Loyola Marymount University Top Questions

Describe the dorms.


The dorms are pretty good in general. My dorm is from the '70s, so it's on the older side, but it's still comfortable, the rooms are large, and everyone who lives there is proud to live there. A few of the dorms, including mine, have a sink in each room, which is really convenient. The newer dorms have more common areas (my dorm only has the hallway to use as common space, but we don't mind), but they also seem to have less of a sense of community. A few of the dorms also have problems with drinking, but there are definitely dorms, especially East Quad, that don't have drinking going on. A lot of people dislike having communal bathrooms, but they're really not that bad.


The dorms are homey and pretty spacious. Many non-LMU students say are dorms are much bigger than their school's dorms. The dorm RAs are pretty chill too.