Louisiana State University and Agricultural & Mechanical College Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


People that dont like fast pace hustle and bustle.


Someone wanting to succeed in life with a relatively low budget should attend this school. Going to a university like this will almost gurantee you a job in Louisiana. There are so many fields you can study and the atmosphere is great. There are so many parties you can attend that won't affect your studying, but also watch out for the ones that will. There are tons of extra curicular activities as well. A person looking for a great education and a fun social time all in one package should attend this school.


I think that the kind of person that shouldn't attend school is someone who doesn't love sports or doesn't have good school spirit. You need to have to have pride in LSU, and if you don't, then you won't enjoy it as much.


A person that is going to complain about the Arts programs not being funded enough should not come to this school. It is not that we do not need Liberal Arts students, they are very helpful and bring infinite amounts of opportunities to our school, but this is not a Liberal Arts school and as such should not fund the Arts program nearly as much as the Agriculture or Engineering programs.


Someone who prefers smaller classes and like individual attetnion from professors should not attend L.S.U. You don't really get very much of that when there are literally hundreds of people in each class.


There is literally every kind of person at this school; I wouldn't say that anyone shouldn't attend because you wind up getting a great education.


Anyone not interested in education. LSU is a very serious school, although the reputation is opposite. Someone who is not serious about getting their education should not even try to go to LSU. The admission standards have increased astronomically lately to recruit a better class of students.


somene who doesnt have a lot of school spirit or someone who just wants to party


This University is very diverse, there are so many different groups and clubs you can join to fit it and meet people. If you don't learn well with large class sizes though it is not the school you should attend.


A person who looks for a more intimate classroom atmosphere shouldn't attend this school. Someone who wants to really get to know their professors and classmates shouldn't attend this school.


In attending Louisiana State University, I have learned the importance of having my inner motivation to set goals and achieve them. At a school as large as LSU, the numerous opportunities can easily overwhelm and confuse students. Therefore, students without a drive to actively take advantage of such opportunities should not attend LSU. Undergraduates that depend on a smaller community of professors and students for support should not immerse themselves in an environment in which individuals must be independent and self motivating.


I feel that the only types of students who should not attend my university are those who think that college is one big party and those who are unmotivated. I feel that if anyone puts forth effort then they will see a return in the form of high-quality grades. However, if a student parties all night and never goes to class then how can anybody expect them to succeed in gaining knowledge? I feel that unmotivated students and party animals are just wasting the time and energy of my professor and the university.


People who want to major in a foreign language, people who do not like large schools. People who do not like party schools. People who cannot afford out-of-state tuition.


Someone who connects with school spirit and is looking for a fun campus to be a part of. LSU boasts a lot of pride, but also has strong acaemics to balance out the elevated status given to athletics and Greek life.


People who do not enjoy school enthusiasm or large campuses.


Poor people need not apply


A person that is not ready to face the music and get studying when they walk through the doors of their first class. LSU is strictly business. Parties come later.


A person looking for play and nothing else.


Someone who isn't able to properly manage their time would not do very well here. Here, there are a lot of social activities going on constantly. If you can't determine when to party from when it's better to stay in and study, you could easily fall behind or fail. Also, you have to be open and accepting of new and different ideas, cultures, and personalities.


Someone who is very independent and does not need help finding their way through life.


Anyone who doesn't enjoy Tiger Football should probably try to make plans at another university. The students here enjoy having a good time and meeting new people, so those that like to only be by themselves and not enjoy others' company shouldn't attend LSU, either.


Students who don't want to put a lot of effort into school, and don't care about their futures shouldn't attend LSU. This school is very demanding and doesn't allow slacking off for any reason. Proffessors are very helpful, but they have to see that you're working hard in order to provide you with extra help.


This school is very welcoming to everyone. All majors are accepted, all ethnicities are accepted, all races, etc... anyone can come to LSU and feel right at home. I recommend any and all to attend!


Students who have no interest in school spirit, especially when it comes to atheletics. Other than that, every should attend LSU!




The kind of person that sould not attend this school is someone who does not like large groups or large classes. Also, someone who needs more individual attention from teachers to understand the material.


no one


A person who likes a small school where everyone knows everyone else and who doesn't like to be around partying and drinking and traffic


Someone who doesn't take academics seriously and does not intend to further their education but rather socialize.


A liberal, race concious person.


This school is great for many things, but it doesn't have the best med school programs. Though the school has a reputation as a party school, which I must agree, it pulls it off very well, it also has a strong group of students who refrain from the party life and come together to take their undergraduate careers very seriously. It balances well, I think.


BAMA fans


Someone who doesn't interact well with others will probably find this school too big.