Loyola University Chicago Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


I loved my university. It had a bueatiful campus next to lake michigan. The science library had a glass wall overlooking the lake. Great place to study. the student body was diverse and interesting


The best thing about my school is that Loyola offers amazing study abroad oppertunities to for a students to take advantage of no matter your major. Loyola has campuses in Rome, Beijing, and in Vietnam. This may seem like it would be too expensive to study abroad but, that is not the case because, at Loyola all finance aid can be used directly towards your time aboard and credits earned aboard automatically transfer without a hassle. After college students will enter the workforce and their time will be limited so a study aboard opportunity prior to graduation would be awesome!


What I love about Loyola is the campus. I feel peace since we are close to the lake and beach. I also love most professors because they are willing to push you to go to the next level and relate business concepts with actual life situations. If I don'tunderstand something, most professors are willing to spend the time to help me.


I like the location the best. Loyola is in Chicago and is definitely a part of the city - the school itself is close to public transportation, jobs and volunteering take place both close to campus and downtown, and students are encouraged to explore the area.


The opportunities available to all students. The campus is just a few minutes away from the 3rd largest city in the US allowing each student to have the world at their figertips. We are given the chance to explore new things, be creative, find what makes uspassionate, and excel at all of those things. Loyola also encourages us to use the city as a resource to become something special and to be more than any of of us ever thought we could be.


The greatest aspect about Loyola Chicago is its location—just north of downtown Chicago and just off the shorelines of the beautiful and majestic Lake Michigan! There is nothing I love more than coming to our wonder Information Commons to sit by the windows to study and have the ability to just turn my chin up and gaze out into the surreal unknown. The peacefulness I feel from watching the waves hit the shore is so great, and it is a wonderful way to take a break from the busy and stressful college life and just be.


I consider the city of Chicago to be the best thing about Loyola. The location of the campus creates a beautiful tight-knit college community feeling, yet provides access to an unimaginable number of opportunities. The internships, volunteer opportunities, and educational endeavors available in Chicago and through Loyola is unparalleled by most other universities.


Too many great opportunities. Clubs, sports, internships, CHICAGO. So Much To DO!


If I would have to chose one best thing about my school, it would be that the campus is right on Lake Michigan. I am a commuter and driving to school every day I drive by Lake Michigan. Although I don't know why, the view gives me motivation. The calming and inspiring effect of the lake gives me hope for a new day, and a strength that I can do whatever I set my mind to and no one can stop me. The view is like defining "x", there is no definte answer and it inspires everyone.


Besides teachers, academics, and my friends, the best thing about my school is that it is in Chicago. When choosing a school I wanted to go to a big city because there is so much to do and so many opportunities. In Chicago, there is so much you can learn. There are people or all backgrounds and walks of life. I also really like the ability to take classes in the heart of the city. Chicago is so diverse. One minute you could be exploring the Art Museum or attending a pro sports game. I love Chicago!


The greatest thing about my undergraduate institution is its location in the city of Chicago, a diverse metropolitan. For many students, campus can become a very isolating place with individuals grouping by commonalities. This was the farthest from the truth at my school. While students do still group to share in similarities, they more often celebrate differences, forming their own independent identity in a city of great personality. On days the dorms felt isolating and mundane, one could jump on a bus and end in the cultural center of China, Guadalajara, India, or any wonderful places full of learning experiences.


The best thing about this school is its location. It is close to a city so if you are in a major such as business or communication, you have a lot of opportunities stright out of college right here in Chicago. It is easy to make connections through this school.


This school is really great if you enjoy liberal arts. There are lots of dance performances, choir concerts, and other forms of art expression. Another thing is that even though this is a Jesuit university, everyone here is very accepting of diverse religions and other races, as well as other lifestyles (LGBTQ). It's also in a great location. Downtown Chicago is only a train ride away and there are so many great spots close to campus.


The campus, which is beautiful. Besides that, I like having smaller classes, especially in the downtown campus.


Professors-because they teach students so well.


It's located in Chicago so there's a lot going on.


It's a nice meduim-sized school so the classes are not so bigthat you can't even ask the teacher a question during class. Freshman year lectures can get in the hundreds but I haven't been in one that reached 200 which is nice. The teachers don't need a microphone to lecuture students in class like they do at huge schools like UCLA which is nice. The professors also have convenient office hours and are willing to meet or at least email you if you have questions so you can get the most out of your education.


Loyola is heavy on civil rights, justice, sevice and the improvement in life of all individuals. Much of the energy in the school is focused on helping other people, and utilizing personal talents in succeeding and then applying them in productive manner that can help other people. Education extends beyond the classroom to include a unique human element that creates a constant reminder of the world you live in and the human connection.


I love the location of Loyola University. Chicago is not only a great place in the academic world but it is also has a thriving social scene. I love that I can go into the city on the weekends and that there are classes available on our downtown campus. The campus itself is beautiful and the lake is a wonderful location. It is relaxing to do homework and look out from the Information Commons to the lake.


