Louisiana Tech University Top Questions

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Louisiana Tech made me feel like I was at home the second I stepped onto campus: everyone is so welcoming, the professors are very willing to help, and I feel like I am receiving the best quality education for my field of study.


My school was just the right size that a student doesn't get lost in the system as just a name or a student number. The professors really get to know their students, and both students and professors work together cohesively to create a very fluid creative and learning environment. Also, with all of the social activities going on, there was plenty of extra-curricular events to participate in and get to know other students. The whole environment of my school was special, from the helpful staff and faculty to the friendly students and beautiful campus.


There are many things that make my college unique. First off, Louisiana Tech is a small school meaning there are small classes on campus. It leaves a lot of time to closely work with your professors and get the independent help a person needs.


The quarter system means we go stupid fast


Louisiana Tech has a great football team and Business program. Most of my friends were also attending Louisiana Tech University.


Louisiana Tech has a very big and well-renowned engineering program. The freshmen engineering courses prepare you with the basics, and give you tons of hands-on experience. The smaller class size is nice as well.


The proffesors seemed much more willing to help.


Ease of access to campus activities, Good student body, High retention rate


I was able to play a Division 1 varsity sport at Louisiana Tech. The campus is just the right size for a "big feel" but not considered "just a number". I was able to make a positive impact on campus because I formed relationships with faculty, professors, students, and other organizational heads through a web of connections. It is easy to make friendships at Louisiana Tech University because people are so accommodating. You are able to meet new people every day and form close bonds with people that you see every day.


I really like the town that my school is in. They actually care about the school and those that go to it. Both on campus and off, there is a sense of community. Everyone is working toward the common goal of the the furtherment of this university and its students.


We have a clock toward on campus. We don't have a student union like every other campus. Everything is within a 10 minute walk. Down town is a short walk from campus.


is small enough to know a lot of people but big enough where you are always meeting new people!


This campus is unique because it has a very comfortable atmosphere where you can feel like you belong.


It was very comfortable like home.


I believe the engineering program is very unique here at Louisiana Tech. I say this because students come from all over the country just to be an engineering student in little bitty Ruston. I myself am not an engineering student but, I do have many friends that are engineering students. From watching them I can say they love must love it , with all the work that is required. I think it is safe to say that engineering students make up the majority of the student population here at Louisiana Tech.