Louisiana State University and Agricultural & Mechanical College Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


Community College credits aren't accepted after you have taken 60 credit hours. Which means you can really inly take summer class your freshman year and maybe your sophomore year, which sucks.


I think the worst thing at my school is the amount of partying they have on campus on a daily bases. It doesn't affect me personally, but I think that's one reason people come there.


The worst thing about LSU would have to be the traffic and roads. The roads are very out of date however much contruction is currently taking place. The traffic coming into Baton Rouge is terrible. It is almost impossible to go anywhere from 3pm until 7pm Monday through Friday.


The classes are very big so if you want to get to know your classmates it won't happen.


I'm not sure what I would consider the worst thing about LSU because I don't have any problems with the place, students, or faculty.


Although it's a great school, the 27,000 people attending it makes it very hard to interact with professors and get individual attention. Professors aren't as willing to help and give individual attention when they have hundreds of students in one class.


I cannot really say what is the worse thing about my school. I do not see anything as being bad at my school.


Louisiana State University is a huge school. The general classes tend to contain many more students than most school. This can be a distraction and a challenge for students who have a short attention span, and who need someone to hover over them to get their work done.


The library closed on Saturdays for home games during football season, so if you are trying to complete research, it can be difficult.


I believe LSU isn't seen as the amazing school it really is. Louisiana is often seen as backwoods amd sup-par, but LSU has greatly prepared me for life in the work force. I feel that my experiences at LSU have helped me to build an impressive resume and have taught me the skills I will need to succeed.


The worst thing about my school would have to be the large classes that we are sometimes put in. Courses that require individual attention, such as math and science, sometimes have as many as 800 students in one class. This makes it hard for a professor to establish a pace for the class that is comfortable for the students, and many students fall behind because of this.


The worst thing at my school is the other students and the compitition they present. It can bring you down sometimes.


The worst thing about this school is the lack of respect, academically, from outsiders. Most people think LSU is a party school and that the education one receives is third tier. The education is actually quite good. LSU would be so much better if others recognized it for its reality versus its perception.


Very hard to meet people if you are not from the area.


Not enought financial aid given out.


I would say the worse thing about the school is the prices. Everything on campus cost so much money that I often find myself spending more than I originally plan. There are meal plans that I have not been able to try, but from the view of an off-campus commuter, things can get expensive fast. Especially in recent months. Renovations on the student union has cut off many of the cheaper food restaurants I normally visit. I have since been forced to pay upwards of $7 for things like a sandwich or a bagel.


The worst thing about my school is their insistence on this so called "flagship agenda." In my opinion, it's a waste of money.


The worst thing is the budget cuts. It puts the students at a disadvantage.


The worst thing about my school is all the construction and renovating that is taking place. Also, the lack of parking for those people who have cars.


The size of freshman classes. During my first year, I was lost in my classes that contained 200-300 people. I would have like smaller classes, like the ones I have now as a upperclassman.


I consider the worst thing about my school is how big the classes are. I think this is the worst thing because sometimes few of students distract other studnets while the profesor or instructor is teaching.


The worst thing about my school would be all of the people there. The campus has over 30,000 people and that can sometimes be an issue. Classes tend to be really crowded and areas such as the dining hall can be really packed with people as well.


The financial aid office is nearly impossible to navigate. I've been over there many times. Not only do they keep moving the office, most of the "counselors" are student workers. I have been here four years and have only talked to a professional financial aid counselor once.


The worst thing about LSU is that the Student Union, where all the food and fun stuff is, has been under construction forever. Despite some of the inconveniences, the recently finished downstairs lounge is awesome and has tons of cool stuff such as pool tables and projector screens for TV. However, the noise and inconvenience that all the construction cause are quite awful.


If I had to find something that I would consider the worst thing about my school it would be that you can't choose the people you live next to and sometimes they can be very loud but one call to your RA can take care of that.


Greek life


Louisiana State University is too big!


Louisiana State University cares too much about their reputation, and not enough about what actually goes on inside the classroom. They really could care less who you are. They spend your money on things that are NOT important to your education. Football is way too emphasized. I've had 1/3 professors that are actually qualified and care about teaching.




The unavailability of on-campus housing is probably the worst thing about the school in my opinion unless of course you do not deisre to live on campus.


The worst thing about my school is probably the cliques of fraternities & sororities. Sometimes it is difficult to fit in in classes because most of the girls are in sororities and only talk to other sorority girls.


I think the worst thing about my school is the condition of some of the facilities. There are some very nice ones, but the school is very old and many buildings are in need of repair and there just isn't enough money right now to get everything done.


It is hard to find a place on campus to eat after 7pm.


LSU lacks environmental responsibility. There are hundreds of recycling bins on campus for our school newspaper and cans, but inevitably, all of the trash is thrown into the same dumpster without sending any to recycling facilities.


The worst thing about my school is the scheduling situation. Sometimes it is really hard to get into classes and that hinders your time at the school. Students sometimes have graduation dates pushed back because some classes are not offered all the time or they are really hard to get in to. Also tuition keeps going up as well as fee bills to attent the university.


the classes are very large and its hard to get to know the professor and let the professor get to know you.


While you do get educational value from attending the univeristy, it is not on any prominent lists. Only some degrees recognized as special because there programs is one of the better ones in the country.


Some of the facilities are dated. There is a lot of construction going on.


The worst thing about my school is that sometimes you get completely foreign teachers that should not be allowed to teach. You can't understand them at all and it's not fair to the students.


The main problem with LSU is that there is not more of it to go around.


The scheduling conflicts and inability to get into classes which you would like to take due to scheduling conflicts and order of scheduling. Certain groups such as sports teams and others get to schedule first.


The large classes. It is a bit more difficult to get one-on-one time with a professor if you are having difficultly in the class.


The classes are very large. It is rare to get a one on one with a professor outside of office hours. Parking is inconvinient in the middle of the day. The weather is hot and there is a generous walk anywhere you go.


The fact that there are so many people in crucial classes. It is hard to contact the professor in those cases in your alloted time.


I don't considering anything that bad


Sometimes I feel left out. It is a state school and I am from out of state. It is lonely.


The counselors. Since it is a large school they make no effort to keep you one track. You are on your own. They don't care about the students as much as the flagship agenda.


too big


You have to make an effort to not feel lost in the crowds.