Lourdes University Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Have confidence in your choices and know that your quest for higher learning will lead you to a beautiful faith-based community that will support your growth. The higher price tag is worth the education you'll get at a small private college. Know that you're fully prepared for college and take the time to cherish the experience and embrace the new challenges!


School work is number one it will always be! Your career is going to be one of the most important things in the future if you want to live a happy, healthy, stress free life. School first, social life second! Get involved on campus and get to know everyone, also always ask for help when necessary. Never walk around confused!


If I could go back and talk to myself as a high school senior I would tell myself that I need to be calm. Nerves are a part of going to college, but remember that you are upset about things that haven't even happened yet! Every freshman has never been to college before and you are all on the same playing field. You are a smart girl and, with hard work, you will keep up academically. I would also tell myself to choose your college wisely, you will be there for the next four years of your life! And lastly, stick to your guns. Your morals are very important to you and it's good to stand by what you believe even when others don't. I would tell myself that people will tease you for not drinking, however, it will pay off in the long run and you will meet friends that like you for who you are!


If I could talk to myself as a senior, I would have told myself that I needed to follow my dreams and look at Lourdes. As a senior, I knew I wanted to be either a forensics expert or a detective, but I allowed my school counselor to talk me out of it, and decided to go to Albion College majoring in English. I would tell myself about all the struggles I would go through at Albion, surviving two weeks on $8 or constantly being told you owe this much with isthousands more than they originally told you. I would admit to myself that Albion was a good learning experience, but I would tell me that Lourdes could offer me those same opportunites and save myself a lot of trouble.


The main point that I would make is to apply for any and all scholarships that I qualify for. I didn't see the virtue in scholarships back then, and missed several deadlines, therby turning down free money that I wouldn't have had to pay back. I also made some poor decisions regarding the school I chose. I would tell myself that the hour- long drive from Piqua to Lima every day is nearly impossible, and will be my downfall at UNOH, which it ended up being. I would tell myself to do what I eventually did, and should have done in the first place. Go to a local community college, where tuition is low and employment is easier to maintain while attending. I would then tell myself that once I have completed at that community college, to pick a 4 year program within a 50 mile radius of my parents house, not relocated for a Bachelor's program, since that very well end up becoming my downfall here at Lourdes. I was pretty hard headed back then, though, so I probably wouldn't listen to myself, and would just let history repeat itself anyways.


Get (at least) your undergraduate degree while you're young! Okay, so even if you didn't know what you wanted to do, get that undergraduate degree in liberal arts; at least you'll have that basic education and you'll be well rounded. When you figure out what you want to do, go to graduate school, get a certificate, get job training, start you own business, whatever, but that bachelor's degree is a must. No, you won't "need" it when you graduate from high school because jobs will still be plentiful in 1974, but trust me, seemingly overnight, the bachelor's degree will become what a high school diploma used to be: the basic credential for entry into the workforce. Think of your undergraduate degree as an insurance policy. Having insurance coverage on your house will not guarantee that your house won't burn down, but if it does, you'll be able to rebuild. Likewise, your degree will not guarantee employment, but it will give you a "stick to fight with;" and trust me when I tell you that you will be so glad you didn't wait until middle age to get it!


I would tell myself to go to a community college and then finish at a university becuase i have used up all of my finacial aid and now i do not know how i am going to pay for school and my school is very expensive. They suggested to take out loans from different banks but becuase of my credit score those banks have devied me, i do not understand why school is so expensive and why it is so hard to pay. It seems like is this world the bad or negative is easy to get to but when it has to involve positive uplifting events it is hard to suceed in those, but do not get discouraged God has a plane


I would tell myself to learn study skills and time management as soon as possible. I would tell myself I would be responsible for my education, not my teachers. I would have to work hard, and it will be difficult. But I would tell myself to keep pushing forward, and to tell others when I was struggling because they wanted to help. I would tell myself college will be very different but as long as I tried to learn everything, such as how to manage time and how to study, I will be perfectly fine.


Follow my gut instinct and keep myself busy so I can succeed and make a life for myself.


