Loyola University Maryland Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about Loyola would be the sense of community that the school exuberates. Between the students, professors, faculty, and administrators, everyone is incredibly loving and wants to get to know you. Loyola also offers numerous clubs and organizations which all collaborate with each other to create an even more community feel between students of different interests. Walking along campus, you are bound to see someone you recognize who will most likely put a smile on your face. Those are the kind of people associated with Loyola.


The professors in the computer science department


It is hard to pick just one thing, but I gues the MOST important thing about college is, after all, the academics. I am hihgly satisfied with the academic programs at Loyola. I enjoy the Honors Program, and I find the the standards in the Biology and Chemistry Departments high as well. Also, Loyola really pushes Study Abroad. About 40% of Juniors Study abroad in programs all over the world. This fall I will study in Beijing, China through a program run by a partner school. Study Abroad is a fantastic way to expand your academic experience.


It is a pretty small campus and you can always see a friendly face. The teachers are very helpful and all classes are small. Also, the campus has great community service projects to help students get involved with the community.


the amount of attractive females


The faculty and professors are always willing to help you with your work, and convey enthusiasm about the course materials. The student body by and large is friendly, and people are generally willing to meet new people and make new friends.


The best thing about my school is the professors. They are very willing to help and are very good at teaching the material (for the most part)


Great dorms on campus, good bars, and great connections after graduation


The best thing is that there are so many activties to get involved in. Though we are sometimes criticized for the "Loyola Bubble," our tight knit community helps you to find your niche yet still be engaged our diverse surrounding of Balitmore city.


Loyola has easy access to many cool places like Inner Harbor and Annapolis but also offers a fabulous campus life.


The comfort, it feels like home.


The best thing about the school is the low ratio of students to professors. While this does often mean that you will often not be able to get a section of a course you'd like to take, the professors are often willing to give you individual attention to make sure that you are getting everything you need for your education.


The class size and students within the classes. It makes it all the easier to learn and stay on top of work and seek help when needed


Alumni networking and preparation for career


abroad program, social scene


The best thing about Loyola would be the size and the beautiful campus. The College is changing to a University, and I'm afraid that the increase in size will cause Loyola to lose that small-college charm.


The focus on becoming "men and women for others," which is the goal of a Jesuit education. The emphasis on serving others and making a difference in the world. The efforts of the Center for Community Service and Justice. I also think the Honors Program is a really noteworthy aspect of LC.