Loyola University Chicago Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


I brag about how nice people are here and how many opportunities there are in the city.


About how close the school is to downtown Chicago and how there are always a lot of various activities to do around campus and the city. Also about how many close friends I have made since going to Loyola.


I brag most about the professors, the location, and the students. The professors at Loyola are great because they really know the subjects they are teaching and will go above and beyond to help the students. The school has campuses in the Gold Coast of Chicago and right off Lake Michigan. Also, students are given a CTA UPass at a reasonable cost, which makes traveling around the city possible. Lastly, the students are really friendly, accepting, and easy-going.


We are in chicago, yeah the weather might suck but it's still CHICAGO.


Loyola has the most amazing campus right on Lake Michigan. Between classes I can just take a walk along the shore, feel the breeze, look at the water, and relax. Every time I stroll by the lake I feel happy and grateful to be in this great school. On one side of the campus there’s a busy Chicago street, but the other side is a different world—calm, beautiful and peaceful. You can read there or meet a friend or just sit for a few minutes to savor the moment and regain the energy before going back to class.


I always talk about how welcoming the staff and other students were during Welcome Week! Even the other freshmen were eager and willing to meet new people. I definetley feel that Loyola University Chicago is a place where people come to meet others from different places and walks of life! I am sure to also talk about all the different races and religions and cultures I have come to know through my first semester at Loyola.


I describe it as the center within the city to be at.


I generally brag about the beautiful campus, the helpful professors, and the strong academics.


That my school, Loyola, is one of the top schools in teaching business ethics. It provides a nurturing environment towards spiritual growth and is open to the many beliefs and in fact aims to help the student body become more understanding of other beliefs and cultures. The school is one of the greatest places to learn more about other peoples beliefs and cultures, and learn more about yourself as well.


The nerd within me gives me no choice, but to brag about the endless study resources and study locations available. The library and information commons have a completely different atmosphere. Whether you need complete ?I can hear a pin drop? silence or a more social environment to work in, you will find it. Whether you prefer being surrounded by books in the stacks or surrounded by computers, there are desks scattered in every nook. Not only this, but as a Loyola student, I am exposed to many primary sources for information and staff members who are always willing to help.


The surrounding area and amazing location. Loyola in in the center of downtown, and offers an extensive range of activities. You can always find something going on in the city or in one of the neighborhoods, being a student also gives you the opportunity to experiece some events that may otherwise have been to expensive.


When I tell my friends about my school, I most often brag about its location. My university is locating in the city of Chicago. Since I graduated from a high school in a small rural town, this is seen as a huge adventure. Chicago is where my friends from high school go for a vacation, but I live, learn and work near the Magnificent Mile. My school is compused of two campuses. The first is located a block away from Michigan Ave. The second is directly on Lake Michigan. They are both beautiful and exciting places to go to school.


I brag the most about the teachers and the food.


Loyola University in Chicago is filled with many opportunities for students not only because it is located in Chicago, but also because of its phenomenal classes that students are allowed to choose from. Loyola has a Lake Shore campus and a downtown campus where students have their classes. The Cudahy Library and the Information Commons are two large facilities that allow students to study in. Both are very clean and have the newest technology for students to use.


Other than a pricey and valuable education, I brag about the prestige that the university holds. I am well aware that Loyola University Chicago is a one of a kind school. I enjoy the fact that when I mention Loyola, people attribute it to the 'Creme de La Creme.' Because I am a LUC student, people know that I am one that values education; they know that I will be successful.


I like to brag about how hard the work is. I know it is something that most students will not do but for some reason I like others to know how good Loyola's academics are. Besides their beautiful campus in the summer and during the winter, Loyola does challange you to do the best you can. The teachers always expect alot from you, and when you fail it just shows the lack of commitment. Academics are the subject I like to brag about because in the end I am being challenged.


Well, Loyola is well know for it's nursing program so I do brag about how it will look later in life when job hunting.


I tell my friends that Loyola has a beautiful view and that it has many programs and majors offered. They have a large variety of classes and a lot to choose from.


That I'm right on Lake Michigan and I'm in Chicago so I can go anywhere and do so many things.


Every time I go home to Michigan I tell my friends and family about living the best of both worlds. The Loyola Lakeshore campus is full of a community environment that brings back a warming sense of home. The Loyola downtown campus allows students to experience the "big city" and the "bright lights". Mainly, Chicago offers many opportunities for jobs, internships, and a lively lifestyle without losing a community feel. Everyone at Loyola is so welcoming and open that it allows new students to adjust to this new, extreme change fairly easy. I am proud to call Loyola my home.


We have the coolest mascot--yay, LU Wolf!! And we get lots of vacations!!


If you like to shop, go out or get drunk, it's the place to be


That my school is right off of Lake Michigan, it is gorgeous. Also it isnt to far from downtown Chicago, the shopping is amazing.


I brag about the school's location. Studying in Chicago gives students opportunities that are only available in a city environment. For example, in the midst of a Shakespeare class, my teacher got the class student discount tickets to the Chicago Shakespeare theatre and we went during class. I also interned with the Public Defender's office for Cook County which was an experience of a lifetime. Being a young adult in the city is incredible. The night life does not just revolve around parties; there are options to go to plays, comedy clubs, concerts, bars, etc every single night.


it's a really good school and is only getting better


When talking with my friends I usually bring up the fact that my school is located in the city of chicago and has a beautiful campus. I also like to talk about how much i like the size of my school along with the professors i have really enjoyed learning from. In talking about the size I usually talk about how cool it is to have such a diverse community of students regardless of the fact that my school is on the smaller side. Mostly I like to brag about the great new study center that was just built.


I brag about being right on the lake, and so close to the CTA red line- you have access to virtually every part of the city. I also brag about my teachers. It's about what fact I learn, but how I learn it that makes my teachers so good.


beautiful campus and 70% are girls.


The beauty of the school and how diverse their courses are.


In about 80% of the cases the faculty is phenomenal.