Loyola Marymount University Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


Loyola Marymount University holds the highest levels of integrity with a focus on social justice, innovation, and dissimination of knowledge.


The best thing about this school is its location. Being on the bluff the campus is set far enough away that you can avoid the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles if you would like. The campus is so beautiful that sometimes I think I'm at a tropical resort on vacation. The views are spectacular, and it is so close to everything in Los Angeles that there is always something to do.


The best thing about this school is that it is small enough so you know most people in your classes- both in the classrooms and most of the people in the year you're in. It's also a beautiful campus and the professors are overall, pretty good. One thing I'd change is the study abroad program because LMU's program makes it very difficult for students who are not in specific majors to study abroad. For example, if one is a biology major, it is close to impossible for them to go abroad because they wouldn't be able to fulfill any of their courses. There are also very few options when is comes to places that students are allowed to study abroad in. LMU also doesn't accept Semester at Sea as an abroad program which is unfortunate. I believe the LMU is just right when it comes to size because it's small enough that you can become familiar with most students but also big enough that you will meet new people as well. Also, because of the small sizes of the classes, it is easy for students to become well acquainted with their teachers. When people hear that I go to LMU, they think that it is a beautiful campus. On campus, I spend most of my time in my dorm, in other peoples' dorms or apartments, the gym, or in the Lair- the cafeteria. There isn't much of a college town and since LMU is up on a bluff, it is isolated from most restaurants and stores and therefore, it is preferable to have a car so you can drive to places like the beach, Marina del Rey, the mall, and more which are all 10 minutes or less of a drive away. I believe that the school's administration could be better. To know where all the money from tuition would be nice. The biggest recent controversy is the new parking fees that will take place next year in the spring. There isn't a lot of school pride which could be because athletics aren't that big of a part of the school. Men's basketball is probably the most popular sport to watch at LMU but not everyone cares about it. One experience I'll always remember is when my friend and I had a meeting with Sodexo, the cafeteria food supplier, and we asked for a long list of changes and within a month, they had put all our requests into action. It made me feel like I had a voice. The most frequent student complaint is the high tuition.


The best part about the school is how small the class sizes are and how much our professors care about us and our grades. A lot of times before going into college, we're given the impression that class sizes are huge and that you're just a number, not a name, especially at public schools, but at our school, we're not just a number; our professors care about our grades and how we're doing and want us to do our best. Another great thing is the community on campus because every one is very friendly and because of our small campus, it's easy to connect with others and stay in touch. One thing I do wish about our school was that we had better sports. I think because our school is education oriented and not sport oriented, a lot of people do not care about our sports teams.


My overall opinion of LMU is that it is absolutely wonderful. The campus is beautiful, the class sizes are small, the professors actually care about you, and everyone is just so nice. LMU is a little small, but I love it because it fosters a sense of community. Everyone I know is so proud to be a lion, and whenever I tell someone I go to LMU, they're very impressed. I heard that the food on campus was so-so in previous years, but this year the food is fantastic, and they say that it's much better than it used to be. The biggest controversy on campus right now is that they're going to start charging for parking next spring. The money is going to be used to build a new parking structure, because we don't have as much parking as we really should have, but nobody wants to pay to park on campus.


Academically, it is a very good school. As a commuter, it is very difficult to become involved with the campus, but everyone is still very friendly.




The best thing about the school is the classroom size. There are really small classroom sizes, so you get the full attention of your professor. As a result, students learn more.


I love LMU and the experience I have had here so far! It is the perfect size school, small student body, but not too small either. The dorm living really presents a community and it is easy to befriend all of the people on your floor. Also there are SO many oppurtuntites to get involved on campus, from Greek life, to service orgs to student government, and TONS of other clubs. It is easy to make friends and get involved in something that interests you. The only thing that I would love to see changed at LMU is the fact that there is no football team. I believe if we had a football team we would have more school spirit. Basketball is big on campus though, and a lot of students come to games wearing LMU gear!


