Loyola Marymount University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


I really like being more "in-the-thick-of-it" in cities, so LMU being kind of cut-off and in a far removed part of LA is frustrating. I don't have a car so whenever friend and me want to go to Santa Monica we have to catch an Uber. Be extremely sure you're fine with that before you choose LMU, or make sure you can have a car on-campus.


Deciding which classes to take is frusturating. Loyola offers so many amazing career choices, that is sometimes difficult to decide which classes to enroll in. I am lucky to have a such amazing courses to choose from and amazing teachers ro guide me into my future!


The course load is very heavy and sometimes it is hard to find time to finish everything considering how involved I am.


It is difficult, at times, to get the classes necessary to graduate on time. As well, it is a task to get an appointment with advisement, in order to make sure that the proposed schedule you have will lead to a timely graduation. I have been given poor advisement at one point, which resulted in my attending a course for a full semester that I did not need.


The most frustrating thing about my school is the traffic that I encounter on the way to it.


LMU's administration can be very frustrating. Though the school is very expensive, the administration largely keeps the student body out of the decisions make, even when the choices made by those in higher positions can negatively impact the student body. For example, until second semester of the 2012/2013 school year, free parking was available for all students. Now there will be a parking structure constructed in 20 years, but the students who attend the university now must pay for the future construction, even though no new parking is provided. The administration makes many unpopular decisions such as this.


The most frustrating thing about lmu thus far has been affording it, it's literally one of the most expensive schools and if you're in the middle class they refuse to give you any money.


There seems to be an over abundance of administration. I also feel that the school is too involved in on campus affairs, such as student housing. However there are very few negatives about LMU.


More than anything, the most frustrating part about LMU is the fact that it is so expensive. Because my financial aid did not cover the full tuition, plus room and board, I could not live on campus. That makes it hard to advance socially -- especially when all the fun things happen when you're off campus.


I chose LMU because I did not want to be just another number on a piece of paper at a huge school. Although I do love the small classes and hands on environment with the faculty, I wish LMU was just a little bit larger. I also think that LMU could benefit from having a football team. LMU is a great school but can sometimes be shadowed by UCLA and USC. It would be nice for LMU to be a little bigger or more recognized, but overall I love LMU and would not change it because it feels like home.


My school is very expensive which is frustrating because I don't want to have to be in debt when I graduate and I also don't want to make my parents have to pay for everything.


The most frustrating thing about LMU is the cost of tuition. LMU is an amazing school with a lot to offer, but, for me at least, it is very difficult to afford. The financial aid office tries to do as much as they can to help students, but they can't offer that much financial aid to those who really need it.


Stuck up students, close-minded students, too many rich kids with minimal aspirations, lack of academic ambition


There is little to be vexed with at LMU. I , personally, have never found reason to be dissatisfied with the academic practices, broad range of extracurricular activities, facilities, carrier opportunities, and social scene of the school. In this sense, the biggest challenge to be overcome by students, is that upon first entering the school, one initially cannot begin to satisfy the desire to participate in the innumerable opportunities of the aforesaid areas. This conflict soon passes as each student gradually finds their appropriate niche in the larger LMU community, which supports and guides them through their university years and beyond.


The most frustrating thing about LMU is the financial aid availability. It is a very popular school, and it is worth the amount that it costs because the experience there is priceless; however, I feel that counselors should do their best to hear what student situations are, and accomodate them to the best of their ability.


LMU prides itself on its commitment to service and action to combat injustice, which is fantastic, but it seems academics are often put on the backburner. Many professors are not as committed to creating a challenging and stimulating atmosphere of education as I would like. It's frustrating to come from a highly competative and challenging high school and not be challenged further at the university level as I expected to be.


The financial aid department.


The lack of motivation in some and sometimes the majority of classmates.


I think the most frustrating thing is that the school is SO big that sometimes you just feel that you are nobody. I mean you walk around and you can go a whole day without seeing a familiar face and that is when you really feel like you are a nobody. Another frustraing thing is the work load, transitioning from high school to college is a big difference and sometimes it just feels like you don't know what to do and it is hard.


Having all of my classes at the other end of campus because that's where all the liberal arts classes are held. I would love for there to be housing based on student's majors rather than their class standing.


The neighborhood doesn't like LMU students much, so social gatherings off campus have been almost nearly exterminated as compared to when I first went here. Also, we pay a ton of money and at times it seems like they are just wasting it so non-chalantly.


The high tuition is the most frustrating thing. The tuition also increases every year, the amount of money it takes to attend this school is too high.


Sometimes the people there can be very unfriendly and unwelcoming.


there is just so much amazing stuff to be involved in but not enough time to do it. It's also really expensive. I don't like the cafeteria food. It's expensive and there isn't a big enough variety


About how many people dont realize the beauty and opportunities there are for you at this school, and take everything for granted.


lack of diversity


The Price of everything! Food, tuition, etc.


Everyything on campus is very overpriced which can get annoying since we already pay so much money to attend. The company that provides the campus with food (Sodexo) extremely overcharges us for food and often times, our meal plans run out before the end of the year because of this.


Trying to get money to pay for my school.


There is no diversity here; the majority of the student body is rich, white, and has the style and attitude of a Laguna Beach/OC character. There's a lot of high school drama here as well and people don't know how to have fun without alcohol.


Finding Parking


No comment


The tuition! My parents fall into an econimic bracket that does not allow me to receive any assistance, therfore the burden falls entirely on my family. We are all working very hard, my Dad has taken on a second job in order to make this University work for me, but I am not sure if I will be able to continue next semester due to the increase in costs for this year. I do get work-study, but their is limited scholarship opportunities offered through the school. I have sought out scholarship assistance on my own.