Loyola University Maryland Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.




My classmates are caring, independent, and friendly individuals that will go out of their way to help others or say hello on their walk across campus.


They lacked racial diversity, and were mostly private school educated and a fair percentage were probably rich. However, I never felt out of place for not being wealthy.


Get to know as many people as possible since everyone is so different and kind.


All my classmates are conservative and somewhat preppy. Although they all seem to dress the same, there is a variety of personalities. Everyone seems very happy with Loyola and totally supported the change from Loyola college to Loyola University. Everyone is concerned with achieving good grades. Most of the students are involved in community services, environmental activities, and the Jesuit mission. There are definitely more girls than guys that are on campus and many of my classmates are involved in at least two extra curricular activites on campus. Most of my classmates go to the campus gym to work out.


Perhaps a little less academic-minded then I would like, my class is pretty energentic and excited to be in Baltimore attending school.


My classmates are well-rounded, fun-loving, and academically minded young men and women that enjoy learning and living.


motivated students of average intelligence.


Smart and hard working but like to party as well.


Upper middle class, wealthy, spoiled.


My classmates are all academically responsible and concern themselves with their school work, they are outgoing and friendly.


Very preppy and classy.


In my major classes they are highly interested in course material and participate frequently. We often discuss class material outside of class. In my core classes, students are not as motivated and do not participate as much, though there is still classroom discussion and usually a general interest from classmates.


A lot of them come from affluent homes but I have found my best friends here. There a lot of people to choose from to get close to.


For the most part they are intelligent.


Loyola College students tend to wear the latest fashion and it is apparent as soon as you step on campus. There is blonde hair, tanned skin, pink brand sweats paired with ugg boots. The students tend to be friendly but the nature is to stick with the friends that you have made previously or the ones you meet at the local underage bar scene. In class though most students do really well and cover up their weekend social life.