Lourdes University Top Questions

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It is very small and has a nice city.


We have a very beautiful campus and the class sizes are small. For the most part, the professors want us to succeed and help us as much as they can.


Lourdes University is a private organization that is strongly rooted in a belief in God. Growing up in a Christian home environment, I have been taught the importance of putting God first in everything I do. Lourdes University has provided me with a learning environment conducive to that lifestyle and faith. Other schools that I considered were less expensive, but they did not have this Christian foundation of beliefs to enhance my educational experience.


Lourdes University has small classes which allows students to work with professors one on one and offer free tutoring and drop in tutoring for each major.


The unique part about my school is the atmsophere is peaceful, friendly, and students are not a number. The greatest part about not being a number in the sysytem, but people know your name, including the "President" know your name boosts ones self esteem, confidence, and just makes their day. I am a witness of being noticed by my prsident because I was featured in the New York Times newspaper, Toldeo Blade newspaper, and my universitys' magazine as well in all excellence of my academics and love for photography.


The thing that is so unique about my school compared to other schools is the faculty is so caring. They actually want to see you achieve something great and be apart of the school. I feel like we are one giant family at Lourdes.


It's a small campus and way more intimate than most schools. The teachers and staff really care about whether you're doing good in school. I feel like you have a greater chance of succeeding here than I would at a large campus.


there are no big classroom talks professors know your name classroom sizes are small everyone gets along




The class size is small enough that everyone can participate in class discussions.


The unique thing about my school is the size. It is a small college and the instructors know you by name. At my age which is 65 this is very important to me. I love the classes and the people. I feel very comfortable at Lourdes and love the quality of the school and the interest they show in their students. I love learing and hope to earn a masters later on down the road.


The smaller classroom size is what makes Lourdes College unique. Lourdes is basically a four year college and offers additional Master degree programs. The individualized attention is what makes Lourdes standout amoung other colleges in the area.


It's a public school with a private school outlook. The majority of my classes are twenty students or less, and teachers always seem to make time for individual students. Each faculty member at Lourdes has each student's best interest in mind and takes the time to help everyone they can.


It is very personal. The teachers and staff know you by name and youre not just another face in the crowd


Lourdes College provides an extremely friendly and welcoming atmosphere. Due to the small class sizes each of your professors will know your name within the first 2 weeks of classes. Lourdes offers all kinds of programs to help you succeed such as learning communities, free tutoring, and times to conference with each of your professors personally. Lourdes wants all of their students to succeed not only in the class room but in the real world as well and they are willing to do anything to help you get to where you want to go.


Lourdes College is unique in the way they look at students. Lourdes treats all students as indivduals. Lourdes has a wonders WIN Center where students can get free tutoring for class, work and computers, use private rooms for group projects, and so much more. It is a wonder facility that students can use to be successful in college.


That the instructors want to see you succeed and they really work with you to succeed.


i think my school is unique because of the small classes and theway that the teacher ge to know you as an individual


I love Lourdes College because of the small class and the excellent teachers. Majority of the teachers at the school are very helpful and strongly care about each student and their education. Lourdes offers so many great ways to help you with your education the free tutoring is great and very helpful. The classes are tough and teachers grade hard which is very nice because they are preparing you for the real world after graduation. I did a lot of research in the Ohio area before choosing Lourdes.