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What are the academics like at your school?


You have to try hard or you will probably fail out.


LSU thrives on its academics.


Engineering is the strongest, along with accounting. All other majors are not really nationally recognized.


I have had some REALLY BIG classes as well as really small classes. As you begin with your General Education Courses you may end up in large auditoriums with 800 kids which can work to your advantage. I have also had very small classes with around 20 students enrolled. Personally, I am a fan of the larger classes but you did get an opportunity to get to know your professors from smaller classes. It all really depends on your major and what Senior College you are enrolled in as well. My school the Manship Of Mass Communications has very small classes of 20-30 students as you get into 3000-level classes but someone in Business may still have 200-300 students in their upper level classes. School is not hard if you pay attention and study! It really is not impossible if you attend class and take notes! If you do that you are so much more prepared for tests and quizzes and it takes off so much more study time when you already know what you are learning about instead of cramming the last minute.


I am a Biology major at LSU, and it is not easy. It requires discipline and studiousness. I do feel that LSU is preparing me for Medical School though. The classes demand a lot of your time, but if you are good at prioritizing, you might do well in a science major. Engineer majors are the hardest majors LSU offers, in my opinion. If someone though a Biology major was difficult- and most people do- they haven't spoken to an engineer major. LSU also offers lots of other majors, like English, Psychology, Broadcast Journalism, Education, Foreign Language, Communication Disorders, etc. There is definitely a variety of majors to suit your liking. The professors that I have had are pretty helpful, but you need to make the effort to talk to them. Most science courses have at least 100 students in them, but if you take the time to speak to your teacher before/after class, or during his/her office hours, they are very helpful, or at least try to be. Being a science major who wants to get into Medical School, I have a lot of competition between all the other students who want to do the same as me. However, people do not act like that. The classmates I have help each other out. We form study groups with complete strangers and tutor each other sometimes. If someone misses class, there is no problem finding someone who is willing to email you the notes. Classes may be larger, but you have a better chance of finding someone who will support you and help you do well in the class. It's all about putting yourself out there and making yourself known to others. LSU is a socially academic school. I have so much support here.


LSU academic program is great. We have labs you can go into, and our teachers are always there to help. We also have online studies that will help us for our classes. These studies help prepare us for our exams. As a biology major, I know LSU has a fantastic biology program.


Judging by the behavior of the people majoring in things like business and kinesiology, I cannot see how those programs can be very difficult. I cannot speak for the art/design departments, but it seems that they are rightfully demanding. As for the science/engineering/mathematics departments, I can tell you from experience that they are very challenging and quite competitive; they are sure to establish at least some kind of critical thinking skills in all students following their curricula.


Overall, my classes at LSU have been great. During your first year or two, your general education classes will be large, impersonal, auditorium-sized classes. This can seem overwhelming, but my advice is to get to know your professor (go to office hours) and become friends/study buddies with someone in the class. This will make your experience with those large classes less intimidating and more personal. Classes within your major become much smaller and much more personal. Your professors will really want to get to know you and will get to know your name. Class participation becomes more common in these classes, through clickers or classroom discussions. LSU offers different classes to meet your needs. Service learning classes integrate outside service hours with a traditional classroom settings; communication-intensive classes focus more on seminar and discussion learning. I'm a Political Science major with a French minor and Religious Studies minor. All three of these departments are excellent. The professors are top notch and always willing to help. They're also very willing to get to know me and I know many of them by name. I'm on a first name basis with a couple of them. The coolest thing I did related to my studies was studying abroad my Freshman year! LSU has great study abroad programs for almost every major! I went to Paris to study French in the summer of 2010 and it was one of the best experiences of my life. If you can afford it, I recommend studying abroad to every student! LSU also offers financial scholarships to help with the cost and you can get 6 hours of credit! I still talk to the professors that were in charge of the LSU in Paris program. I think LSU's course requirements give students a well-rounded education that gives them skills to use in real life. Yeah, some of the general education classes seem useless at first, but the skills you learn in them are definitely tested later down the road.


Academics are great at LSU. Some teachers can be more difficult than others but again it depends on the teacher, not so much the class. It is really easy to makes friends in a class as long as you're outgoing. If you don't but yourself out there and socialize, you won't get recognized and that's okay. LSU is a great networking campus to further ones career.


Despite its reputation as a "party school" LSU takes its academics incredibly seriously. Students that expect to do well in LSU also should expect to study reasonably well.


The academic quality of Louisiana State University is pretty great for the reasonable price. But with the copious amount of students, there is not a great student- teacher ratio. You have to make yourself known to your professors because there are too many students to know everyone's name. But they are very friendly and know their material. Students are fairly competitive but in a fun way.


