Loyola University Chicago Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


Honestly, I wish I knew just how cold it was going to be during the winter, and just how windy it gets living right on Lake Michigan.


I wish that I had known that Loyola does not have a football team.


I wish I would have known how many people are at Loyola to make the college experience an easy transition and to genuinely help with any issue a student may have. My experience so far at Loyola has been even better than I could've imagined.


While the students are very friendly, there is not much school spirit. Also, the staff at the Residence Life is horrible at resolving roommate conflicts.


The clubs


The party scene is not existing and gets busted fast.


Surprisingly, for such a great school Loyola absolutely lacks decent cafeterias. There are several spots to get coffee and pastry, but if I want to get a quick and healthy snack between classes, I have to bring it from home. It gets even worse with lunch or dinner. The ones offered by the cafes on campus are extremely overpriced and absolutely horrific- greasy, tasteless and not fresh. After buying lunch at school several times, I just started bringing my own. Having good healthy food available on campus is very important; unfortunately Loyola still has to work on that.


I love every part of my experience at Loyola, and before coming to this school, I did my research very thoroughly, therefore, there is nothing that I wish I knew before I went to Loyola, because I was prepared for everything that it was about to offer me, and to this day, I love every minute of my experience at this school.


I wish I had known that there truly is a limited number of gentlemen here.


Before going to Loyola I was prepared to study, and study hard, to continune making the grade. In high school I was an A student who loved voulenteer work. When I arrived I dedicated all my time to studying and though I was pleased with my grades I still worried the worst was yet to come. In the end I got the GPA I wanted but I wish I had alloted myself more time be a part of the clubs I enjoyed so much in high school. Involvment in activites other than stressing out would have been a relief.


I wish I knew about the social life and the high expectations of this school.


I wish I had known that tuition was going to increase each year.


Before i came to Loyola University, i wish i had better known how to best be prepared for their curriculum. The school work is very intense and requires several hours of study outside of the classroom. I wish i had learned a better study method in high school to better prepare me.


I wish I knew more about the academic majors that I could choose to major in. Knowing that I want to pursue a career in medicine, I chose to major in chemistry. I was not completely sure whether I really wanted to major in chemistry, but I thought that a science major would be most beneficial for me. Since I have begun to take classes in other subject areas I have become more aware of some of my other interests, and I have a better understanding of the many academic opportunities my school has to offer.


Before entering college, I wish I had known to better organize my time. I found myself with so much freetime that I didnt know what to do with it. Instead of wasting that time on relaxing or watching TV, I could have used it to study, volunteer, or something productive that would help my resume. Thats what I use my freetime for now, but I wish I had known to do that sooner.


I wish I had been aware of the incredible amount of opportunity in all fields of study present at Loyola University of Chicago. Loyola has so much to offer students, but the nature of these opportunities is certainly understated in the application process.


School parking downtown isn't included in the main campus parking fee.


Before I came to Loyola, I wish I had known more about Chicago's public transportation. All full-time students at Loyola are given a U-Pass which gives us free access to all public transportation. If I had known more ahead of time, it would not have taken me the first month of school to become accostomed to it. It also took me a month to memorize the routes and the streets downtown. Knowing more about the city of Chicago would have made my first few weeks a lot less hectic and I would not have gotten lost.


Coming into this school, I felt I knew the system and campus pretty well. What I did not know was the difference between the freshmen dorms. I am currently living in Creighton Hall, a seven story bulding. I live in a pretty average triple dorm. What I wish I knew was how "ancient" it is compared to the other dorms. Across the street is Regis Hall, and it is practically a hotel compared to Creighton. They should give tours of all of the dorms instead of just one.


I wish I would have known time management better. It is somewhat difficult to go from having a very structured schedule in high school, to having so much free time where you should be working on papers and studying for tests, but somehow a lot of that free time seems to just slip away adn suddenly you have a six page paper due the next day, when you originally had a month to work on it.


How much construction they had planned for the next 4 years. In one of my classes this semseter the Urban Planner gave us a break down of what plans they have for changing the campus. There is going to be major renovations over the course of my time at Loyola and none of them will be finished before I graduate. So pretty much I'll be experiencing lots of construction and demolition, but I wouldn't reap the benefits of it. Plus, so of the constructions means there will be fewer classrooms meaning larger classes which I was not expecting.


I wish I had of know how difficult it would be attend the school depending of how far you live. Also, how financially difficult it is to attend this school, with it's fees, book costs, tuition, transportation etc. I had a really tough time financially attending this school.


Before going to Loyola University Chicago, I was enrolled in a summer program that basically told us what we should know before going to school. If I wasn't in this program, I would wish to know how the transition from high school to college would be like and how to get used to the college atmoshpere and being away from home. Also, how to manage my time wisely in order to keep a well organized academic standing.


Before I came to Loyola, I wish I could have been informed about when class breaks and dining room closures were. First of all, if I were informed about the Fall semester schedule and all the breaks that were planned, then I would have had a better idea of how to plan my daily and weekly plans more wisely. And secondly, if I were told about the dining room closures during certain breaks, I could have shopped for groceries ahead of time instead of spending more money on the pleasures of an off-campus meal.


I wish I would have known more about the realities of the cost and how difficult it can be to pay to go here.


That I didn't need to take Biology and Chemistry to eligible for a Phd


I whish I had known that I had to take a theology course-- I am a religious person, but I prefer not to have a class devoted to it.


how different it is from the world i lived in at home


I wish I would have realized how small the school was, which can be annoying at times. However, being in the big city of Chicago kind of cancels out that small-campus feeling. Also, be aware that you are going to spend a lot of money! You are going to a private school and living in one of the most expensive cities in the country!


I wish I had attended a class and had more opportunity to talk to actual students instead of the tour guides whose job it is to sell the school.


I wish I had known more about what the mid west was like, im from the east coast and had never been to chicago before. It was a lot colder than I expected.


How expensive it is; there are more costs to college than just tuition.


I wish I had known what I wanted to major in prior to starting at Loyola. During first semester junior year, I switched from a Liberal Arts major to a Business major and had to complete a 5th year.


Don't trust their fincial aid statement... it will cost you a lot more than you think


Hard to make friends as a transfer student; not many of my credits transfered into my major, so I have to stay longer to graduate.


That there would not be alot of African Americans on campus


I wish I had known that it truly was a great place to grow and study. I had no idea what to expect, but I am continually pleasantly surprized by the compassion of the teachers and the enthusisam of the students.


The real cost of college and room & board.


I wish I would have known that there were so many girls here. I knew that there were more girls than boys and that it is very common for there to be more girls than boys but I feel very outnumbered. And a lot of the guys here are gay, so you have a better chance of having a boyfriend if you are gay.


I wish I had known earlier what a great investment water proof boots were, as well as long underwear/leggings. It gets cold!!


Nothing more


It is very cold in Chicago. It is worth putting up with and the Jesuits are great. There are a lack of men however, because there are few steriotypical male majors, and there is no football. The school spirit is on the rise, but is mainly focused on basketball. No one gets painted for games.


My major


I wish I had known more about the city! It took awhile to fully appreciate everything the community. Now that I'm in my sophomore year, I feel that I can properly take advantage of living in Chicago.


i wish i'd known how cmuch fun this would be.


There isnt much of a social life here. Alot of students tend to go home every weekend or commute


That most of the students would have more money than I do or their parents would give them more money than mine would.


I wish I had visited the campus when classes were in session to get a better understanding of the student body.


I wish I would have known how much money I would have needed for spending. If I did, I would have worked much harder before my departure to Loyola University Chicago.