Loyola Marymount University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about my school is the fact that they have a cinematic professional fraternity. Not many schools in Los Angeles have this and it makes it great for networking!


beautiful campus, small classes, generous financial aid


The best thing about LMU is its service oriented student body. I have met life long friends through this community and especially through being active in a service organization. It's amazing to see your people who are genuinely enthusiastic to be men and women with and for others. It makes me proud to be able to study alongside them and also serve the outer Los Angeles community with them.


The location. The location and opportunities allows you to enter new cultures, see and experience new things that may be different from you are used to. Whether it be through community service, art, nature, or food. There is something new and accesible that is incredible in building new people. The school utilizes this by creating programs and activities that help to get into Los Angeles.


Loyola Marymount University is a small community, which lends a convenience for students who want a closer, more interractive, relationship with their professors. This intimacy has been a great convenience for me, both in terms of achieving a higher grade and actually absorbing the learning material.


The thing I consider to be the best thing about my school is the environment in general. Loyola Marymount University has a certain aura that surrounds it, a certain happiness and purpose amongst the students. When passing, everyone is friendly whether they know you or not they will at least smile at you. LMU is always ready to help others, whether it be academic, emotional or career-related. The school is a community and everyone works together to make a better world.


The best thing about LMU is how friendly and open the student population is. It doesn't matter where you came from or what your doing here, everyone is very accepting.


LMU has so many incredible aspects to it but to me, the best thing about my university are the opportunties and resources that it provides. Every staff member, every department, and every part of LMU makes it very clear that they want us to succeed and get involved with our community and look outside of just our academics to succeed in life. We are contantly encouraged to try new things and shown new ways to get involved. Teachers get to know us as individuals and find out what we truly want and need out of our college experience.


The best thing about LMU is the location. We are located in Westchester, Los Angeles. The beach, city, and hills are all less than an hour away and make physical, social, and academic activities limited by only the students themselves. The centralized location of the university makes networking all the more easier. Personally, as a pre-med student, I need contacts for research opportunities and internships. Also, I never have to worry about commuting too far to hospitals or research centers when given the opportunity to branch out of the school.


LMU is really a door opening university. As a student, there are countless opportunities to get involved in campus and professional life. It's dedication to development of the whole person can be seen everywhere, not just in the classroom. There are growth opportunities for many different types of people, ranging from jobs to service organizations. Professors actively work one on one with students to go beyond the textbook, and are passionate about the subjects they teach. The community really emphasizes working together and supporting eachother to achieve the greatest outcome.


The enviornment is the best attribute the school has. It is like its own small community neatly tucked away in the bluff. The campus is beatuiful, not too small and not too big. It is well maintained/manicured and great pride is taken in the appearance. Classes are small and intimate, allowing for relationshps with students and professors to develop.


There are many positives attending Loyola Marymount University compared to other universities. However, the best positive at LMU is how the faculty and student body act as one community. Professors challenge students to reach their full potential academically through rigorous courses and encourage learning, service and education of the whole person. Also, they offer internships to prospective ambitious students to further promote their networking connection. Students do not just view their professors as teachers, but as friends with skills they are able to learn from. LMU encourages equality and friendship creating a unified community.


I find the sense of community and togetherness to be the most preeminent aspect of my school. Having small class sizes and being able to build a student/teacher relationship with your professors has helped me achieve more then I ever thought possible. Teachers care about your success and help in any way possible. You are also able to build close friendships and bonds will the majority of your classmates making it easy to ask for help from your peers when assistance is needed. My peers and I build off of each other to reach the highest level of sucess.


The philosophy teachers. I'm not even a philosophy major. The search from some truth in a very superficial campus is refreshing.


The best thing about my school is the sense of community. At LMU everyone is friendly. Sure, there are the occasional fights but it is really just a very welcoming and unified community. We have school spirit and we are intent on making the best of our four years here. No one goes to class sloppy, we dress up and get going with our days. I really feel like I'm getting a classic college experience.