Louisiana State University (LSU) offers endless opportunities when it comes to academics. Some of the majors obtainable through LSU include but are not limited to: Chemistry, History, Agricultural Business, Chemical Engineering, Child and Family Studies and Interior Design. LSU accommodates several students and must provide a wide variety of concentrations to keep up with demand. There is no doubt that your desired major will be one offered. Here at LSU, academics are highly competitive. You are not only competing with others LSU students but peers from around the world. Read my words: Your classes will be tough, but with dedication you can succeed.


If you want a professor to know your name, then most times, you have to sit in the front row of a classroom consistently answer questions or make yourself known in the classroom. Classes are very large sometimes but sometimes, classes are less. My favorite classes would have to be my Political Science classes because of the debates and discussions. Students study as much as they want to depending on your learning ability. Also, how much you study depends on the difficulty level of the class. We have many intellectual conversations outside of class concerning previous class discussions, abortion, the death penalty and other serious debates, even some concerning politics and economics. I am a Political Science Major and a Business Minor, which is why the Political Science classes are my favorite. Getting into LSU was fairly easy for me. Easier than I thought it would be. You only need a 22 on your ACT with a good highschool grade point average. Not only is the education at the school geared toward getting a job, it helps you while you are still in college to gain internships.


Freshman classes can be quite large, however the sizes diminish in subsequent years. The classrooms around campus are easily able to accommodate this. Professors hold plenty of office hours to allow you ample time to get any information you may need, and they generally answer e-mail in a timely manner. Study groups seem to be popular and prevalent. The level of difficulty of classes can depend on the professor, but traditionally difficult classes tend to be challenging regardless. We use the A=4, B=3, C=2, etc. grading scale.


My professors know me if I introduce myself to them and sit in the front. Even if it's a class of 100. Class participation is spotty. The weeding out and then the low class attendance happen a lot in intro classes but not in the upper level classes. Professors are generally available for you to see and they're all connected by email. I haven't had a terrible problem with any of them yet.


Using myself as an example, here is an average academic path: I am currently a sophomore pre-med Biology major with a minor in Spanish in the honors college. I am required to take at least 15 hours since I am in the honors college but only 12 hours are required to be considered a full-time student. My classes consist of biologies, chemistries, labs, spanish, and honors classes. Most of my classes are around 50 to 100 students or less. My professors are very enthusiatic about their subjects and encourage us to attend office hours. They may not remember my name but they know my face. I attend all my classes because most of the information on the tests comes from in-class lectures not available on-line. I go to office hours every now and then but I study at the library frequently. i also use the library's free tutoring services for homework help or form a study group with other students in my classes. Everyone is in the same boat and wants to do well so it's not hard to meet and work with students in your classes.


Academics are certainly recognizable. LSU is certainly a challenging and very educational. All the professors are highly qualified and teach you what you need to know for your career. They are friendly and always there to help. This school curricula definitely gives a student the education they deserve.


If you are a highly motivated person, you can excel academically and be in an environment that you really enjoy. If you desire to excel academically but don't find that you care about the fun or aren't very disciplined, they you're better off somewhere else. LSU has enough diversity to find just about anything you are looking for. The question to answer is: "Is there enough of what I'm looking for to satisfy ME?" For many people for whom a rigorous academic environment is the top priority, they may find LSU does not provide enough of it to live up to their expectations. That is not to say there aren't serious minded students or amazing professors--there are (I can think of several profs during my time there that were amazing), and it is not to say that one cannot achieve substantial quality academic benefits. But if they are achieved I believe it will most likely be the result of the student's initiative to make that happen for himself. While that fact is true to some extent at all colleges, at many other universities one does not need to be internally motivated to excel academically to the same extent because the environment at those other universities expects that of you as a baseline. At LSU, it is not expected of you. If you want it, you can achieve it, but it will most likely be the result of your own substantial personal motivation. I look an honors history class at the French House and found it to be truly exceptional.


As mentioned, once you find your niche or get high into your major you will find you start seeing the same people in your class. The teachers and staff want to help you outside the classroom! Depending on what circle you run in will determine to what level you have to or choos to participate, both on campus and off. Our Career Service's Center rocks and they are dedicated to making sure our students are employable when they graduate.


Academics vary widely between individual colleges. Business majors don't have to study as much as science majors. Engineering majors have it the worst. Most are really very good at what they do. Except computer science. do NOT come to LSU for the comp science program. Other than that, Engineering is amazing, Business is great, sciencce is top notch, arts & sciences are very good, mass comm/journalism is first-class.