I would sit myself down, look myself square in my eyes and say "Stop slacking. Start caring about your grades now because that G.P.A. translates into money for us. All high school boils down to in the long run is making your college experience easier. I would not be struggling to have all the bills paid, and you may have the ability to save me (us) from having to work 40 hours a week to do so if you only put forth some effort in class, and lock down some scholarships I could never attain. On a personal level please stop trying to be an extrovert. We are introverts to the core. The sooner you come to terms with that, the sooner you will come into your own. One final note. Please be nicer to mom. She will come to respect you, and she will become more important to you as you get to know her more. She means so well, and all although you will not want to admit it for a couple more years, but she WAS RIGHT about Rebecca. Sleep Less. Write More. Less praying. More Doing.


Twenty years has passed since I graduated from high school, but it seems like yesterday that I walked across the stage to receive my diploma. I began my college endeavor having no clue what I wanted to do with my life. If I could go back to my senior year, I would have been less anxious about the road ahead of me. Although rocky at times, things always seemed to work out. Even though I was in the upper academic echelons of my graduating class, I would have pushed a little bit harder so that I could have received academic scholarships. During my senior year, I didn’t realize how much that money would help enhance my future and make life less financially cumbersome. Also, I would have focused on career paths immediately out of school that required licensure. Jobs requiring a license to practice seem to always have opportunity and pay well. I would have forced myself to focus on a regulated career and chosen from those careers. The things that I would have told myself during my senior year are things I will definitely share with my children, much earlier than it had taken me to realize.


If I could go back in time to when I was a senior in high school and tell myself about college, I would tell myself to not think about anything other than myself. College is not how it is shown on TV. College is about learning and getting an education. That is the only thing that I should be focused on. Having a lot of friends, going our and being "cool" is not as important as exceeding in life. I would tell myself not to worry about what others think of me. Going to school all dressed up, in nice clothes and such will not matter in ten years, when it is time to apply for a job. What will matter is how you did in school, not how you looked. Id tell myself to love myself for who I am, and just focus on whats important. Stick to my goal. Graduate. Be successful.


I would advise myself to be more organized, time efficiency is essential in college. It is important to be able to stay focused and study. This seems like a simple concept, but when a professor says you need to study three hours for every hour in class, they truly mean that. I would have also told my senior self to enjoy high school and not worry so much. College can be stressful, but worrying too much does not get As for grades. A student excels when relaxed and confident that they have prepared for the material on the quiz or exam. The last piece of advise I would have told myself as a senior is to apply for as many scholarships as possible. College is expensive and loans will one day mean paying interest, if I would have applied sooner for scholarships and more frequently I may have been in less debt. Although this is true it is worth the debt for the knowledge I have learned since beginning school and I am excited that I will one day be able to have the career of my dreams.


There's a saying that I heard growing up: hindsight is 20/20. I never realized how true that statement was until I got older. Looking back on one's life sheds so much light on situations and experiences that now seem so much clearer. As a high school senior, I remember feeling like most kids, just wanting to fit it and not rock the boat. Now, however, I am much more empowered to make the best decisions for me and not just the best decision for the situation. I would advise my younger self to be brave, and not be afraid to experience new and exciting situations, such as going away for college. As a high school senior, I was working part-time while still in school with the intention of increasing my hours after graduation. I would tell myself that although I felt the need to work full-time, I should stay focused on school, and stay on track in order to ensure that my future was my priority. I would tell my younger self not to loose sight of my goal, because it can be too easily swept aside, and too hard to return to the path.

Holly Lynn

The best advice I could give my self going back in time, is to complete High School and take it more serious. I came from a home that was unsupportive, one that my parents were uneducated so school was not important. As an adult and parent myself, I would encourage myself to study hard, graduate with a high GPA and take advantage of any and every opportunity to further my education when I was younger. Today's society requires you to have a college education and if you want to take care of your family, you need to continue your education, not stop thinking a GED is good enough, because it is not. You need to be able to rely on yourself and be able to support you. Be a role model for your future children, showing them you finished High School, and continued your education. You received the degree you needed in order to accomplish all your dreams. Look to your future did you really want to be a high school drop out? No you want to be a successful Forensic Accountant and stop the fraud and corruption of corporate America.


The first thing I would tell myself is to not worry about relationships! I feel this is something not many people think about when it comes to transitioning into college but I feel it is a very good and important point to look at. For me, at least, having a relationship was important and sometimes would distract me from doing well in school and taking all the steps to pick a good future for myself. If I were to go back and do it all over I would actually stay single until I was done with college and had a career. With doing that, I may not end up getting married or having children as soon as my peers but I would have the time to travel, experience life, and most importantly become well eduacated and sucessful. With out a relationship there would be nothing to hold me back and distract me from whats most important at the age of 18 untill about 24. Although, many girls find it impotant to find a mate and settle down as quick as possible it really is not that important and you have your whole life to do that.


