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My school is known for its film students. This makes it alot easier for when I get out of college to find a job.


The most unique quality that my school offers is the level of expertise in every field of study. There are so many connections to be made and such wonderful oppurtinities. I am able to meet the people that truely excel in their field, who are the best of the best in the world! These connections, the knowledge available, this community isn't found anywhere else.


Loyola Marymount University location on a bluff above Los Angeles gives it a unique beauty. From the bluff, students can see all of the city of Los Angeles. Being able to see one of the biggest cities in the world from your campus is unique to LMU's campus. It gives the campus a beauty that other college campus's cannot match.


The class sizes are small which allow for a lot of interaction in the classroom. Teachers are very available and accommodating generally. Since it is a Jesuit university, there is an emphasis on social justice and spirituality that is not necessarily present at state schools.


The reason LMU was my first choice is because of its focus on educating the whole person which involves a large focus on social justice. I have gratefully taken advantage of this and now I serve as a peer board member of the Belles Service Organization. This university not only provides general education but also plentiful opportunities to grow socially, spiritually, and intellectually as an individual.


LMU is not only beautiful but it has a community that is wonderful at working together for the betterment of the university. The Jesuit influence helps to create a strong value on education while balancing it with the creation of men and women for the good of others. LMU is a campus that helps your feel at home away from home. With amazing people, professores, views, and memories.


My school is incredibly diverse. I feel at home and am able to express myself freely here. Compared to other schools, my school has smaller class sizes, which allows the students to get to know their professors. This helps in the learning process in a great manner.


LMU is quite small, which makes professors incredibly accessible and learning much more enjoyable. I have also found that as a private school, there is less "red tape" and more resources and flexibility in order to accommodate a student's needs. This campus is also located in a beautiful location overlooking the city and very close to the beach. I consider LMU to be a hidden gem up in the hills of L.A.


LMU has small class sizes compared to USC or UCLA, which are the other two schools that I considered. This allows for an extrememly student oriented environment where the teachers and councelors are available and willing to help and go the extra mile. The classes are also more laid back and assignments are dealt with on an individual basis. The teachers encourage the students to visit during office hours to discuss any issues or just to get to know you.


LMU has fantastic programs implemented to help artists and film makers work in the industry right out of college.


Loyola Marymount University has the friendliest people you will ever meet. From students to faculty, everyone is willing to lend a hand to their fellow lion. I love the sense of community and pride that everyone has for the school.


LMU is open-minded, spiritual, and liberal. It is focused on a social justice philosophy, and its mission is centered on a hollistic learning approach centered around liberal arts education.


There is extremely close interaction between students and professors of the school as a result of the low ratio between faculty and students. This provides unique opportunities for high quality learning.


The most unique thing about my school is that we dont have clocks in any of the classrooms because it is a Jesuit Institution. The other schools had clocks in their classrooms, which makes students anticipate when class will end.


LMU believes in the education of the whole person which means the development of intellectual inquiry as well as academic, physical, social, psychological, moral, cultural, and religious/spiritual growth.


I am a Film & Television Production major so LMU was unique because it has an excellent film school as well as an unbeatable location in Los Angeles. While other schools in the area have the same location benefit, LMU has a very small, hands-on film school so I am able to get all the attention and equipment that I need.


The school has offered a great education so far. The class sizes are small, averaging at about 15-20 students per class. I'd say this is my favorite part about the school, as it offers more attention for each student and it allows you to really have a personal relationship with your professors. All of the students are very nice and its a fun environment amongst the campus.


Loyola Marymount University (LMU) stands on what is called the Lion's Code. Essentially, the Lion's Code depicts how a student at LMU must complete his/her education: "I am a Lion. Courageous of mind, charitable of heart, I stand in faith." LMU focuses on the education of the whole person and the development of community among students, faculty, and staff. There are opportunities in leadership, community service, interculturalism, greek life, and many more. If you ever plan on attending LMU, be prepared to get involved not only in class but also throughout the LMU community.


Loyola Marymount is a small school, so we get the advantages of working more closely with professors and other students. While the campus feels like a micro community within a huge metropolis, we can still enjoy all of the cultural experiences that Los Angeles has to offer.


We have a very broad base of students from different backgrounds attending here, and we are very friendly and open to participating in the LA community. Because it is a Jesuit school, we are always encouraged to do community service and come together as a community more than most universities. Our school is in between a big and a small school, which means it has big school connections, opportunities, and research, while it still maintains small classes.


Small classes, close interactions with professors


LMU is conviently located in the city of Los Angeles. It is near the airport, the beach, and the city. It has a marvelous film school and I have never seen a more beautiful campus. It is a very safe enviornment and I really appreciate how small the classes are. It is more beneficial to have a smaller class because of the one-on-one interaction with the professor.


LMU hold service organizations in high regard, in which students can fully devote themselves to serving the LMU and Los Angeles while creating lifelong friendships along the way.


LMU will give you the tools to help you change your life in ways that you have always desired. It opens up doors, and takes you into your future of endless rewards. Give it a try yourself, I promise you will agree :)


A beautiful view o both the city and the beach. A brand new library, inviting students, proffessors and campus.


It's a smaller campus so it's easier to have the student teacher interaction and get to know everyone on campus. There are many services and organizations to make sure everyone gets involved not only in education but in the school.


Loyola Marymount is an extremely diverse institution. Being that it is a Jesuit University it sincerely strives to educate the whole person. For those students who take advantage of its opportunities there is a wealth of activities and new innovative approaches to learn about the world. The campus is not only beautiful but cultivates the freedom of the individual and the interconnectedness of students. Speakers, demostrations, and concerts are daily occuences on campus. Loyola Marymount is a place where students can grow and develop their own personal skills to navigate the world in a selfless, globally concerned way.


I love the fact that LMU accepts up to 90 credit hours from transfer students while most other schools only accept 60. I transferred schools because I was unable to obtain enough loans from my last school. However, I had already accumulated 102 credit hours. Luckily LMU accepted the maximum number they could and my college career was not prolonged any more that it had to be.


Nearly every class here is 30 or less, so we get extra personal attention from our teachers, and we have opportunities thrown at our feet. :)


Did I say I am coming back here for graduate school. There's a reason the co-eds here are called "under graduates."


they really care about each student. it's easy to speak personally with any member of the faculty you would like to. the campus is gorgeous, the teachers enjoy what they do, and are talented and interesting. no huge lecture classes, no impersonal relationships with professors. LMU strives to educate the whole person, not just the academic person. they aim to nurture and advance the well-rounded education of the individual in all facets of life, not just academically but socially and spiritually as well. although it is a jesuit university, there are many other religious groups represented.


We have the most beautiful looking smart people on campus.


It's a lot smaller and much more personal. I'm in the honors program, so my average class size is ten students with one teacher. I receive much individual attention, and my professors are all very nice. It's more artistically based, rather than scientifically. It's Catholic.


location! location! location!


This school has classes that are 30 or less students in each one. They are very intimate and the professors actually get to know you. The campus is also very pretty and close to everything in L.A.


The people at LMU are friendly and willing to help each other out. Students are involved on campus in more ways than one, attend classes regularly, and are excited to learn. Students and professors mingle and have substantial academic relationships that ultimately create a better learning environment. The entire campus is centered around the students, putting our interests first and promoting success in every faction of life, in the classroom and well beyond.