Loyola University Maryland Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I wish I had known how fun it was going to be and how much I was going to learn. I enjoyed meeting new people and becoming familiar with the beautiful campus. I learned that by just having an open mind and not being afraid to jump in when I was unfamiliar with the situation, everything was so much easier. If I had known all of this, I wouldn't have wasted the summer worrying that I was going to find college too difficult. I love college, I love the challenges, the opportunities and the rewards of the journey.


The situation regarding alcohol.


College was just about how I expected it to be with one major exception. At Loyola there is very little to do on-campus with the exception of volunteer work. At Loyola most students enjoy a night life outside of the campus, primarily in bars. I wish I would have known that to enjoy a night out the bars would be the only option. I have visited several major colleges across the northeast and have found that larger state schools have many more activities on-campus.


Baltimore is a small town with a big city feel. Explore it a lot.




Coming into Loyola University Maryland as a transfer student was a familiar process. I had already transfered from Harford Community College to University of Maryland (which I found did not suit my needs), so I was familiar with the bureaucracy and whatnot. What I truly wished I had known was how hard college can be for transfer students -- and I wished I had known this back in High School. Starting out at a community college is great financially, but it takes away from academic pursuits and the overall general feeling of college.


How long it would really take me to get home.


i would have liked to know all the changes they would be making to the campus during my stay at loyola. we've built new dorms, had a new president of Loyola and many other improvments. They are great and make the school better, but i still would have liked to know .


after awhile, it starts to feel small. I'm tranferring to UMass Boston in the spring, but I absolutely loved my time here at Loyola.


That you need a fake ID to enjoy the social life here, and that you shouldn't live in substance free dorms freshman year.


I wish I had known how difficult a transition period it can be to live on your own away from home for the first time. I underestimated it, even though I was excited about moving away and had talked to the people I was going to live with.


I wish I knew about the party scene. Also I wanted a small school but I didn't realize how small 3400 students really felt like. I wish I understood the core corriculum better, it is difficult to switch majors.


nothing, i learned as i went along


I wish I knew more about the ways to change a schedule around. As a freshman I was all worried about my schedule, but after my first year I realized you have a lot of room to move around.


The amount of money that some students have within their reach. I also wish I would have known how dependent the social life at the school is on bars for weekend activities. In addition, I wish I would have been more able to find people that do different things than what everyone expects. Most students that go out to bars on the weekend are also willing to do other things. The study abroad system is also amazing and worth attending this school.