First and foremost, applying for scholarships is key. People are giving you a great gift by making an investment in your future and education. Take advantage of it! Second, money runs out so spend it wisely. I now pay for everything in cash because it is so easy to just swipe your debit card and not see the money disappear. It is also so important to balance your check book and know how much is in your account. The next time you think you want to go out to eat or really need three new shirts and a pair of shoes, you probably don't, learn to say no or at least limit yourself because it all adds up pretty fast. On another note, you have no reason to be afraid. Yes, you are leaving your friends, family, and only way of life you've ever known for the first time but it is worth it. The friends you meet, education you recieve, and responsibilty you learn can't be traded for the world. Going to college is the best decision you'll ever make!


If I knew what I new back when I was teenager in high school and trying to figure out my career path. I would have have choose a different route for myself beside the route I took. I would have went to college and pursued my career as a Register nurse and would not be trying to complete this degree at such an older age. I thought college was a wait of my time back then and would interfere with my hanging out with friends. I was wrong because if I could turn back the clock I would have went to school first and enjoyed that life of being a college student and further my career path. But now that I am older and wisers I can help other young kids make the right decision to continue their education and follow a path of success. Given them advice that I should have taken back when I was kid. I will not look backwards but I will continue my journey forward and hopefully in the next year I will have completed my life long journey to my career path that I put off so many years ago. Thank you


If I could go back and give advice to my high school self, I would tell myself not to be scared, that college will be one of the best experiences of your life. I would also tell myself to be ready for a lot of options to join clubs, make friends and have experiences that you will remember for the rest of your life. I would also say that even though I said not to be scared, to be prepared because college years will be very important for the rest of your life. I'll remind myself that family and friends will remain important through all of college and that they will be your biggest support system when you're having rough patches. Finally, I'd tell myself to relax and be ready for fun.


If I were able to go back in time to give myself advice, I'm not sure where exactly I would start. In anyone's senior year of highschool, they are so devoured by the idea of graduating and moving on, that often times the little things are passed by without really thinking about. I think one of the biggest things I would tell myself is to just enjoy each day. They're so many fun and exciting things that happen senior year, I would love to be able to go back and live those one more time. I would also tell myself to love the people who have always been there for me, and to take advantage of the last times with them. The people around me outside of school too. I was an active member of my church's youth group, and I miss that group of people and Sunday nights more than anything. The transition to college classes is nothing like post secondary, and I would let myself be aware of that ahead of time. Being able to go back to my highschool senior self and say a few words of advice would be a great experience.


After having gone through a brutal few years at a community college after high school, while at the same time working at job roughly 40 hours per week, I have a lot I would say to my high school self. I can narrow it down to a simple phrase; it's never too late. I would tell my self about the pressures of attending and graduating college immediately after high school. While it is admittedly the best and easiest path in life, I would tell myself it is okay to wait. If you have no idea what you want to do, don't waste the money, earn experience instead and wait because you will probably end up going back again for something you truely love. That's exactly what is happening to me. I found a love and a passion in my job and horticulture after I had graduated with a business degree. I am going back at 23 years old and couldn't be happier to be pursuing something I absolutely love instead of settling for a job that just, "pays the bills." I would say no matter what happens, always follow your dreams and never give up.


The path you are on is not one that leads to success and happiness, it leads to a road of very poor choices that will cause years of wishing you could go back and have a second chance to redirect the life you will have. High school may not make sense nor will it be fun but the college experience will be well worth it and the rewards that come from the sacrifices you will make now are fantastic. Just take the time, suck it up and put in the effort the people around you know that you are capable of and prove to them but more importantly yourself that you can do this and be as great as you dream of being.