LMU strikes a unique balance between big and small. One of the most valuable advantages that you gain by choosing LMU over a larger school is increased access to your professors. In most departments, smaller class sizes and office hours allow you to connect with your professors and learn in a more personalized way. The student body is also more unified. However, LMU also has the resources of a major university, so the school is able to put on fun events for the student body and host renowned speakers. Bands like Third Eye Blind, Local Natives, and the Bravery have performed at CollegeFest, an annual concert held on campus. Celebrities like John Legend and Seth MacFarlane have delivered speeches during First Amendment Week. Events like these add to the vibrant student life at LMU.


I love LMU! I would not be where I am at now without all the help of everyone I came across here. The people are what make this school amazing. We have such a great faculty and staff who are great friend material. They are approachable, and down to Earth. And the memories I made with the friends here are amazing. will never forget my experience here in this wonderful school.


Best thing about the school: It is one to be proud of. In every way, I believe LMU strives to be the best and it does so while trying to maintain dignity, grace, and christian values. Size: just right. The classes, at least for me, are small. The campus is big and beautiful but not overwhelming. There is a good mixture of men/women. Spend most of my time in University Hall since that is mainly where all the graduate classes are, though I also spend another big chunk of time over the weekend in the Library-the library is WONDERFUL. This neighborhood, Westchester, is not a college town, but it is friendly and accepting of us students. The schools administration is very caring and careful picked. They represent LMU values. I dont know what the biggest recent controversy on campus was, but I know parking is an issue people complain about a lot. I thought LMU was very considerate of us to provide valet parking as a temporary solution but other people think it is elitist. I believe there is a lot of school pride. For me that is not for the sports or anything, but just that LMU is a place you can be proud of. It is beautiful, its values are beautiful, and the professors Ive had are very good.


I really like it here! The size is perfect for me. Many would think it's really small, but I can't imagine being in a classroom with more than 30 people. You really get to know the professors and the students. When I walk around campus, there always at least one person I know. It is a really beautiful campus in a really beautiful area with really beautiful weather. It isn't too religious. It is quiet on the weekends, but it's always nice to have some space and quiet time. There isn't too much school pride. Probably because we don't have a football team. However, that really is all on you.


The best thing about this school is the opportunity to grow. This school really offers you to expand your horizons and to try different things. My school is a good size. It's not too small, but small enough to know people. If you are a drama magnet person, sometimes stuff can get around. It's not so much a college town but there are plenty of things to do around the area. Being centralized in the heart of the westside, there's so much nightlife and great places to eat and see. My school is also very diverse. There are so many different cultures and ethnicities, it's great! One thing that I might change is the system of there public safety and the way paperwork can get handled. Sometimes things get lost or they fail to mention things and you have to find out yourself. School pride is not intense but good enough for people who like to be involved. It's a mixture of LA commuters and people from all over the US and internatnal. I feel we give alot of scholarships and financial aid as well.


I was scared to go to LMU when I first was accepted because of social aspects, but coming to LMU ended up being the best decision of my life. This school makes people grow, and come together for a common good. I was scared prior to starting LMU, but from when I started to now there has not been 1 negative thing that I would say about LMU. This school is amazing. When you tell people that you go to LMU they will undoubtably be impressed. From the administration to the gate guards, everyone that works here is genuinely nice and treats you like a human being, not just a face in a crowd.


Sunshine, faux Catholic institution insulates the folks back home from the party bus. School is tgoo greedy and grew too fast for its surrounding neighborhood. Now on-campus parking. Insufficient on-campus housing. Classes are easy: try "rocks for jocks" if you need a science class. So are the co-eds, once they realize you drive a nice car. The on-campus food sucks. But so do the co-eds. Tons of school pride because everything is a cause for a celebration. Oh, except for the Western Association of College's accredation report. Well, there's not much time for reading between film classes, wine lable appreciation day and tweezing. What I'll remember most, however, are all those nights (and days) I cannot remember at all.