Loyola University Maryland Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Loyola Universit Maryland is a liberal arts school that offers a wide selection of majors and minors. In my experiance, that was the kinds of school I needed: one that had the option to take many different courses in order to find what was the best fit. Loyola is not an intensely artsy school, so people majoring in art and acting may not find it the best fit. Also, people who desire a larger school with fraternity life would not like Loyola's smaller student body. There are no D-1 sports, so football fans may be dissapointed.


A person who wants the Faternity, maternity experience, a person who can't handle having 18 core classes, or a large work load.


lower income, quirky artistic types, unique individuals, non drinkers--All of these tend to become socially marginalized by the majority of the student population.


Someone who is not into meeting a lot of people and is antisocial


Upper class


A unique, artistic person who does not like to give in to peer pressure or follow the crows.


someone who doesnt like bars


those who don't wish to go any where in their lives


One that doesn't want to put in effort or party


Someone who is extremely open-minded and very artsy would probably have trouble fitting in here.


someone who doesn't like the preppy feeling atmosphere. I dont personally dress in that fashion, but i dont mind being around it. If it irritates you, this is not the place for you