Loyola Marymount University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


The beautiful campus.


Law school, beautiful campus


Loyola Marymount University is known for commitment to excellence and genuine service. Everyone is so helpful and there is never a dull moment. LMU is known, I feel, for its vibrant atmosphere and happy, ambitious students/ caring faculty. The closeness of the entire campus is truly what distinguishes LMU from any other school.


Being Catholic, our basketball team, and our Film School.


Loyola Marymount University is known for its involvement in a vast amount of extracurriular activities and community service. LMU prides itself in not only helping out people throughout campus but extending a hand to those in need. Walking throughout campus you can see clubs on campus playing with children, helping those with disabilities, and thinking of others before themselves. Students are able to help others while gaining education to take out into the world once they graduate. LMU is making a better world one student at a time by outlining the values of life in their mission statement.


Our school is best known for our beautiful campus.


Our breathtaking location, including our bluff that overlooks the entire panorama of Los Angeles.


It is best known for it's beauty, location, small size, jesuit-atmosphere, film program, and engineering program.


LMU is best known for its looks. Anytime I mention that I go there, people never fail to remind me that I have the opportunity to walk around one of the most beautiful campuses in Los Angeles.


Being located in the heart of the Los Angeles County, LMU is witness to a wide variety of social-justice issues that many of our LMU Lions are passionately dedicated to combat—LMU is best known for its devotion, commitment, and promise to social-justice, it is the reason why many of us chose LMU: to be men and women for others.


School of Film


My school is known as the beautiful Catholic university on "the bluff". On one side you can see the Pacific Ocean and on the other you see the bustling city of Los Angeles. LMU is known for it's amazing basketball team in the late 1980s when star player Hank Gathers burst on the college basketball scene. During a tournament game he collapsed and died but LMU rallied and finished with a successful season. At LMU we attack obstcles with vigor and that's why I love it.


It's Jesuit spirit of giving back the community, and it's strong academics.


I believe my school is best known for having a gorgeous campus and friendly people, along with a great teaching and Liberal Arts program.


For high academics and for being the largest Jesuit institution on the West Coast.


Gorgeous campus, great academically, our basketball team


Besides its beautiful campus located in the center of Los Angeles, Loyola Marymount University is known for its actively invovled students who make time to volunteer and given back to the community.


The school is a small campus that allows students to easily interact with their teachers and other classmates. The basketball team has great recognition.


Convo, which gives students every tuesday and thursday from 12:35 to 1:35 off. No classes. There is always some invite everyone is invited to during this hour off.


My school is best known for social justice, which is apart of the mission statement. There are many different organizations and programs that allow students to participate in improving communities in need. Many students go into communities in Los Angeles to mentor children, assist the elderly, rescue animals, and give back to the homeless. Other students travel abroad on service trips to help communities in poverty. I personally attend a program called Feed the Hungry every week, making bag lunches to serve the homeless and day laborers. Service is imperative because many communities need our help and we become selfless.


Focus upon Critical thinking. focus upon educating so that the educted may educate the ignorant. educating to serve. Jesuit philosophy.


Loyola Marymount University is best known for its dedication to Social Justice and Community Service. Academically, Loyola houses the top professors as well as award winning education and student managed programs. Everything from our newspaper, "The Loyolan," to our independent radio stations, "KXLU" and "KLMU," this school has many opportunities to excel in many industries related to the Los Angeles area. The most popular, social activity would be the extensive Greek Life Sororities and Fraternities availble through campus. All of these outlets are what make Loyola Marymount University one of the most exciting and fulfilling places to be.


Loyola Marymount University is commonly known for its Film and Production Programming. Personally, I am a Psycholoy and English double major, but many of the Film Majors I am acquainted with are constantly busy, but some of the projects and achievements I have seen been done already are amazing for mere freshmen work. Loyola also has an outstanding Law School for graduates, but I understand that it is at a different location than the main campus in Los Angeles.


Location, Class sizes, teacher student ratio


My school is best known for its beautiful campus and its law program.


Probably the business school. But the Film School is amazing and has better equiptment than Chapman, USC, and UCLA.


Loyola Marymount University is best known for the amount of service that the students contribute to the Los Angeles community. I have been involved in a Service Organization, in which I will perform service all over Los Angeles.


Its law and film departments. Afterall, Drew Barrymore and Carson Daily graduated from there!


My school is best known for its size and location. The classes are engaging because of the interaction with the professors and the students, the campus is friendly because you are bound to see someone you know walking from class to class, and the buildings are not far away from each other. Also it is a perfect location, close to the beach, the mountains, right in the heart of Los Angeles.


the beautiful campus, friendly students, and wonderful faculty.


small class sizes


Voted most content students/beautiful campus --one of the leading Colleges in the United States, Jesuit affiliation


The high quality of our business and film programs.


Loyola has a wonderful Liberal Arts program. I am a screen writer and they have a very strong developing Film program. I am fortunate to have been excepted into this program as it is quite selective due to the small enrollment of the department. One will also see that Loyola has an excellant Business and Law program. The campus is very close to the beach and has been voted overall the "HAPPIEST COLLEGE" by Princton review.