Louisiana Tech University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


When you think of my school its hard to think of something that is "the worst". What i would consider as relatively bad at my school is the dorm rooms. The school and the dorm halls are pretty old so presumably the dorm rooms are that way as well. They are very bland and dont have much in them but its okay because they have an awesome gym to cover it. The main reason I come to this school is for the amazing education.




Louisiana Tech is 60% greek life. Most of the students at LA Tech participate in a fraternitiy or sorority. This makes anyone who is not greek almost placed on the outside. Tech offers a large amount of clubs and teams to join. However, greek life tends to take over most the clubs and organizations on campus.


Louisiana Tech does not have many bad things to say about it. The only disadvantage my school has is the outdated buildings. Other than that, there is a lot of equipment, and the professors are very helpful. Louisiana Tech is not a bad school one bit.


The worst thing about the school is that they're making a lot of changes right now and there is a lot of construction.


I'm not sure there is technically a worst thing about our school academically, but the worst quality would have to be the lack of parking on campus. Other than that, the foods pretty good, th teachers are nice and not to mention the sports are quite the action around here.


I think the food in the cafe could be better, there are only so many days in a row you can handle powdered eggs and grits.


Lack of town activities


The worst thing about my school is the attitude of many of the cafeteria workers. Though it may seem silly, I get so frustrated with how unhappy, rude, or slow they are. They usually aren't too helpful. Not all of them, just some.


Can't find an on campus job that easily.


There are still forms of racism that go on. Not only from whites or blacks but from all races that attend the college.


Their prioritization of parking among their improvements - because many people commute and the were decreasing housing options as I left. Student Government - they don't do as much as they appear to do.


Too conservative.


The administration is directly in the palm of rich conservative donors in the community, and that means a lot of quality art can't be done, people who are outspoken for gay rights are run out of town, and people who are foreign or different are generally made to feel unwelcome. The worst part about Louisiana Tech is its rampant intolerance.


The alcohol consumption on the weekends.


Right now parking is horrible!


The worst thing about being in Ruston is it is a small town and there is not alot to do besides for the activities on campus. The nearest shopping mall is about an hour away. If the University doesn't have anything going on for the weekend it can get lonely because students will go home leaving the dorms empty.


Parking is HORRIBLE!!


The worst thing is that students tend to leave on weekends since the town is small and doesn't have much in entertainment such as shopping malls.


The fact that everyone goes home on the weekend. It can get boring being by you self with nothing but some computer games to entertain you. You will need to make a conserted effort to go out make freinds who stay on the weekend and find groups who are actually have stuff going during that time. This is the most annoying when your transportation is limited though.