Louisiana Tech University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Students at Louisiana Tech vary greatly in all aspects, and the environment is very conducive to finding a place to fit in. Any student who wants to attend a comfrotably small school with incredible academic programs will feel right at home. If a student seeks the best academic programs in any of several major fields of study, including bussiness, engineering, and educational fields, then Lousiana Tech is definitely the university for them.


The kind of student that can't pay th eout of state fees every quarter.


The kind of person that shouldnt attend this school is ones that are not dedicated and are also not school spirited. This school is very strict with the work that needs to be done so you need to be dedicated. This school and the students are also very school spirited mainly because this college is all thats in the town. So if you are not meet both of those requirements, I would recomend you to go to a different college.


At Louisiana Tech, there is something for everybody. It may be true that that is a cliche thing to say, but it really is true. There's majors ranging all the way from education and psychology to animal science and agriculture to several different disciplines of engineering. As far as organizational groups go, there are many Greek organizations and Christian organizations for anyone to join. However, if a person truly believes that they cannot function in a small town and must be surrounded by many people at a time, then Louisiana Tech is not the place for him or her.


I don't know anyone who could not go to school there,


A crazy party person


I can't think of any person that shouldn't attend this school for any specific reason.


Introverted and close minded.


I think there is a place for every type of person to attend this school. Tech has a very diverse campus with lots of different types of people, and I think everyone could and would be accepted here.


A real party person would feel misplaced, someone looking to settle in the town where they go to college after graduation.


People who aren't engineers, or people who prefer the hustle and bustle of large cities or heavily populated areas.


close minded or people who want to party


any person can fit in at this school


The type of person that should not attend Louisiana Tech is a person who is not willing to work and go to every class session. Since we are on a quarter system, it is imperative to attend every class meeting, turn in work on time, and study for the exams.


Anyone who wants a good education in Business, any of the sciences, mathematics or engineering should attend this college.


This school is primarily geared toward students who are more interested in academics than activities. There is a strong sense of career preparation.