Dear High School Kristin, You're almost done with high school (YAY!), and about to make an important decision in your life. I know you think that you are invincable and that nothing is going to go wrong, but things will at times. Financial issues will arise at times, but trust me, if you stick through it, it will be well worth it. I know right now you are saying that you will never work two jobs while in college, but guess what...you are going to be working 60-70 hours a week in a couple years just to pay the bills. With that said, you are going to cry many nights and think that you aren't going to be able to do it, but you will. You will meet life long friends that are going to be there for you whenever you need them. Your family (and future husband!) are going to be there for you too. Yes...I said future husband, you will meet him at the weirdest time, so don't be looking for him! With all this said, be yourself, keep your head up and remember to have some fun! Sincerely, The Future Kristin


Brooke- Relax. You do not need to decide what you want to do with your entire life right now just because you are going to college. Live in the moment and sign up for classes that you enjoy and that hold your interest. Money is not everything. Cherish those who are there for you during your most important decisions. Do not listen to what everyone has to say, just to those whose opinions are valuable. Just because a friend thinks something is a good idea does not mean that it is. Understand that friends come and go, and that not all friendships last forever. Be proud of your accomplishments; do not belittle them. As a leader, lead others in a positive direction. Join as many clubs as you can in order to meet a diverse group of individuals. Try your best to feel comfortable in your own skin, and even though you may be confused about who you are as a person, most people are. Do not forget where you grew up because every road leads to home. Value your health, family, and the simple pleasures in life, such as sleeping in a warm home; not everyone has such luck.


If I could go back and talk to my high school self I would demand myself to search for scholarships non stop or else I would have to drop out because of the lack of money that has been paid for all the balances. That would be the best thing I would tell myself.


I would tell myself to live every day with a purpose. Never regret any decisions you have made because they make you who you are today but make sure that you learn and grow with every opportunity you are given. Every day counts. Even though it seems like it's "just" high school, every day and every decision counts. Live every day as if it is an opportunity to achieve your goals and become a successful adult. There is nothing that you can't achieve. Do it now. Don't put it off. Seize the day and every opportunity it holds. Friends come and go, boys don't matter, and you are the only key to your success!


If I could go back to my senior year of high school, one thing I would say to my self is, first of all don't slack off in pre-calculus because it will drive you crazy most definately. Second of all, I would just say that there will come a time in the next chapters of your life that you will feel overwhelmed by all the new things that will come your way and all the obstacles you will encounter, but you are a strong independent young woman and you will get passed them and over come them. Enjoy the freedom that comes with it. Join clubs and organizations. You will be amazed by how much fun they can truly be. A great friend might even evolve from that, who knows! You will meet awesome, new, diverse, chill human beings, that may look different than what they actually are at first. You'd be surprised at how much yall really have in common! So fly birdie, fly!


Be prepared! Jazz'lyn College Life is a huge transition, it is totally different from high school. You have to be open minded, willing to learn, and ready to work. Profeessors will not hold your hand. They are eager to teach you the knowledge and skills you need to know that will help you succeed in the world, but its only up to you to recieve it. Be optimistic in school. Know that every downfall is not always the end of the road. Never give up if you fail, get up and try it again and again. Have Faith in yourself and your ability to do well. Don't be afraid to ask questions and seek other rersources . You will find that , getting help from other experienced people can help you succeed. Dont always depend on your knowledge and your knowledge alone. Last but not least, Stay focused on your goal and purpose! Never quit! Keep going and fight through school, for education is one of the key components you need in this society. Never let anyone steer you from your goals.


If I could go back to high school I would tell myslef to study harder and focus much more. Senior year I would of buckeled down and got help when I needed help instead of letting my ego get in my way. If I would of got the help I needed and listened to my grandmaother I feel as if I would be doing much much better in school now. College life isnt about parties and having fun amd getting away from your family, your money is on the line so you have to wise about all your decisions. You have to be a grown up, get a job, support and provide for yourself. Dont go into college thinking everything will be handed to you like it was in high school, you have to take responsibility and remeber your when your assignements are due and make sure you get them in on time, some professors will not care if you turn them in or not, so you have to be an adult and do what you need to do to become successful in life and not waste your time and money.


If such an act was possible, surely i would go back to my senior year in high school and tell myself to keep up the good work and definitlly have taken more college courses. In order to excell in college focus is the key and in order to suceed at everything there needs to be lots of studying and taking nots because truely college is not an easy aspect of education life but it will be worth it in the long run. I am a student whose primaries are to gain success. With good intentions, and a strive for further achievement through prolonged education, I can be someone one day, be who I want to be, and make myself and those who’ve been counting on me, proud.


