Louisiana State University and Agricultural & Mechanical College Top Questions

Why did you decide to go to this school?


Its close enough to home, but just far enough so i can be away. And many of my family members went here,


The financial benefit and the proximity to home- 1 hour away.


I decided to go to LSU because of the high level of education I will get. I know a lot of people will say because their family came here or because of LSU football, but I am the first in my family to come to LSU. I wanted my college experience to be the best it could possibly be, so I chose LSU.


I decided to go to LSU because out of all the schools I applied to, it just seemed to be the best one not just in terms of academics and diversity but it also beat every other college in terms of closeness to home. Don't get me wrong, LSU is still three hours away from where I live, but to me it was worth it.


Before I came to visit LSU, My mind was set on another school. I was positive that I was not going anywhere else but there. However, I had a quick change of heart after visiting the campus of LSU. I came to this campus and felt nothing but love. The people were very nice! The students were crunk! And I loved their spirit! I came from a high school that showed great school spirit and that always kept student close. So I wanted that to continue in college. I also like the way Baton Rouge was more of a college town atmosphere. Its kind of small and everyone isis usually doing the same thing you are over the weekend. Makes it easier to have a good time ALL the time!


I grew up on Louisiana and have always gone to LSU football games. I knew when I was little I was always going to go to LSU. Once I went to orientation I knew this was the school for me. Great academic program, amazing athletic program, and greek life seemed to extremely fun. My LSU experience has been wonderful and anyone looking to come here should defiantly take a tour around the campus


TOPS scholarship played a significant role in my decision; the privilege of going to school tuition-free is a great blessing. I chose LSU over the other schools in the state, because LSU offers a wide variety of opportunity. You can do and become essentially anything you want here. There many personalities to meet and experiences to encounter; it's truly exciting.


It was a university that offered my degree program, was close enough to my home town, and was the financial fit for me.


I decided to go to LSU because of my choice of major. Being a biochem major, I decided that LSU had the best in-state course outline for my intened major.


I came to LSU because of football, friends, partys, studies, business, and pleasure...LSU is all that and even though im not in a fraternity, my dorm feels like one


I decided to go to LSU for many reasons such as receiving a good scholarship and having lots of family in Louisiana (I'm from Arkansas) but ultimately I decided to go to LSU because I knew I would regret not going. I wanted to go to an out of state school and definitely an SEC school. I wanted the opportunity to succeed as a pre-med student with many extracurricular activities as well as enjoy myself. I mean it is college! LSU is the perfect balance for me between fun and studies. I'm still able to have a normal social life, be very involved, and still keep my scholarships. Not to mention we have an awesome football team with the best tailgaters!