Louisiana State University and Agricultural & Mechanical College Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


We have the second biggest stadium in the US.


I brag most about our sports, specifically the football team. We have a football team that is continuously one of the top football programs in the country.


Football, girls, partying, education


When speaking with my friends who go to other universities or are choosing which university they plan to attend, I always brag about what a great Engineering program we have at LSU. We are among the top ranked programs in the country and as such graduating with an Engineering degree almost guarantees a person a job after graduating.


the kindness of faculty and staff


When I tell my friends about my school, I always brag about my experiences as a student at LSU. I have had the best time of my life while attending LSU. Many of my professors and other faculty members have become direct people in my life of whome I can come to for anything whether it is a letter of recommendation or even for advice. LSU has a variety of extra-curricular activities for students to engage in and gain a sense of belonging. As a student at any school, experiences are going to be what you make them.


Great school spirit, atmosphere and football. We have excellent faculty and staff in the Mass Communication school. We have a beautiful campus and amazing campus life programs.




When bragging to my friends, normally i talk about what a great school LSU is and how much fun I have. Also, tailgating and football games are a great experience that I don't know what i would do without.


The first thing I tell my friends back in Atlanta about LSU is the fun that we have here. Yes, it's a great school with wonderful academics and athletics. But those qualities, while awesome, don't ensure that students recieve the greatest experience possible. LSU provides fun in an infinite number of ways. If you are interested in greek life, LSU provides. Personally, I play rugby. I have for 3 years of high school and continued here. We are ranked #4 in the nation and the team has provided me with some of my best friends here.


We have a great football team!!!!!


I brag about how beutiful the campus is, and about how there are always things to do on campus or off.


As a proud student of Louisiana State University, I never shy away from a chance to brag about my school. LSU offers hundreds of majors and minors to choose from, Study Abroad and International Exchange programs all over the world, and hundreds of on campus clubs including Greek Life, honor societies, and religious and cultural organizations. My favorite of these to brag about is the student life on campus; there is something for every student to enjoy!


When I tell my friends about my school, I tend to brag about the parties and how I always know one or more people in my classes.


I would definitely have to say that the aspect of LSU that I brag most about would be our school spirit. The outrageously amazing tailgating at LSU is just one example. Another example would be the fact that I know I have not been in a dorm, apartment, or condo that doesn't have something LSU on the walls on the coffee table or just out and around the room. Not to mention our mascot, Mike the tiger. My friends and I go to visit mike every week day after dinner. The day isn't complete if we don't.


I brag most to my friends about the culture surrounding my school. There is a vast variety of people and cultures all interwined into the area surrounding my school and at my school.


The sporting events and warm weather. Being from Minnesota, most of my friends are still battling the fridig cold of winter, while I get to soak in the warmth in the deep south - Baton Rouge, Louisiana! The the Tiger sports are amazing! I have never attended a football game like the ones here - so much spirit and excitement!


I tend to brag about our sports programs when I talk to my other friends about my school because I feel that Louisiana State University has a great sports program. I also brag about my major and how my school has a good program for my major.


You are more likely to get hired with "Louisiana State University" on your resume.


It's huge! You can get lost in it. Then there's the strong academic perspective and the many other fun stuff you can do, from campus life activities to trips and whatnot.


Football and baseball teams


ALWAYS football! Geaux tigers! I love LSU.


The thing I brag about most when I tell friends about my school is the amount of school spirit we have. Our football team has won 2 National Championships in football recently, and within a month ago won a baseball chapionship. I'm very honored to be a part of the tradition here.


Our football team. '07 national champions!


I mostly brag about our football team because they are amazing and nationally recognized.


I like the beauty of the campus. It seems that there really is no other place like it.


I don't really brag about my school... but if I did...we have a Tiger...


I tell my friends that the school is so beautiful and the students have such pride in their school. The school is very challenging and motivates you to do your best to prepare you for the field you are seeking in the future.


It is a fun campus, with great people, alot of options in term of degrees, extra curricular activities etc


The exceptional learning enviornment, classes, and projects that other colleges don't have the resources to provide for their students. The campus pride and life is astounding.


LSU has a variety of programs that wil potentially improve the lives of millions of people. The first such program that comes to mind is research on breast cancer that the university is currently conducting. LSU is using a re-engineered version of the Herpes virus to kill breast cancer. Additionally, this new strand of Herpes only attacks cancer cells and has the ability to kill the cells at an exponential rate.


Our football team and how great they are, how involved the student body is, and how great it is to be a member of the community here.


Fun environment, warm weather


Beautiful campus, friendly people, interesting classes


We were national champions of 2007 in college football


football team, beautiful campus, tailgating


I think my school is just as good, if not better than any other university around, and I am glad I chose to attend L.S.U.


The city is so great and I love the atmosphere of the school.


Our football team and how there are a lot of bars and parties.


Definitely our football team.


We won the 2007 football championship.