Loyola University Maryland Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The most frustrating thing about the school is probably the same as every other college, the start of the year. Trying to manage moving in with hundreds of other students trying to do the same is the nightmare its made out to be. Then organizing the syllabi and ordering books and getting everything else ready for the school year is probably the most stressful thing to do. There isn't too much time to get it done between moving in and the date that classes begin, so its easy to become stressed.


The change in the food plan was annoying as a senior. The internet was terrible and getting to meet new poeple after freshman year was difficult. Mot poeple are exactly the same.


I had great financial aid, including Federal-Work-Study eligibility my Freshman year. I had a great job at the library that allowed me to get paid for abou 6 hours of doing homework a week. However, my older sister graduated from college. Even thought he financial burdern on my family did not change, my financial aid did. I lost a lot of my aid and my Work-Study eligibility going into my sophomore year. Unfortunately, this meant I also lost my job. There are few non-Work-Study jobs on campus.


The only frustrating thing I ever encountered was the fact that I had many required courses and I wasn't able to take some of the electives that I would have enjoyed.


core curriculum


There is no football team.


It is very competitive. It is set in a somewhat difficult area so students must use good judgment and be very careful. The tuition, meal plans, and cost of living is expensive.


The administration does a very poor job at running the school; the amount of financial aid provided is not sufficient for many students; a small clique of self-appointed "student leaders" tends to have the ear of the administration more than average "regular" students; students are far too willing to follow a routine pattern for socializing than they are to explore new places/opportunities for socializing.


Some teachers act as though their class is the only one you have and over load you with work. It can be really frustrating to have three group projects due in one week.


the core ciriculum it is annoying but it is good to have


I would prefer to go to a larger of a school, the size kind of bothers me. People tend to be very similar and it is kind of boring, they are afraid to think freely and are stick to the status quo. I don't like that it is a bar school because it's annoying to not be legally allowed to go to bars 3 out of 4 years. Also I'm not religious so i shouldn't have gone to a religious school. I don't like that its close to a bad area of the city.


The most frustrating thing is the emphasis on the business school, and sometimes, even liberal arts. For instance: everyone has to take upper-level philosophy, theology, history, and literature courses, which is all well and good, but liberal arts and business majors aren't subjected to equivalently difficult math/science courses (we actually have a course titled "Math: Numbers in the Real World"). Basically, it much more difficult to be a science or math major here because the workload is more difficult, the classes are more difficult, and you have to take the difficult courses from other majors as well.


The type of people who go here are typical: white and rich. There is some diversity, but the majority is what I mentioned. The girls all look alike. They all wear the same thing. They drink a lot, go to bars a lot, and are generally all the same.