Louisiana Tech University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


The classmates that students encounter at Louisiana Tech University hold an incredible combination of hard working and helpful attitudes that inspire success among fellow students.


Many of my classmates were younger and s trying to figure out their paths in life.


My classmates are mostly very smart and can be extremely shy, but they also like to have fun and know how to live life in a way that is very exciting and at the same time rewarding and very healthy.


My classmates were very enthusiastic, helpful, and enjoyable students, who never hesitated to give advice, help with homework or group work, or participate in class discussions.


My classmates are motivated and show a positive attitude towards learning new things that enable them to achieve maximum success in college and also develop good characteristics.


I have yet to meet my classmates, but I can give a thorough assumption. Through my experience of visiting the campus the students seemed hard working and out going.


Most of my classmates are engineers- we all have the same type of social life and we all understand we need to study a lot. Even my art major friends understand if I can't go out with them. This campus is pretty friendly.


You always know someone in your classes with you, because it is a smaller school everyone is very friendly.


Interested in their own personal activitis.


My classmates and I like to sit and discuss class and tests before the professor gets there, but when he or she gets there, we shut up and let the other learn. We're all pretty considerate of each other.


With such big classes, it's rare that I talk to anyone in my classes, with the exception of situations in which I already know them. In smaller classes, I tend to know everyone, and everyone is pretty friendly. I haven't met many people that I don't get along with.


most like to debate


My classmates are really easy to work with because we have a common goal... pass.


Most of my classmates are very eager to learn the material and get a good grade in the class.


I think my classmates need to interact with each other more.