There is not simply one great aspect at LMU there are hundreds. The best thing about my school is the chance of opportunity. Being able to choose to go help a world in need by taking alternative break trips all over the world or even going to a basketball game along side the mascot of LMU, there are many things that are great about this school. Especially the library. Our newly built library offers the best technology and study tools. Not to mention the library cafe for those late night snacks during a study session. The best in the west!


My school truly incorporates the mission statement into students activities and student life. The mission statement is the encouragement of learning, education of the whole person, and the service of faith and promotion of justice. It’s integrated by requiring an essay about it in entry level College Writing classes, and providing numerous opportunities for students to get involved in service projects. There are trips provided every month, and entire days devoted to the community on campus. I love how the school makes students realize that serving others can be the most fulfilling way of finding yourself.


Support of faculty and staff.


Loyola Marymount University offers rigorous courses of study for students committed to lives of meaning and purpose. Professors ask students to consider the issues of our time. They provide us with ideal contexts for study, research, creative work, and active engagement in pursuits of challenging and finding achievable solutions these issues. My schools’ mission statement taught me to move beyond tolerance within my encounters with others to a mutual respect and understanding that allows me to appreciate more deeply my own faith as well as create an opportunity of personal engagement when sharing our differences.


The small campus allows you to get to a destination without bike or car. And with small size comes small classroom sizes which means better learning for all students.

Yun Hee

Since classes are small, you have more chance to actively participate during classes.


I love how small my school is. I have really gotten to know a lot of my peers. Moreover, a smaller campus means that there are smaller class sizes. I have been able to get to know my professors on a deeper level here at Loyola Marymount. With that said, professors are more willing to help out a student if they show effort. They will take time off their day and help out a student. This determination shows that professors really want their students to succeed and understand the material.


Location ; weather; everything LA - shopping, restaurants, nightlife, concerts, sports; beautiful campus; involved teachers; great friends


The small class sizes allows you to have more one on one time with the professor.


It's a friendly, supportive, and well-balanced school with great teachers and a great Catholic community... and it has Animation as a major!


The best thing about Loyola Marymount University is the small class sizes that enble a sense of community. Due to the class size being so limited, students are able to connect with not only their peers, but professors as well. With that, everlasting relationships are created as well as a positive place for learning and discovering.


This is a tough question because I like a lot of aspects and things about my school but I would have to say the fact that it is a Jesuit school- it stresses not only academics, but being a well-rounded person. This is important throughout someones life, both in the work world and in life in general. The Jesuits also stress a certain community aspect, one that helps students feel a sense of belonging.


The best things about my school is defintely the location and the small communal atmoshphere.




Provides the best education, specially in the field that I am, provides athe opportunity to give back to poor comunities. Provides the opportunity to grow as a person and care for others.


The professors and students are willing to let you voice you opinions whether or not they fit the 'norm.' As long as you aren't being vulgar or overly offensive, you can always speak your mind. You have the chance to grow a lot as an individual. The professors pay attention to each student and evaluate her based on her work and attitude; they will always know your name. Most of my classes are 20 students or fewer and I love the intimacy of that.


quality of education and good teachers


the jesuit tradition is excellent and encourages diversity


I would consider the people the best thing about my school because, in my experience, they have all be warm and welcoming.


I think the wide variety of activities and closeness of it, because it allows you to meet alot of people.


The best things about LMU are the amazing professors, emphasis on social justice, and passion of the students.


The campus is beautiful, and for the most part, the students and faculty and friendly and willing to help. The atmosphere protmotes an academic, social, and spiritual life.


Beautiful campus, small class sizes, perfect mis of academic and social life. Teachers really take an interest in you, your work and your future. They are open to meetings and discussions.


The best thing about Loyola Marymount University, in my view, is the adherence to the Jesuit traditions so deeply rooted here. At this University, everyone is called to social justice, and there are so many different outlets that allow each any every student to voice their concerns and outlooks on society. For example, the Center for Service and Action gives students the opportunity to engage in an array of service organizations with one strong and unified goal in mind, to help others, especially the oppressed and those who have lost their voices.


The location, it is close to lots of interesting things in Los Angeles.


The oppertunities for service.