Lourdes University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


My school is best know for having an amazing nursing program. Students who are able to get into the program and graduate from it, are almost always able to find a job in their field of study right after graduation.


My school Lourdes University is best known for its friendly community. They are known for the best quaility of teaching abilities. This school the teachers actually care about our education and they are willing to do anything to help you succeed! They are known for getting students the careers they need and worked so hard for.


Community Service. Best Nursing program in the area.


Lourdes is best known for their small class sizes, non-traditional students, their extremely helpful staff and faculty, the beautiful campus, and their friendly atmosphere


Lourdes College is best know for its Franciscan values; reverence, service and learning. I have only been there for one semester, but I strongly believe that the staff does a great job of upholding those values. I can obtain a teaching certificate at several schools around my home. I chose Lourdes, because they care about the success of each individual in the classroom and outside of the classroom. They prepare the students to be professional in the workforce, and they emphasize the importance of being a professional in life. They don't stop helping when the student is finished.


My school is best known for the individual attention given to each student from staff.


Lourdes is best known for all of the avaibale majors they have. It goes from Biology to Education to Social Worker.


Best known for being a small campus, and being accredited in every major that students graduate from.


They are a private college with affordable tuition. The nursing school is well know .


private college with low tuition


Lourdes is best known academically for the Nursing program that they offer.


Small class sizes, friendly and helpful Faculty and staff, success.


its nursing program


Lourdes is a small catholic college that has many different kinds of students. Students at Lourdes can be involved in many different extracurricular activities that include student government, many different clubs involving all majors, as well as campus and community ministry. The education and nursing colleges are some of the best in the area.


Lourdes is best known for their Nursing program. I believe that Lourdes is also known for their graduate success rate. They have many programs available to help their students suceed. Lourdes has a great Social Work program as well. I believe any student that attends Lourdes College will be sucessfiul at what ever they choose to do.