I do not hold in high regard the academics here. I have seen students in their senior years asking me how can I expect them to be able to divide 100 by 8 without a calculator and that says it all. I do think that the school has some competitive departments, but a lot of them are just a poor excuse for education. Ask outside Louisiana... LSU is about football, not about school. In the same time I am scared thinking about the quality of the school I would end up teaching at since I will be graduating from LSU. I have seen a lot of good students too and I have encouraged them to pursue PhD programs anywhere but here. It's sad, but it's true. Some students are competitive, but most of the time there is a poor understanding of competition. They are used to get high grades for nothing, receive a huge curve for under performing. There are classes where they get the B for just attending the lectures and when they come across one when that does not happen, it's hell on earth and it's never their fault! Some great classes with some high quality professors: Econometrics and Statistical Theory I and II. My department (Economics) is a small one but with some high quality faculty and grad students. Unfortunately we have to lower the standards too many times to accommodate the students coming from other departments to take classes in our department. The research is limited by the low funds that exist and the teaching assignments. In other schools, the assistantship that we are getting is paid for half of our teaching load. plus, the responsibility is enormous. Luckily we get support from the senior faculty. Otherwise it would be just ridiculous.


In my curriculum which is Animal Science, many of the professors do know the students. However in larger classes such as electives and science classes, we are just another face among the fellow 200 to 300 students. My favorite class would have to be a meat science class that I took in the fall of my junior year. My least favorite would have to be the Organic Chemistry classes. Students study various quantities depending on the class at hand. If studying the night before for an hour or two will land a B then it's often acceptable. Others that are striving for 4.0 GPAs can be found in the library when not in class. Class participation varies depending on the class size. Although there are usually a handful of people that participate in any discussion available. Intellectual conversations are found many places around campus. For example Students meet with professors on and off campus to discuss various issues. Some students that are interested in attending some sort of graduate program seem to be the most competitive. Failure to be competitive can lead to failure to get into med school, vet school, or other graduate programs. The most unique class I have ever taken would be Pistol and Rifle Marksmanship. One wouldn't expect a class like this to be offered on a GUN FREE campus. However I enjoyed the class and think more like them should be available. Yes I do spend time with some professors outside of class. Just yesterday I stopped by a professor's house that manage's one of the numerous farms off campus. The academic requirements for admission are increasing steadily. The admissions numbers have not dropped which means brighter students are getting accepted. The education at LSU would vary depending on the type of studies done here.


Most of my professors know my name and even take role. There are a few exceptions, like general classes, that are simply too large to know names. My favorite class right now is English 2000: Finding argument in essay. I have a really spectacular teacher. LSU's academic research requirements seem to be working well, so I have no complaints.


The academics here took me by surprise, especially in the sciences. I expected the school to have mediocre professors with no care for the students, and I couldn't have been farther from the truth. Many of the professors here hold degrees from VERY prestigious universities, like MIT, Yale, Princeton, etc., and just as many are open to the students for help, advice, or just talk in general. The music program, of course, is amazing. Besides having one of the most renowned bands in the nation, their vocal program is stellar, as is their composition program. The only problem with the School of Music is that they can be a bit elitist. That is to say, getting in is difficult (especially if you are already a student in another field), and classes taken mostly by majors are restricted to majors or the extremely talented.


Very few professors know my name. My favorite class is philospohy, least favorite is anatomy. Students vary in studying, depending on their ability to retain information and their drive to maintain good academic standing. Most students probably study about 4 hours per week. Class participation is very common and students do have intellectual conversations outside of class. The most unique class I've taken is music appreciation. LSU's academic requirements are tough, but attainable, you must be willing to work. LSU's education is geared toward what type of learning the student is seeking.


Class size is typically large, at least for the general eds. Professors rarely know your name and class participation is lacking from what i've observed. Almost every student brings a laptop to class, and LSU has an EXCELLENT wireless connection no matter where you go on campus.... therefore, you guessed it, most students play on facebook during class. Some teachers have cracked down about this while others simply don't care. Most professors, however, are available outside of class to help students during their office hours. The most unique class I've taken was Acting Improvisation because it was an elective similar to the show "Who's Line is it Anyway". We pretty much just improvised and ran around the class every meeting doing skits off of the tops of our heads. The education from LSU however is very good, probably a little above the standard bar. Students from all majors tend to get favorable entry-level jobs with degrees from LSU. Academically, it's a strong school.


Some professors and teachers know my name, but in the larger classes they usually do not. I loved Rick Blackwood's Sex & Violence Film/English class. Sadly, Rick works in California now. I hate Algebra. It is sad that LSU forces its students to take math classes in a computer lab. I saw my teacher for forty minutes each week and had to spend three to five hours in the lab. If someone is sick and uses a computer, then everyone gets sick. I miss the old-fashioned days of pencil and paper math classes. Most people do not participate in class, although sometimes a lot of people do. It depends on the subject and who is taking the class any given semester. I overhear some intellectual conversations outside of class. Sometimes I engage in discussions with other students or teachers. A few students are competitive. Most people are not. I loved Femi Euba's Drama Writing class. The students and Euba were a blast. I am a English Creative Writing major and am getting a Film and Media minor. I like a lot of the English teachers. However, the Film and Media department is useless. Patricia Suchy never returned any of e-mails, even though I have actually created my own TV show and films, and I have worked in Hollywood. She is not helpful at all, and I am confused as to why that is. LSU is geared to getting a piece of paper, at least for what I am studying. I hear that other departments are more useful.


