Loyola Marymount University Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school?


Conservative, Catholic, Not Fun, Laid Back


They are all hot, rich, and not friendly


Come on. Other than water polo and basketball, the school's reputation is that of the number 1 party school in LA. With great views and a campus hard up for daddy's dollars, the school is now known for its party busses, cruising the local streets with underage debs. out for a 4-year binge. The campus is filled with signs promoting parties and booze although most of its students are underage. The neighborhood's a tinder-keg , as it is only a matter of time before some underage DUI induced fatality before it explodes. The former City Attorney was too busy looking for favors to book more than one student per year for any off campus violation. LAPD is so understaffed it is a joke. Campus security can't even keep students from flooding the bathrooms, and wouldn't know what to do even if they caught a perp with his hand down the bowl. Topping it off is dear old university generic president. Has anyone ever met the guy, really? Rumor has it he's kept in a cyrogenically cooled chamber with a stock of irradiated wholly water wafers and wheeled out only to address graduating classes and financial donors. Of course, he's too concerned about raising money to clamp down on his number one source of money (and problems): Rich alums with snotty kids. And snotty alums with globs of money. Whatever. Now I know what is written above is a mere stereotype, and that not every cosmetically enhanced 19-year old blond frosh can afford to drive a new silver Lexus like Miss 5SEZ---. Indeed not. Not every pack of burbling, gurgling, Bud-Lite swigging tweens and their barf-o-holic peach-fuzzed dates traipse from off-campus party to bar to back seat blow job, figuring the locals are either their valets or nannys. And it is probably also a mere stereotype that these all too proper kids just out for a little four year party before growing up would think nothing of wearing pearl necklaces dripping with more than sarcasm, while stumbling about for an early a.m. barf on 77th. But guess what? It is a stereotype that has been well earned. Congratulations, Lions.