Louisiana Tech University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The online information we have to do for classes and reading notes from the board.


The most frustrating thing about my school is that all of the food service areas on campus (besides the cafeteria) are closed on the weekends. So you either need to stock up on stuff in your room to eat then, or survive on whatever is in the cafeteria.


not enough parking for commuting students


It is located in a relatively small town with fewer venues than most larger cities.


The most frustrating thing about Louisiana Tech is the lack of school spirit. We all go to Tech...not LSU!! Either you chose not to go there or you couldn't get it. Support your school. You're a bulldawg not a tiger!!


Some of the teachers are foreign and hard to understand.


The most frustrating aspect of Louisiana Tech is the lack of school spirit as a whole. There are many individuals who bleed "blue and red", but since unfortunately we are not the major university in the state, many students tend to enjoy other colleges athletic programs more than our own. Do to our lack of funding we are unable to upgrade our athletics facilities and move into a more prestigious conference. If we could do this, I think it would strenghten school spirit immensly.




The school spirit here at Tech, is lacking.