA where I could have had a chance to recieve more scholarships to help with my tuition in college.


The college experience has provided me with opportunities to grow as an individual. It has given me an opportunity to interact with individuals from varying aspects of life and has given me a better appreciation of mine. I have grown as an individual, as a citizen, as a family member, and as a man. It has improved my ability to critically evaluate situations and creatively apply knowledge to solve problems. It has motivated me to further continue my educational and life goals with graduate studies in the hopes of one day giving back to the community and assisting others in reaching their full potential in life. I feel that education and health are key in the betterment of our future as a society and the college experience has allowed me to interact with other individuals who share in the same passion. I am grateful for the opportunities I have had in life, especially that of my college education, and I hope that I will have the ability later in life to help others have the opportunity as well.


I have gotten many good experiences from my attendance of college, like learning so many things about the world around me and how they work. For a while I studied in a police academy. I studied and worked with dedicated people and got to drive on an obstacle course, learn self defense, and shoot firearms. Now I have an interest in writing and journalism with a view to writing blogs and books. It has been very valuable for me to attend because it has honed my writing skills with a view to achieving my career goals and interests. Another valuable experience of attendance was learning a foreign language. To experience an appreciation for other countries and cultures was a thrill I wish everyone could experience. I have fallen so in love with the Spanish language that I hope to someday speak it fluently and travel extensively in South America. I started attending college later in live, after starting a family. I recommend to the youth that they attend right away, even if they are unsure of what their interests are. College is a valuable and rewarding experience in that it can help youth find what they should pursue in live.


I have learned more and had more help than I expected. I know that with this experience I will succeed in all my carrer goals. I know that this experience and oppertunity is important to get the degree that I seek.


Be sure about hat they want to do in life before they enroll into a degree program.


Choose a college which has a much larger campus.