Lower Columbia College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


A person who is looking to go into nursing or not sure what they plan to do. The nursing program here is wonderful. But it is also a nice place to go if you're unsure and plan to possibly attend a 4-year college.


Lower Columbia Community College is a good place for someone who really isn't certain about what they want to major in. LCC has a wide range of classes at a price that is a lot lower than even a state school can offer. Also if you are trying to support yourself through school LCC is a good place because the community is very supportive, and there are plenty of job and scholarship oppertunities available. This way you can get your associate's degree at about half the price, so you can afford to go to a four year school.


I believe that any student with an open mind and a willingness to work with a wide range of students and instructors of various backgrounds should attend this school. It is much cheaper to attend here for the first two years of your program and the school helps you find what classes you need to take for your respective program and eventual four year school. This school also offers a wide range of two year vocational degrees for those with such interests.


I think that Lower Columbia college is a very diverse school. I have only been in the school for two weeks and yet I have met many different people with many different areas of intrest. kids just out of high school to grand parents all working hard at furthering thier education. I think the best type of person to attend this school is someone with an open mind and an excitement to learn in a fun, friendly environment.