If I could go back in time and talk to my high school self, knowing what I know now, I would advise myself to enjoy my time I have. Once you graduate, life is a new world, your friends change, your priiorities change, your hobbies can even change. The transition of being a high school student to a college student will be easier if you learn to let the little things go in life and look out for yourself. Make sure that you enjoy your summer before you start college in the fall because essentially it is the last summer of being a 'kid'. Being in college means you are mature and much more is expected of you. Learn to study the way that best fits you and have everything ready that first day you walk into your lecture or lab. Do not depend of others to help you cheat your way through assignments like in high school. Learn to manage your time and allow yourself free time so you do not become overwhelmed. Most importantly, realize you are lucky enough to attend college and this transition is one of the best times of your life totruly find yourself.


If I could go back and give myself advice as a high school senior, I would say to join several clubs and activities because it is a great way to meet new people, discover new interests, and a great way to network. Also, l would have told myself to educate myself outside of school; the significance of this is if individuals believe that if school is their only source of knowledge, they will be oblivious and will adapt a habit of not opening a book after graduation. Not to mention, in high school, I was not taught about budgeting, politics-how to vote besides the teachers giving me a paper to fill out on my own…marketable skills, useful skills, etc. In addition, I would tell myself to volunteer in different areas doing variety of tasks to gain experience as well as apply for many scholarships! Furthermore, I would've told myself to learn how to mange my time because in college it is very crucial to know how to balance your work, have time for clubs, study..etc. Lastly, I would tell myself to enjoy my senior year because you're only a senior once.


If I were to go back and give myself the pep talk for college, I would talk about all the help that is out there. Never be afraid to ask a question even if you have to ask it more than once, or to more than one person. Everyone has a way of explaining things to make them understandable. Secondly, I would speak on getting involved. Going to Lourdes has given me many opportunites to create relationships with people from all around. Also with Lourdes having our "portal" we recieve emails and news letters about anything happening on campus and bus/shuttles for transportation. There shouldn't ever be a reason to miss out! One of the biggest things high schoolers should be taught is how to apply for scholarships and be aware of those that are scams. Everyone gets papers on scholarship websites but that didn't help me. Make sure you seek help, ask questions, there are many scams and to be sure of which ones to apply to ask your financial aid staff or ask the high school counselor. All in all the main advice would be to just have fun and do what will satisfy you.


I would suggest that I take advantage of the opportunities in high school that were presented. Traveling out of the country for various classes gives a person a view of other cultures and lifestyles other than those in the United States. If I would have went on that trip to Russia, I feel that it would have been an asset to my education as I could bring to College another view of the world. I would advise that high school students should be more involved in activities like sports and clubs. The more involved you can be, the more experience you gain and contribute to your education. It will help you be more open to other opportunities, including education overseas. If you become involved, you become more comfortable speaking in front of class and taking leadership roles in college. All these experiences and participations will widen network of associations with others which in the future could open doors in the job market and also connections in the workforce. Finally, I would advise myself that when things get tough in college, there are many many other students going through the same thing and its okay.


I would tell myself that its okay to not know what you want to do. I would also tell myslef that smaller school are better because you have more of a personal connection with fellow students and teachers. I would tell myslef to get more involved and dont be nervous to meet new people!


If I could go back in time to tell the younger, less experienced version of myself about college, I would tell myself not to worry and not to let my pride get in the way of learning. I would tell myself not to worry because I know a lot of people, including myself, tend to stress out about the smaller things in life. I would tell myself not to let my pride get in the way of learning because I do need to set up weekly appointments for tutoring, which of course includes standing up for myself and putting myself out there more. One of the most important pieces of advice I would give myself, though, is to get involved more in high school and in college. Getting involved helps to build friendships and one of the most important things in the world is simply knowing people and having that ability to make friends quickly.


Scott if I could give you the best advice today it would be for you to attend college the first chance out of high school. Scott by going to college you will gain the knowledge you need to succeed at most anything you would choose to do for the ret of your life. College is a life altering change, you meet new people that you may have never met before you are pushed to the limit of learning before you enter your choice field. Scott there are so many programs so many grants to help pay for college that now is one of the best time a person can receive more than there has ever been available for funding. All you need to do is focus and be commited to learning.


I would tell myself to go to college for nursing even though you do not want to go through the hoops to get to where you want to be. In the long run, you will enjoy it and love the rest of your life. In high school, I did not want to work with the elderly to get to pediatrics, so I decided to go to college for something else. Now I will be graduating a year later, and I had to transfer to get into a nursing school.


