Lourdes University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


A type of person that shouldn't attend this school is someone who doesnt try as hard as they can and put in their effort to make themselves, and the community better.


People who do not care about communities or doing well shouldn't attend. Teachers know who you are and will hunt you down if they need to. People who wish for more independence and a bigger school should not go here.


If you plan to have a frat house experience similar to that of the American Pie movie series Lourdes is not the school for you. Try BG


There is a wide variety of people who attend Lourdes University. Someone who sould not attend it would be someone who doesn't care about going to school and/or doesn't have very good plans for the future. Another type would be maybe someone who is from the inner city and grew up poor. I have heard people like that have attened here and were not impressed with the more "well off" students.


One that wants a lot of people around and big classes and to not be one on one with a teacher


Someone who doesn't enjoy being church oriented.


A person who shouldn't attend Lourdes College is someone who doesn't like a lot of help and one on one attention. This person shouldn't attend Lourdes if they are looking for a school with large class sizes and traditional students.


Everyone should attend this school!


The only kind of person that may not fit in at Lourdes College would be one that is interested in playing college sports because the school is more academicly focused. Lourdes does not have team sports. There is alot of exersize classes and a work out facility but , no league sports. If you are interested in an academic based education then Lourdes is the place for anyone!!


Through my years, I have discovered that college is not for everyone. Although schools go out of their way to assist struggling students, some students lack the the drive and passion needed to succeed in higher education. Students should not attend if they think college is all about partying. Students should not attend if they think it will guarantee them a career in life. All students should know how to keep organized and complete work on time. Too many students lack organizational skills. Students should not go to college if they don't plan on attending class.


An individual that is not serious about a real educational experience should not attend this school because you really have to spend time on your studies in order to keep up with the curriculum A full-time student will more than likely have a 2.5 hour class once a week requiring the student to study an additional hour at home per hour of lecture. This type of studying should also be spaced throughout your week up until the next session. If it is a class that has quizzes every meet then read and study daily.


Well this school gives great results from the students i've spoken with. With a small student to teacher ratio, making it easier for the students to grasp and recieve the help they need.


Someone who is not going to take learning seriously. This school provides a great education with caring staff. Someone to looking to party and blow off school need not apply.


People who do not care about school and who are just going to school to make there parents happy. Also people who dont take things seriously and dont have a positive attitude.


Any one who feels like it. There is a large diversity in the class roooms.


The only student who should not attend Lourdes is one who is not committed to his/her education. The staff and professors go out of their way to help any student who needs it. Because of the small class sizes, no one is able to get lost or forgotten here.


A person who is not serious about learning, attending class and doing hard work should not attend Lourdes. Every class that I had taken at Lourdes required discipline, strict attendance, and lots of studying. This is not an average college where the instructors and faculty is not concerned about thier students, our faculty really cares about us and our education. I am so glad that I choose to attend Lourdes.


I don't think there is any type of person that shouldn't attend this school. They accomodate everyone well.