Loyola Marymount University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


As a determined young man, I have dedicated myself throughout high school to being prepared to step into a competitive academic environment at a 4-year University. Loyola Marymount assisted me in enrolling in courses, finding the proper academic plan, and created a home feel at the university. However, being prepared for the classroom was not the only obstacle I needed to worry about. I wish I would have realized and acknowledged the fact that scholarship money is available and I need to do all that I can to receive as much money for school as possible.


I wish I had known how essential a car is. Since I have lived in New York my entire life, I had taken public transportation for granted. LMU is in Los Angeles, which does not have the greatest public transportation system. The school tries to help out with shuttles taking students to common areas in LA, but there are limited seats and the seats need to be reserved in advance.


I wish I had known more about the resources offered to hispanic students and about all the different service that LMU freely gives. I also wish I had known about the multiple financial scholarships available besides those given on one's personal LMU account. I wish I had known how helpful the faculty is, then I would have met many more professors besides the great ones I have already met.


I wish I would of known which classes I will need to take for the four year university. I wish I would of informed myself more of Loyola Marymount and the transfer program. But I do not regret anything. You learn everything for the best.


I always knew LMU would provide a quality environment that would sustain me during my time as an undergraduate. Hoping for this outcome is different than experiencing it. There isn't any other way to confirm a desire than to set out on the path to "live it".


How little finanicial aid they were going to offer me.


I wish I would have known how to maneuver financial aid a little bit more. Knowing more about how financial aid works, including work study awards, would have helped a lot and it also would have helped me feel more comfortable. Going into my second year at Loyola Marymount University, I have learned much about financial aid, and I plan on helping incoming students learn about it.


I feel like I was well-informed about the campus prior to attending the university.


I have been fortunate enough to be in a situation where my sibling was already attending LMU. My sister provided me with a lot of information about the campus and how it operates, thus as of now I have not been met with any surprises.


I wish I had known that it would be so difficult for me to pay for tuition. I wish I had known more about what services the school offers to it's students and I wish I had known more faculty going into the program.


I wish I had known how much I would have loved LMU because it would have made adjusting to my new enviornment much smoother.


Since I am a first generation college student, I did not know much about financial aid; I wish I would have known how financial aid worked before attending LMU, or any school for that matter.


There is an immense culutre shock for minority sutdents. The best way to deal with this is to put yourself out there and make friends. It helps to be friendly and get to know people of all backgrounds. Do not hide or restrict yourself. Get out of your comfort zone andexplore new cultures and people.


I wish I would have been more open to clubs, jobs, and activites provided by the university. Loyola Marymount allows for freshman and the entire student body to be extremely active in student affairs. However, my shyness caused me to stray away. Luckily, I was able to grow and become more open to the opportunties provided by the university, and now I am appreciating my college experience while striving to become more involved. Stay open-minded and take risks because you will meet the greatest people while experiencing the most our of college.


Being one of the most demanding majors on campus, Athletic Training has been an intense, exciting, and new learning experience for the past three years. More than 150 clinical non-paid internship hours are fulfilled per season with the sports teams, on and off campus. As an applicant, I wish I conversed with current students or professors of ways to approach and manage my time with my major with outside commitments and options that LMU offers: work, clubs, extracurriculars, etc. Being mentally prepared would have helped me to better take on my major's expectations and demands of the program.


I would have liked someone to encourage me to get involved during the first semester of my first year in college. The more you put in, the more you will get out.


I wish I had known that I would have to participate in clubs in order to meet people, and that it wouldn't just happen through taking classes with others.


I wish that I had know that where you dorm is extremely important as a freshman, because I chose to live in East Quad (because of the spacious closets and in-room sinks) but I realize that was a horrible decision. Although I am a honors student I like to party and it is extremly challenging to meet those people when you live in the healthy living dorms. This led to my first few weekends at school being dull. However, after rush second semester I met a lot more people with more similar interests to myself (none from East Quad).


Before comming in, I wish I had known about the amazing high school programs hosted in the summer. I was recently a counselor/teacher's assistant of the Science and Engineering Community Outreach Program (SECOP). I saw how much these high school minority students were motivated and excited to continue their science and engineering explorations. Having known about programs like this would have motivated me even more to pursue a bachelor's degree in engineering.


I wish that I had known more about what I wanted for myself, which is something I cannot really undue. I wish that I had known an undeclared major my freshman year would set me back in graduating on time, but that was part of the exploration and growth that I had to discover on my own. The school could make a better route for liberal arts students to complete their core coursework in an organized fashion regardless of major. The undeclared program has been growing, but the administration still needs to work for the needs of those students.


Before I came to this school I wish I had decided not to declare a major in the beginning. I say this because I chose a major, but then later this semester decided to change it. The process of changing my field of study was more difficult than they said it would be, and for that reason, I wish I would have just went into college as an undeclared major so that I would be able to find out what I was interested, and easily declare a major.


I wish I would have known more about the greek life and service organizations on campus. The greek community is much larger and more dominant than I expected. The service organizations on campus are amazing and I feel lucky to be a part of this community, but I did not know anything about these before I started LMU. I think it would be nice for incoming freshman to know more about these opportunities and their prevalence on campus.


I wish I had known how much of a culture shock it would be! Coming from Hawaii, I did not realize how people talked differently, acted differently, dressed differently, etc. I felt like I was constantly getting teased because I would say something wrong, or wear something different, or not know something. In actualitly, people were fascinated by me, always constantly asking me questions about my lifestyle back home, and that made me realize I should embrace my differences more and accept who I truly am, no matter where I am in the world.




I wish I was more assertive as a student. I didn't develop that until my later years in school. Also, in regards to LMU, I wish I knew what other careers were available. I knew what I wanted to do, but I wish I was exposed to other ideas.


More about the people and students on campus.


How to write


That of course freshmen year will be filled with classes with lots of students; However, sophomore year, the number for students in each class for the film department dropped down to nine or twelve.


That the on campus food isn't that good. Also the academic advising isn't too great.


The pricing of the food is way overpriced... the cost of some drinks is more than the cost of a full meal. While you may or maynot milk the school for what it's worth, they will for sure milk you of your money.


They focus a lot on their look and making the campus look nice.


I wish I had known that it was so difficult to be a freshman without car, since SO MANY people are from around here and go home on weekends.


very low percentage of out of state students. the racial diversity is great, but the geographic diversity is the single largest problem, followed by a lack of school spirit.


the heavy work load




What an amazing experience I'd have.


I wish I would have known about of how fun it is here.


How much time and energy was expected of me both academically and extra circularly.