Lourdes University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


I wouldn't brag about going to Lourdes. It would be kind of like bragging about being part of the KKK, you just don't do it.


I tell them that Lourdes University has a great faculty that make learning exciting. Also that the school has apartments which are comfortable for living in compared to a small dorm room.


The classroom size is so small. This helps to make friends and become close to teachers.


I just transferred here, I am not sure.


The thing that I mainly tell friends or family about my school is that they give out free stuff. Especially during the first and the last week of the semester. During those two weeks, they give out various things each day of the week. Also, they are always willing to help when it is needed whether it is finacially or academically.


The staff, instructors and students are all amazing and will do anything possible to help you achieve your goals.


It is a great transfer school. It is a university but still small


I like that the on-campus housing is apartments instead of dorm rooms.


The small size of the school provides individual attention and the professors really show that they care . Professors constantly go above and beyond in accomodating students, and they share in the excitement over your successses. After attending a larger school, I really enjoy the atmosphere, beautiful campus, and exceptional instruction that I recevie at Lourdes.


At my age I really don't brag. I am just happy to be attending college and I am enjoying every moment of it. If I did brag I would emphasize the quality of the instructors and the individual attention you get.


When bragging on Lourdes, I talk about the class sizes, the instructors/professors being wonderful people, and the fact that the school has a religious aspects involved. I als brag on the people that I have had contact with thus far since Jan of 2009 have been so helpful to this non-traditional student.


I always brag about the friendly environment my school has. So far the staffs and faculties are really freindly and helpful. My school is a christian institution and have student from all cultures and background. They have lots of resources to help students to succeed academically. The classes are small so student can get one and one time with their professors. parking is free and there is no stress in finding parkng to get to class on time.


I brag about the amount of hands on learning, the teachers understanding of students, the school's understanding of the student as a person, the fact that I could walk into the college's President and talk to him one on one, the beautiful campus, and the overall feeling of belonging to something bigger than yourself.


The high academic standards and the fact that you really feel like your instructors care.


I brag about the fact that the facility is very helpful and always available when you need help or have questions. Also, the various resources centers that are offered for help on papers, projects or research.


I tell then about the small class sizes.


I feel at home when I am at Lourdes. It's small and you see the same people everyday. I feel as if the Lourdes student body is family and we work together!


When I tell my friends about my school I most often brag about the small classes sizes and individual attention.


That Lourdes is an excelent college small enough to offer personal attention and they have the best (knowledgeable) instructors.


I brag about the class size, they aren't many colleges with small class sizes.


Professors, they way they truly care for their students and want their students to be successful.