Most classes are big your freshman year. It is possible to get to know your professor though. Sit in the front, talk to them after class, use their office hours. Just drop by and let them know you're in their class and wanted to introduce yourself. It helps a LOT. When scheduling your classes, DEFINITELY check out , it will save your life!


My professors definitely do not know my name. My smallest class is about 50 and my largest class is 1,007 (seriously). My favorite class is probably Religion: Faith and Doubt because it's an open forum and almost every session there is a good conversation among students. My least favorite class is Microbiology. It's ridiculously tedious. Class participation is common depending on the type of course. I'm a communications major, so there is definitely an amount of participation neccesary to succeed in the course.


one of them does italian-favorite. econ- least favorite a lot study a lot, and a lot study not at all and do fine yes we do dpends on the subject italian accounting nope high enough, very reasonable yet competitive getting a job


Yes, some professors know my name. My favorite class would have to be my math classes. I dont like math, but i like learning how it all works. My least favorite would have to be Anatomy. Students study, i would guess, about 4-5 hours a week. Class participation is common in small classes mostly. Some have intellectual conversations after class, I know i do. Yes, some students are competitive. The most unique class I have taken is my powerpoint/dreamweaver class. My major is physical therapy. No, i do not spend time with professors out of class. I feel that LSU's academicc requirements are very attainable if you apply yourself. LSU is geared toward getting a job basically.


Yes professors know my name. My favorite class was Biology 1001 because I never went to class and still made an A. My least favorite was Physics 2101 because it is just too damn hard. Yes we have intellectual conversations outside of class although its usually about class. I am majoring in electrical engineering and it is definately a challenge. Most of the education at LSU is geared to getting a job.


Most professors dont know my name. Students study very frequently. Class Participation is very comon especially in smaller classes. Students do have intellectual conversations out of class. The academics at LSU are very geared toward getting a job.


LSU is alot more then just sports we have very strong academics too. One of the great parts of LSU is the class sizes. Most of my classes are about 25-30 students. This lets the professors really get to know you and help you if your struggling. Not all of the classes are like this unfortunately. I usually have about one class a semester with 300-400 students. In these classes you have to take the time to go and talk to the professor so they know who you are. At LSU I spend about 4-5 hours a day studying and reviewing class notes. Some students study more and some study less it really depends on how quickly you can learn things. It also depends on the school that you are trying to get into. I'm in the Arts and Sciences college as a communication studies major. The requirements are to maintain a 2.0 gpa and to complete 128 hours. This is a much easy and let demanding major then the business college. They have to have a 3.0 and do interviews to be admitted into the program. My favorite class I have taken at LSU is my Theater classes. They have student participation and I learn a lot from them. I'm also a student that enjoys talking infront of people so these are my kind of classes. The most unique class I have taken was MC 2010 with Mrs. Taylor. She gave us a project to spend the semester trying to find out about her without talking to her. I went to her boss, husband, and even some friends to find out personal information. Then I went downtown and looked up her records on file at city hall. After we turned in the papers she took the whole class out for coffee. We spent a few hours asking her to fill us in more about her life. This was a very interesting class that I will never forget.


If the class is slightly specialized, then it will be small enough for personalization. If it is just a general 1000 class, it will probably be too large to be noticed in. My favorite classes are English writing workshops. Peer evaluation is a very entertaining way to be taught. Most people think foreign language is LSU's toughest area. Ive tried Spanish and Latin, I agree. Students are slightly competitive, no ones rude or obnoxious about it though. LSU seriously lack's deans, or at least assistant deans. Unless they are about to graduate, students have to wait weeks or even months for a conference. By this time, students have to drop the class in question or have had to make the decision on their own.




Yea, my professors all know me by name. My favorite class this semester is my marketing class. It is an interesting look at how to improve my communication skills and the professor is quite interesting. I really don't have a least favorite class because even the one I like the least is still sort of interesting. Students study usually around 3 to 5 hours. Class participation is very common. You always have those few students that will speak up in class. As for intellectual conversations, there are many conversations that go outside the athletics realm being held. Graphic Design is quite interesting but really should be in the school of design and be allowed access to the resources that the design students have. I usually try to speak with my professors a little outside of class just to get their insight on life and class. LSU's academic requirements should be a little more rounded with different aspects of society. LSU is more geared towards getting a job.