Louisiana State University and Agricultural & Mechanical College Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


Parking is literally the worst.


The professors aren't very good at doing their job. They don't teach very well and many are not very good to speak too. This might be because they are overwhelmed due to the large class size.


The most frustrating thing about my school would just be the unawareness of the events that take place on campus. LSU is a very big school and it's very difficult to know about all the things that may be going on that may be of interest. I would love to have more information about events that take place, they could be beneficial.


The most frustrating thing about my school is that it is primarily concerned with sports, particullary football. Although football does single-handly bring in an enormous amount of revenue for our school, other areas of our school need a little more attention, such as our dairy science program and buildings. LSU could try to give recognition and attention to other academic areas and extracurricular activities.


The most frustrating thing about my school is the weather. The humidity and rain drives me crazy.


One of the most frustrating things at LSU is the course selection. At times, it can be extremely difficult to get into the classes that you actually need to graduate because there are so many students at LSU.


In all honesty, the most frustrating thing about LSU is the non-resident fee. In-state tutuion is only $2500, but because I am from Texas, I have to pay $9500. I do not think it is fair. I am a good student, and it is nearly impossible for me to afford my favorite place on earth. I love LSU and I do not take it for granted like those who go here for free.


Currently, our school is suffering from budget cuts as a result of our current state administration. It's frusterating because some of our majors are beign removed, some of the teachers are being fired or layed off, and our tuition rises every year. Our school is in a state of transition that makes the financial side of the college more difficult than it would typcally be for someone entering or attending college.


The most frustrating thing about my school is all of the talk about budget cuts.


The parking is horrible for those who live on campus. Although we pay for parking passing, we are still not guaranteed spots close to our residential halls; this puts a lot of fear into some students, because if we have to walk to our dorms alone at night we can face dangers.


Scheduling classes is probably the most difficult part of attending LSU. Classes fill up fast, and even though there are waitlists you still have to be very patient.


In the engineering majors, some courses only have one teacher who teaches, and only one class time available. It is frustrating to be locked into taking a course with a teacher whose teaching method you cannot stand. I am currently taking a required engineering course which is only taught by one teacher, and I absolutely dispise the way she teaches, but I am powerless to do anything. I have to bite the bullet and struggle through the material that she makes seem so difficult.


The most frustrating thing about my school is the tendency of the school to change things around at the last minute. For example, this semester, many of many classes were supposed to be in this or that room, but ended up being in a different room instead.


The most frustrating thing about Louisiana State University is the hundreds of students in each class. Some of my classes have up to seven hundred students, making student-professor time very limited and very difficult to obtain. Such large classes can negatively affect student performance in classroom due to the lack of "one on one" time with the professors. Although I am proud to be a student at LSU, smaller class sizes would greatly improve my love for my school.


The most frustrating thing is also the budget cuts. It is just such a burden on the entire campus community.


I believe that in today?s world, the most frustrating thing about my university is budget cuts. Professors and instructors are hardest hit by the lack of money. Instructors could lose their jobs and professors would have to work harder to get everything done. This means that there would be less time to focus on the most important things, the students. The current lack of money impedes the education and success of the students in my university.


My academic counselors were very disappointing and actually harmed my application process for post-graduate school.


The most frustrating thing about LSU is their favoritism for greeks.


The most frustrating thing about my school is scheduling classes and also how competitive the classes are with the "only the strongest survive" attitude which can be extrememly frustrating and discouraging.


The most fustrating thing is class size and the difficulty of the course work.


You tend to have to park far away from your classes and (engineering) professors sometimes do whatever they want because of tenure regardless of policy or student opinion.


The most frustrating thing about going to lsu is my financial status. I am not what you would call financially set, i struggle every month trying to pay rent and buy food so that i wont be hungry for a few hours. Due to the fact that i have to work so mush my grades are sufforing and and its taking a toll on me emotionally.


I think the most frustrating thing about my school is the fact that it is so political. Everything that happens here on the inside is double-checked, has to go throuugh a series of networks, and can sometimes take forever. Even if it is only a simple question.


Baton Rouge does have a fair amount of traffic.


The class size doesnt allow for much one-on-one development among teachers and students.


Scheduling classes. I never had a problem getting a class that I needed, but it was often hard to get the professor I wanted because their classes fill up so quickly.


large classes


Campus parking is extremely frustrating!


The most frustrating thing about LSU is scheduling classes. some classes are only offered in the spring or fall and it is hard to find out when classes will be offered. The counclors are not very helpful because of the large number of students. They are not personal with students.


The hours of some of the facilites sometimes seem limited.