Louisiana State University and Agricultural & Mechanical College Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


LSU may not provide the best college education, but it is an amazing, 4-year experience that you will not find anywhere else.


LSU is the greatest college experience possible.


My school has a beautiful campus,and has a campus full of spirit.


My campus is beautiful, but very crowded and it is hard to get a parking space.


Love purple, live gold.


Very spread out!! Prepare to walk a few city blocks in little amounts of time to make it from the library to your next class. The great thing is the history and age of the trees and buildings though, so at least you can enjoy the views.


I'm a transfer student from Baton Rouge Community College so I don't know a lot about the school currently. The campus seems great and the teachers seem to be friendly and helpful.


LSU is a great school to attend.


Lots of oak trees and green space. Brown buildings. Green landscaping. Roads are relatively windy. Big campus.


This college experience will be what you make of it. It can be either serious and focused, a great social experience, or both.


LSU is a great place for an education, networking, and making new friends.


This is a great southern school with tradition running from its pores


My school is inspiring to students who want to learn in a exciting and unique southern atmosphere.


Louisiana State University is a part of the real world that everyone needs to experience with diversity in every aspect of school; from people to classes.


My school is very large. Its very active and exciting but can become overwhelming.


LSU is a fun, exciting school that surrounds any one student with a myriad of interesting people and cultures.


My school is a place not only for learning but also for expiriencing many different things such as people and events and also for making life long friends.


LSU is a party school with an academic work load that may not be as good as it says; it also puts a higher focus on sports than some of its programs.


My school is a place where students can enjoy themselves while earning their respective degrees.


LSU is located in one of the most dangerous cities in the US. Louisiana is a backwards state (and I grew up in Mandeville, so I have room to talk) with awful weather and the most closed-minded religious people in the US - and yes, it's the south.. it's awful. LSU has terrible teachers and councelors. It was not my first choice, I just stayed because TOPS helps out a bit. Financial aid is deminishing and many students have "daddy" to pay for the education they are wasting whilst drinking every night with their sorority/frat friends.


Its a great place to learn and grow up!


LSU is full of school spirit and people tend to be very friendly and helpful.


Big campus, Big population, Big directions for life, Big options.


Fun, I grew up a LSU fan and always wanted to attend the school. I love LSU, but it does not seem like they care us much for the students as some of the students care for the school. LSU has a beautiful campus with huge oak trees that provide great shade around campus, Spanish architecture buildings, and lakes that are great to run around. The Greek system is ok, but I feel as if the university interferes with disciplinary action more than most schools in the SEC. I bleed purple and gold though and would never go anywhere else.


Best time of my life so far


LSU is very athletically oriented.


LSU is very an extremely inviting school that focuses mainly on its students and the students' success in academic excellence.


Unorganized, unhelpful, particularly with academic counseling and spends too much money on sports and not enough on academic related needs.


This is a large, diverse school, having polar opposite of the types of people who attend.


LSU is a challenging school to attend and stay in, but with the right amount of studying, preperation, and hard work, anyone can suceed here.


LSU is a very spirited and social-oriented school.


My school is a large,public university with a well-known athletic program, good research facilities, and a growing good academic reputation.


sports school central!


LSU is inviting and helpful for new students with many organizations to join to help you find a group of life long friends.


While academics is the most important aspect, watching and cheering on all of the sports is a past time that everyone looks forward to.


LSU is fun and informative.


Louisiana State University is very loyal, spririted, and challenging college that unites families, faculty, and alumni with enrolled students.


LSU is a great university that will allow you to go on to great things, if you let it.


My school is a great university well known for its academics as well as a great athletics program, and has a loyal following to support them.


LSU is beautiful, energetic, and fun.


A very big place where education is key.,


Lsu is great for football, I was new when I was a sophomore and I had a hard time making friends.


This is my favorite place on campus. The parade grounds are surrounded by beautiful buildings, trees, and students.


Free Speech Alley, the sidewalk area in front of our Union, is regularly used to promote organizations and issue.


A strong community of people learning about their field of study and life in a spirited atmosphere.


A place with many options; however, the staff is not so bright.