The advice that I would give to me as a high school senior is a whole lot of stuff. First off I will tell myself that once I get to college is to not to be afraid to ask for help when needed. Also, be very knowledgable of the college that you plan on going to, so that you would know where to go whenever help was needed. Another thing that I would tell my high school senior self is to not to be afraid to talk to people. Even though I only talk a little bit more than I did in high school, it is still helpful to talk to people. You know create a social life while in school to possibly create lasting friendships. One last thing I would tell my high school senior is that to try to get involved in various things that could go on at the school. Most of all do not be afraid to express yourself but always make sure you get your work done.


I would tell myself not to put off going to college. I waited almost twenty years after high school to return to college so the transition was rough. I not only had to adjust to returning to school, I had to do so while raising a family of six kids. I put off going to college after high school because I started my family but I wish I would have done both.


I would tell my self to get ready for the commitment of playing a varsity sport in college, it was a struggle to get into the swing of things and juggle academics and sports. It will get easier and do not give up on your dreams.


If I had the opportunity to give myself advice in 1999, I would enccourage myself to take school more seriously and to take specific classes. I would tell myself the following: "Stephany, you've got the right idea about joining the military in order to pay for school, but sign up for classes right away. Your senior year, it's important for you to take as many college prep classes as possible. Don't go to the career center for dental assisting because you're not going to stick with it. Take more biology classes, english composition classes, and computer technology classes. When you take these classes read the book! Reading your textbooks will help you to understand the information so that you can receive the grades that you deserve. Don't just wait for the school year to be over and hope that you graduate. Prepare for your future! If you do all this, you will be able to be home with your children at night helping them with their school work instead of being in class."


If I could go back in time and talk to my senior self I would have a few things to say. One thing that I would definitely say is to study harder. I always thought "its my senior year, I will just slip on by and not study," but because of that some of my grades slipped from where I wanted them to be. Another thing is to make the most out of the friendships you have. I went through my senior year thinking that I will always have these friends by my side. Well, going into college I found out that wasnt true. No one stayed in touch after we all graduated. I shouldnt have taking the relationships for granted like I did. If only, I could talk to my senior self, things would be different.


There are many things I have learned during my college experience thus far. The most important piece of advice I would give anyone going to college is to talk to your counselor about what classes to take. Make sure you are taking courses you need, and not just random classes. It took me four years to get an Associate of Science and an Associate of the Arts because my first two years I decided to take classes that weren’t applicable to my associate’s degree. I took a lot of Psychology classes (my major at the time) that are not unfortunately usable now that I have changed my major to Sociology. Other advice I would give is to be active in the community and on campus, and most importantly: HAVE FUN. Enjoy your college experience!


If I could go back in time, I would take the scholarship search a lot more serious. In high school, I didn't really apply to many scholarships. My first year of college was okay financially. I didn't owe the school any money after my financial aid. This year, I wished I would have applied for scholarships because I owed my school so much money. If I could go back in time, I would take studying more serious. I would focus more on my studies instead of spending so much time with my friends.


I would tell myself not to worry so much. That going to a smaller college is actually going to help me. I'll feel more comfortable and I'll have the best GPA I've ever had. I would say that going into college not knowing what I want to do is okay because I'll know by second semester that I want to be a teacher.


Although grades are extremely important in high school, being social is another factor to success. If I could go back in time and tell myself anything it would be to get involved in a sport. I have played sports in the past but I decided not to play in high school. I didn’t realize how much I would miss out on if I did not play a sport. Along with making friends, it gives you an advantage to other opportunities such as volunteering. Sports push you to do your best. Coaches push their team to be the best they can be and I wish I had someone doing that for me in high school. Teammates will push you do to your best too in order for the team as a whole to be successful. Attending Lourdes University, where sports are everything, makes me realize how much I missed out on. I am currently considering playing a sport for Lourdes University in order to be more social in my school and community. Being able to play a sport gives people confidence in themselves. When you finally succeed at something you’ve been working on, it gives you a good feeling.


You should go to a community college to save money and to decide on a major. Always rent books and never buy them full price. You should never procrastinate you're school work. Always ask questions because there are people paid there to help you. Aways try to make friends because it will help you get through the worst of classes. Always try to schedule all your classes in two days instead of four so you can save on gas. And don't worry, you've never failed and you will always make it through the semester because it will be over soon enough.


really try harder to abtain college education and stay away from negative influences


visit colleges that offer the classes you are interested in do not settle for any school and get upset if things do not work out.