Louisiana State University and Agricultural & Mechanical College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


The type pf person that doesnt mind being around a lot of people and someone that can handle big classes.


This school is a good fit for a few types of people. If the student majoring in agriculture, engineering, biology pre-med or pre-vet, communications, or business this is the school for them. If the student enjoys football, or sports as an extracurricular they should come here.


I feel like anyone can attend this school because LSU has so much to offer. The school has just about any club, organization, or group of people that any person would be able to fit it. My school is very diverse, and they are constantly doing different things that make it more and more diverse. Everyone can be apart of something there.


Someone who wants the best college experience-execellent school spirit, excellent teachers, very affordable higher ed.


This is a good school for a Louisiana resident because of TOPS scholarships! If you're from out of state, LSU tuition is also relatively affordable for you. LSU is a lot of good programs, and the teachers are really nice. Research opportunities are also expending for undergraduates, which is really cool if you're studying in the sciences.


LSU students are one of a kind! The majority of the students here are hard working "go-getters" who will stop at nothing to acheive their goals. An LSU student is a person who is dedicated and self driven. While there are ample resources here on campus to help students in various aspects, it is the sole duty of the student the reach out for assistance, which is a theme that LSU spreads through campus via presentations and on campus tutoring. LSU student are not lazy and they are focused on graduating.


LSU is the type of school that has a place for everyone. A lot of people go greek but not the entire school . There are a lot of opportunities to get invoved in sports and clubs.


LSU has many clubs and activities; it's perfect for the social butterfly and for those trying to come out of their shell. Since there are a wide variety of classes, it is perfectly okay to try something new. Students should not be afraid to walk a good distance in order to get from one class to the next. Some classes can be difficult, but every extra bit of effort and organization is worth it.


welll... i dont know really because i have not started yet but i was told that it is sort off a party school.


a focused person


LSU has strong Engineering and Agriculture departments. We also have multiple, long-standing ROTC programs and nationally ranked football and baseball teams. Students interested in Division 1A sports, or Engineering, Agricultural, or Military careers should strongly consider this school.


Any person who wants a good education for a moderate price should attend LSU. Anyone simply wanting any education can attend a univeristy near his/her home, and anyone who desires an extremely good education should probably go to a much more expensive university upon being accepted. LSU is in the median, for those people who want to receive a more than adequate education for a comparatively inexpensive price.


A small college feeling, but you come away with a degree from a university that is well-known. You will make friends for life here.


There are many different churches, clubs, and organizations, which make people from different backrounds feel are home while they are attending Louisiana State University. The only qualification needed to attend this school would be a desire to learn and some tiger pride.


People who live in Louisiana, because out-of-state tuition is high. Also people wanting to major in agiculture- or engineer-related majors. Music majors. People who like large schools. People who like pretty campuses.


Someone who is focused on learning. If you like football, then you should probably attend LSU.


A very hardworking and driven student. Attendees need to be goal-oriented and ready to do hard work.


An LSU student should be willing to work hard for their education because the ciriculum, classes, and professors can be very dificult. One must be determined in their studies, putting school and education first.


The great thing about LSU is that any kind of person could attend successfully. There are those that are highly serious about their education who can ALWAYS find a way obtain a good education at LSU. There are those who take it less seriously and can schedule a less serious path. Social butterflies, bookworms, nerds, jocks, wallflowers all fit in.


A person who is determined to do what it takes to make their life dreams come true, to find out who they are and what they beleive in. This person should know their priorities so they can distinguish between work and play. This person should be social and fun because they would fit right in with every other student as well.


You need to be prepared to have a lot of fun and learn a lot. If you aren't comfortable on campus, you will be soon.


A person who wants to be involved in school both in the classroom and outside it. My school has a vibrant nightlife as well as having access to the outdoors. This is a shool that provides a great education at a great price, while not being ultracompetitive. If you want to prepare yourself for life outside of the classroom then this school is for you. The people here are wonderful and inviting; and will invite you to join them at the drop of a hat.


Anyone interested in a diverse, and large environment.


You should attend this school if you're willing to work hard and make good grades. There's a lot of extra curricular activities on this campus so someone who is outgoing and social should attend this university.


Most likely, state residents unable to afford out-of-state, out-of-staters receiving finanicial aid, and students unable to afford a private school education go here.


A social person who is more than willing to put forth the effort required to succede.


People who want a good college experience and cannot afford whether finacially or academically to go to college out of state. The college reflects the culture of Louisiana and more generally of Baton Rouge, so if you are from these parts of the country you will feel at home.


The party goer with school in one hand and a drink in the other.


A person attending this school should not mind being a little fish in a big pond. It is a very large university but that's what makes it so diverse and pretty much impossible for you not to make some new friends. If you want lots of things to choose from extracurricular wise, LSU is a good fit. The science department is also one of the best in the state if you are into research its wonderful. You can be shy here but know that you will have to open up to succeed, there's 30000 students!


Anyone. I love this school and you will too. Its hard not to.