Louisiana State University-Eunice Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I have improved on my education, i have also learned about what it means to be independent. When they tell you that after you walk across that stage to recieve your dipolma that you are now stepping into the real world that is true. Once i got to college i realized that if i knew back then what i know now i would have changed alot about my high school years. Because, not everything is about going out and having fun there is more to life then just enjoying things is about knowledge and what you do with your knowledge. College has help me really open my eyes and see things for what they really are.


If I could go back in time, to myself as a high school senior, the advice I would give myself is: relax! I always made college seem like some big stressful event that would consume my entire life. In actuallity, it is almost the exact opposite. College isn't hard; it just takes a lot of time and patience. There is a lot of work that goes into being successful in college, but not as much as I was making there out to be. I would tell myself to calm down and to stop stressing about school because it is not at all as bad as I was making it to be.


Dear Billie, The key to getting good grades is studying and truly understand the material given to you; of course you?re probably thinking. But studying is something you never really have to do, so learning the best study skills for you is going to be crucial. I wish I could tell you the best way to study, but I'm not sure I can. You will learn that every class you take has different demands on you as a student; and you will have to adjust your study techniques for each course you take. I can tell you to start studying form the beginning. Do not wait until two weeks before your tests to start study. It doesn?t work for you. You are the kind of student who learns best when you review your course material daily. Other students may not need to study like you do to succeed in school, but focus on your needs to be successful. When you start to feel over whelmed with your work load or need help just remember, Psalm 46:1 ?God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble?. Turn to and trust the Lord. Sincerely, Billie


stay focused and do not get into the party scene. education is more important that socializing at this point. study!!!! this is not like high school when you can study ten minutes before the test and pass., it takes time and effort!