Loyola Marymount University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


Loyola Marymount has a beautiful campus, it seems like a movie set. Everyone is super nice and welcoming. The teachers and faculty are here primarily to support you.


The campus is beautiful. The classes are small which make discusions more common. The students are nice and pretty diverse for a private university. The weather is perfect and next to the beach. LA is a great city to go to school in. The teachers are progressive. Service is a huge part of this school.


In my opinion, the opportunities that are opened to me at a smaller university beats out many of the 'big school names' that my friends attending larger universities will bear on their diplomas. While they fight for the classes necessary for their majors, I will be able to spend my time and energy studying, exploring academic concepts and opportunities as well as building relationships with my professors. I know those relationships will benefit me by building platforms for both enthusiastic future recommendations and valuable contacts as I continue through my college experiene and begin to look for internships and jobs.


When talking to my friends about the best parts of my school, the first thing that comes to mind is the close connections and friends made at this school. With LMU being a smaller private school, their are less unknown faces. It's very pleasant being able to walk to class and seeing friends going and coming to class. On top of that, being at a school with a large amount of upper class peers, the connections and opportunities presented to the students is a very prominent part of the schools background.


I am very proud of the Entrepreneurship program that the school offers. Also, there are several on campus organizations and groups that allow students to express themselves in variety of ways. Lastly, the location of the campus in West Los Angeles provides endless opportunities for entertainment and career advancement.


How nice everybody is and the overall environment. It is right near the beach and Los Angeles so there are always things to do.


I brag to my friends about the small class sizes, helpful professors, and the rigorous academics. LMU's location is great as well; we are close to the beach and have an amazing view of West LA. I especially brag about my service organization, Crimson Circle. This is a group of 35 men who do charity work at LMU and the LA community. We are the oldest service org on campus, which gives me a great feel of tradition and belonging. Overall I love LMU's academics and the Jesuit sense of social justice and the desire to help people.


The location is amazing, especially for people wanting to persue a career in the entertainment industry. It's close the beach, nightlife, and the airport. The campus itself is beautiful and gives you pride every day that you attend a school so picture perfect. The teachers here and very personable thanks to the small class sizes and the on campus coffee houses provide VERY good java when needed. During final's week they're even open 24/7!


The beautiful campus, and the ease with which I get the classe I need.


I tell everyone how well rounded this school is. It is hard to complain about anything when stepping foot outside my dorm room and having my breath taken away on a daily basis from the view off of the bluff. I appreciate so many of the little things at LMU, especially the diverse group of students who are all unified by their hard work ethic, and goals. LMU is a community that does not strive off of the individuals; it flourishes because of the amazing students within it helping eachother in a cohesive manner.


Loyola Marymount University has professors that are always willing to help students. They arrangements their schedule just to help those students that are struggling in class. As students we have the motivation to do better because we feel that professors care about our grade and about our future. Many professor help students find a jobs after graduation and/or internships during the summer.


I usually explain that it is a loving environment and all of the faculty/staff truly want the students to succeed. Also, LMU has a lot of extra events for its students. We have convo hour twice a week in which there is a farmers market, entertainment, and information about various upcoming events on campus. We also have $1 late night breakfast during finals week and are able to purchase massages. LMU cares about every aspect of its students.


The campus itself and how beatiful it is. My campus location seems to be a topic that is always discussed. The librbary here is also amazing. The dorms at LMU are very nice and I never seem to forget to tell my freinds about them. The classroom size is another topic which I usually talk about. I love the small intimate classroom sizes.


I brag most about the beach being 5 minutes away, the internships available in Los Angeles, the beautiful weather, and the smaller and more intimate classes.


Great social life, beautiful campus, great film school, huge and resourceful library


In my school's close-knit community, whenever you meet someone new, you are bound to have at least one mutual friend in common. Most students are aware of the on-goings around campus and actually care about social justice issues and service. My school is glued together by the shared dedication to being "men and women for others."


My school is beautiful. It is perfect for those students who want to be a student oppose to a number. At LMU each of your professors will know your name and care more about your education then you will find at many other universities. Each student has the opprotunity to really create their own identity and flourish in whatever maor or study they wish at LMU. Go lions!


I love to tell my friends about the intimacy of my university. They are usually shocked to know that most of my classes consist of 20-30 students maximum, unlike the seminar hundred student classes at most universities. They are shocked that teachers in all of my classes know me personally by name and how hands-on each class is for this reason. I take pride in this personal aspect of my school and would not trade the additional attention that LMU offers each of its students each and every day.


LMU has one of the most beautiful capuses around as it sits on the bluff overlooking the surrounding city.


Beautiful Campus! We live in LA!


I brag about how wonderful the people are who attend the university and who work at the institution. They are fully committed to their mission of educating the whole person and inspiring the students to be excellent in all that they do. The beautiful campus overlooking LA promotes creativity and freedom in exploring who they are and what they believe in. The availability of professors and staff/faculty is a unique opportunity to connect with professionals and make contacts into the community and larger world. I often praise LMU for their devotion to bettering the world through social justice too.


Our campus! It's really pretty and there's a great view of Los Angeles.


Bentley High school has enriched my life by the professional teachers, quality of curriculum and the diversity of the student body. While we may not have a football team, we have school spirit as evidenced by our recent Aquila cafe night. 100 students turned out to support our literary magazine and to watch their classmates sing, play or recite passages. We raised money for the earthquake victims in Haiti as well as paying for our publications. What other school would show support for the arts and a disaster?


I brag about the school's close proximity to the beach. I also talk about how great it isto be situated just outside Los Angeles because there are so many things to do, but is not in the center of downtown. I also brag about how beautiful our campus is as well as the surrounding neighborhood. I also brag about the school's good academic reputation, which I hope will get me a good job.


I come from a very small town on the coast of Rhode Island. It's the kind of town where no one ever leaves; you live there your entire life and everyone knows you and your personal business. I chose LMU to escape from this, and have succeeded. When I brag about my school I talk about all of the interesting and diverse people I've met and the lives they lead in comparison to those of myself and my friends. I brag about experiences I'm having that none of them will experience because of fear of the unknown.


LMU prides itself on their work with community. Volunteering is highly encouraged, thanks to the Center for Service and Action Department. Study Abroad, though small, offers students opportunities to learn "beyond the bluff" which I always encourage.


Being in LA!


Location, how beautiful the campus is, the type of students- outgoing, friendly, the way students feel welcome, the small class sizes, the family loyalty


The school isn't too big nor is it too small and you have a lot of one on one time with proffessors. The greek life is so much fun and LA is blast to live in because everything is accessible


the dance program and all the nice things theyprovide for the students. the library and entertainment


The campus is gorgeous and near the ocean, and we're close to Hollywood. We're also on the semester system, much better than quarters.


The weather, the proximity to the beach, the beautiful campus, the school of film and television, students help each other out all the time.


The campus is beautiful, and for the most part, the students and faculty and friendly and willing to help. The atmosphere protmotes an academic, social, and spiritual life.


That I get to work with extremely prestigious professionals in the filed I am studying.