The best thing about Loyola is what I consider to be one of the most important ideas in today's ever globalizing world. Loyola gives every student the necessary tools to make a difference in the world. Loyola's professors, advisors, and upperclassman instill in the younger students the need to live meaningfully. Loyola's unique location, in Chicago, gives students many opportunities to impact their community. I believe the best thing Loyola offers is an education and location which allows a student to think globally and act locally.


The best thing I consider about my school is that Loyola University is very ethnically diverse. It's quite and experience to come from a community that has a caucasian prominence and all of the sudden move to such a culturally rich environment. I am fully taking advantage of the gift of diversity that Loyola University has offered me and am loving being able to learn about all of these new cultures and have friends from different backgrounds. I think having cultural diversity in a school really enhances a students worldly perspective: I know it did for me!


I think the best thing about Loyola University Chicago is that it allows me to take many different types of classes and still graduate on time, especially with the academic advising. The location is also very important to me because it is very fun to be in the city of Chicago with lots of things to do and get involved in such as different city festivals or the AIDS walk.


Loyola has the most convenient campus I have ever experienced. For a major university with over 15,000 students, the campus is very consolidated. From one side to the next, it normally takes me only five minutes to walk all the way across. Also, we are only a 30 minute train ride from downtown Chicago, making internships, auditions, part-time jobs, and weekend fun and shopping very accessible. The mood of campus is incredibly welcoming, from the beautiful lake to the Welcome Week committee. Loyola accomodates every students needs in its size, location, and student activities, especially for new freshman.


Loyola really gives back to the city. There are countless organizations dedicated to doing community service in Chicago and students are even required to take a service class to graduate. The students at Loyola are very fortunate to have the chance to go there and it only seems fitting that they should help out those in the community. The city is our campus, the university is completely integrated in the city, so in return we do service to help improve the city. Loyola's goal is to "educate the mind, body, and soul" and with service that is accomplished.


Loyola University in Chicago has a great family feel to it. All the students are very welcoming and helpful. This is really important in a school because it makes students feel at home and accepted. I believe that this family touch at Loyola allows many alumni to return and support students. The alumni not only help in aid but also give students the opportunity to unite with the real world by giving students insight on what Loyola has helped them achieve and also the alumni spread the word on their occupations.


I consider the Catholic and Jesuit tradition to be the best part of Loyola University Chicago. Not only does this create a challenging and rewarding educational experience, but it also aides in the tight-knit community aspect. Everyone that attends Loyola is not just a student, but a member of the Loyola family.


I like the faculty. They are generally very helpful and want to see you succeed.


The academic opportunities are really strong at my school with alot of research opportunities. I think that's really important in order to continue your education past the undergraduate level, so I think that's the best thing about my school.


Loyola provides a sense of community in a big city. Being so small it is easier to meet people and connect. This school is not focused on drinking and provides plent of opportunities for students who do not drink.


Personally, the best thing about my school is the organ. I'm not a music major or minor yet I am allowed to continue my lessons indefinitely and I can continue to pursue my music interests. It is a beautiful, brand -spanking new instrument and is such a joy to play on.


The best thing about my school is the religious backround that provides not only a service oriented community but a home for all faiths. Loyola has the only student run Mosque in the state of Illinoise and also has Puja room. These worship spaces suppliment the Catholic Jesuit tradition and create diversity.


The best thing about Loyola is its location. Chicago offers so much to do, with numerous concert venues, museums, restaurants, shopping, and so much more. And since we get U-Passes, which are included with tuition, you can go pretty much anywhere in the city for free using public transportation. You can never be bored.


The best aspects about my school are the diversity and cultural experience.


Freedom to pursue your own interests.


I like the small campus, the new science building, the new student center, and the school's reputation for the health related degree programs.


Well the teachers maybe a little tough on you but it is only for your own good.


Living in the city--hands down. the night life is amazing. I am not so impressed with the school itself but if you're old enough to go to the bars it's a great time. I just transferred here and I haven't felt entirely welcomed by the community. The tuition is also rediculously expensive and I am not being assisted enough with financial aid. Part of me wants to change schools. :(


The community one is able to establish at this school.


Loyola's campus is filled with students and faculty from various areas around the world. It allows the population to make friends from different backgrounds and learn new things about many different groups of people (a sound sociological perspective).


Location. Its in Chicago and its a great place to live, especially for someone majoring in theatre as I am.


the name


The social life is good and everyone here pushes you to reach your maximum potential in the classroom.


Friends. You can meet lots of cool people who may become life long friends


The teachers and professors here really want their students to succeed. They want their students to learn the designated criteria for what it is, not just simply for the tests. This to me is very good quality of professors because it shows they truly care for their students and aren't just working for money or for their own self interests.


balance of extracurricular activies and social activities with academic stuff


The new Information Common building.


My friends


It's in the city and students have so many opportunities because of this.


The campus. It's such a beautiful location. It's right on the lake with many older buildings, but conversely, there's a downtown campus that offers a faster pace, urban environment.


I love the size of the classes. They are small enough to get the attention you need from the professors. I also love the campus it is beautiful, right on lake michigan and a fairly small campus so its easy to walk to class