Louisiana Tech University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Someone that doesn't care about having a life.


I think alot of people should attend this school because everybody gets along great. there very helpful. the proffesors are very oganized and are welling to help you if you want to be helped or if you want to help youself. theres alot to do here. They have sports and alot of clubs organitations here that you can join. its alot going on.


Mold and bleach immune (if on campus). The cheap who want quality in-state accreditation. Otherwise any type (autodidactic/questioning, drinking/sober, on/off campus, band/other, advised/unadvised, joiners/ non-joiners, sheltered/unsheltered).


Anyone who wants to better their education in a academically competitive school. You have to be willing to work hard, but trust me it all pays off in the end. Louisiana Tech is a wonderful environment full of academic orriented students who are well rounded and are also involved in on campus activities and clubs as well. Students who work hard in the classroom as well as embark on social activities are what really add the extra energy and passion into are campus!


Louisiana Tech University is a great school for students who may have trouble adjusting to campus life. Tech is a small college. Therefore it is quite easy to navigate. The classes are also small, and the teachers know you by name which can create a comfortable environment. The students are friendly and easy to get along with. Tech offers over 100 student organizations and activities which can help you make new friends and keep you busy, diverting your feeling of homesickness. These and other features of Tech can help a college student adapt to campus live more easily.


There are different types of people at this campus, anyone would fit in.


someone who is dedicated to finding the right career path, weather they know what they want ot do with their life or not.


Conservative home-schooled white protestant males should attend this school, especially if they are straight. Women who wear pants and plan on studying anything but fashion merchandising, family and child science, or interior decorating should really consider looking elsewhere for an education. Football fans and people who want to be successful in college football or basketball should consider attending college elsewhere.


If your interested in small friendly environment, lousiana tech is the place for you. Tech has alittle over 10,000 students enrolled on campus. There is always something going on. Ruston is a very nice place to live. Very friendly. Weather is always changing. Hot during the summer though. Campus is very nice.


some one who is anxious about moving away from home


A student who is ready and willing to learn and wants to be more than just a number should attend Louisiana Tech University. Students must work hard and study for their grades. Also the student should be ready and willing to get involved. There are so many different organizations available to Tech students that everyone can find at least one that fits their interests if not more. We are the Tech Family and each student who attends the university can attest to that. Your college becomes your home, and what better place than Louisiana Tech University.


A student who grew up in a very small town, and is use to having plenty of free time to do absolutely nothing.