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Although it's a Jesuit institution, Loyola is very open and accepting to all religions, sexual orientations, and all other groups. There isn't a big Greek life atmosphere, but there are plenty of activities and groups for every interest.


Loyola is a place where you can be yourself. People here accept diversity. It's a very welcoming school to be at.


At Loyola they treat you like a person not like a number, it is small enough to get to know everyone, but large enough that alot of things are going on on campus. We are a Jesuit school and I take alot of pride in my religion.


As a private university, we enjoy endless priveleges that many students at other schools do not have, and the more appreciate these opportunities, the happier you are as a student. Being a Jesuit school, Loyola caters to all religions, and we each have a personal university-provided space (newly built just last year)! TThe campus is absolutely beautiful! We also have the beautiful Chapel in the middle of campus, our view overlooks the lake, the beach is just a few steps away!


Loyola has easy access to the city of Chicago and plenty of opportunities to explore and learn more about it.


the unique thing about my school is that it is a Jesuit institution that believes that a well rounded education is the best approach to a better life. This allows me to expand my knowledge in other areas that i might not have thought would be interesting and am not intrigued to know more about. Also this type of education allows you to more precisely find a match for you in careers if you are undecided.


What makes Loyola unique compared to other schools is the emphasis that is placed on community service and generosity. From day one Loyola has been pushing for its students to become involved in the community and school by volunteering and giving their time to serve others.


Loyola University Chicago is much smaller than other schools I considered going to. However, this benefits its students because class sizes are smaller, so more one on one time with the professors. Also, other schools that I considered did not offer the opportunities that Loyola did to me in the aspects of double majoring in four years, or some combination of degrees, still fitting into the standard four year undergradutate term.


I think this school provided a great opportunity to not only make students of diverse belief systems and lifeways feel comfortable and appreciated, but to encourage those students with little experience in the world outside suburban webs to explore the great possibilities of beliefs, cultural practices, lifestyles, and even careers. Students feel a part of something greater than just a bluegrass-lined campus. They feel the part of a busy, pumping, bumping city full of unique personalities and many different job choices. Many students I went to school with remain within five miles of our campus: that says so much.


It is close to a great city, very academically gocused and has a lot to offer its students.


Loyola is a Chicago school in a vibrant city atomsphere with plenty of urban resources at its disposal. Loyola is a Jesuit, Catholic University built of students who want to achieve.


If you're serious about studying and graduate school, come here. Go to the Org Fair in September and get involved in two or three clubs your freshman year. You will only regret coming here if you stay locked up in your room and somehow expect new friends to come to you.


It is a fairly small campus with two main sites, one in Rogers Park and one downtown. Both are close to the lakefront, which is very pretty. During my first year at Loyola, I noticed that everyone was very friendly and that there were a lot of extra-curricular opportunities available for students who wanted to be involved on campus.


The thing that is most unique to Loyola University-Chicago compard to other schools is the feel of the city. It is a great exprience living in one of the largest cities in the United States. Loyola helps students in giving them plenty of fun activities at a reduced price to not only help give them a community feel, but also a feel of the city. It is truly unique exprience to have the whole city at your fingertips, making possible activities an endless oppurtinity.


Loyola is unique in the fact that it incorporates a religious background with a passion for education. It is also very liberal in accepting other beliefs and seems to provide a better support structure for all of its students. I preferred it over other schools because it has such a warm and caring environment for all students and faculty. Also, it has two campuses which allows students to explore more of the city by having locations both downtown near the loop as well as farther north in a neighborhood area that has a beautiful view of the lake.


Loyola has two campuses in Chicago. The Water Tower campus is located in the center of the city and surrounded by the beautiful skyscapers. The second campus is the Lake Shore and it is located at shore of Lake Michigan and it is 20-30mins away from the Water Tower Campus .


Loyola is considered Jesuit so that makes it unique. The campus is in Chicago which is within 6 hours of my house. That makes it far enough away from home to feel independant but close enough to go home for a weekend if nesscesary.


Its in a city that lets you explore your passions.


Loyola University has a unique community within the Chicago area. As a Jesuit school, Loyola promotes the importance of education in every aspect, service to others, and the ultimate goal of making a positive difference in the world. Loyola integrates religion and a well-rounded education to bestow in their students the knowledge, inspiration, and faith to go and lead extraordinary lives. Starting from day one, a Loyola student is constantly supported and encouraged to explore the city of Chicago and to truly become part of the community by participating in community service within AND outside the Loyola campus.


This school stands out because of the weight it has in the medical community. It is well-known for research and for the quality of learning behind a science-related degree, in particularly biology.


Because Loyola University Chicago is located in Chicago, one of the nation's largest cities, I consider Loyola to be my school, while the city of Chicago is my campus. Its prime location allows every student the possibility of learning about every aspect of life, both inside and outside of the physical classroom.


The classes are very personable.


It has both the city and the lake! It's wonderful. You can meet people from all over the country.


It is a school known for academic excellence but also for its caring. It cares for its students and the greater community. It prepares people to lead extraordinary lives and truly discover their passion.


Loyola is uniquelly socially conscience


My school is an inner city Jesuit private school.


THe school is very diverse and friendly. There is a mix of every type of person and group. There is no person left out in our school somebody always belongs somewhere.


Loyola is a Jesuit University which distinctly separates itself from many other schools. This is not because it instills a sense of faith and religion in student?s lives, but rather it is the encompassing Jesuit tradition of being a man for others and developing a well rounded education. The tradition encourages the Loyola students to give back to the community and those in need by being aware, selfless, considerate, and having a sense of humility. Our experiences shape our education. It is not just about the facts; we are living our education by being men and women for others.


The campus is spread out


The liberal arts education requires a demanding array of studies in all fields. This will help prepare in learning outside your degree and better prepare you for real life.


It is in the city, but not too far in to the city so I felt like I had some space that was just quiet and calm.


the location is unique


nothing really


Very Urban but right on Lake Michigan; literally, on the shore. Medium-sized student body but a very very small, compact campus. It is a Jesuit University that is very accepting of a variety of religions and diversities.




What is most unique about my school in comparison to the other schools I considered is that it is located in the city of Chicago which provides many opportunities for jobs, hobbies and entertainment and the chance to interact with many diverse people which is very appealing to me. My school is also a private jesuit college which means it has a very small population size which is nice when it comes to class size and interaction with my professors. My school also provides a nice variety of majors to choose from.


It has a strong religious emphasis interwoven into the academics offered at this university. There were ample opportunities given to socialize with other students and get involved in various school groups. Being located in Chicago, Loyola offers students a myriad of opportunities for enjoyment where everything is a bus or train ride away.


I really love that my school is located in the heart of Chicago. It gives off such an exciting, energetic, work-concentrated vibe. That's really important to me to have.


It's in Chicago and it has a religious affiliation.


I love its urban campus. I love being in the city of Chicago every day. We have a great connection to the public transportation so it is easy to get into the center of the city and all around.


The lake view is phenonminal. On a sunny day it's nice to just sit outside and study!


Loyola really teaches its students about professionalism, and what it means to be a good member of society.


The school is close to Lake Michigan.


its in the city.


Loyola is located in Chicago as compared to the small towns my other choices were.


The school has a great mixture of classic buildings and modern teaching and research opportunities


Loyola combines big city living wiht a tight knit campus environment.


I never considered going to another school. I only applied to Loyola, but I would have to say that I really like how the classes are not that big opposed to other schools who have more than 500 students in a classroom/auditorium.


A Sophomore talks about what she does at Loyola for fun. She goes to Michigan Ave!


I promise you, college will be the time of your life, and it really does fly by.