Lurleen B Wallace Community College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


As a college student, I would tell my high school self to no stress so much about college. It really is a wonderful experience and I have made life long friends in the process. I have also learned so much in these past two years attending LBW. I am very proud of choosing LBW as my school of choice. I would also tell myself to participate in as many extra caricular activities as possible. I was not able to participate in as much as I would have liked.


I would tell myself not to worry about the bullies in my class. I would tell myself the name-calling, and the shoving in the hall will stop. I would explain how I would not see them after graduation, and that I will enjoy my new life at LBWCC. I would describe the new friends I now have, and the great teachers that make me want to learn. I would tell myself that I am capable of making straight A's because I am making them now. However, I would say that making good grades is not easy. I would then explain the long hours spent studying in the library, and how it is all worthwhile. Lastly, I would say to the younger me, "The only thing holding me back, is you."


i would say that going to a two year college was the best decisioni ever made. You save more money ,and it is not expensive. You have that one on one with your teachers also.


Work hard and get as far ahead as possible to be prepared for everything that is going to come at you because you have to work twice as hard just to achieve your goals. Professors generally aren't as concerned with each student keeping up so you must be responsible and stay focused on all of the work assigned to you. If you are able to work hard and stay focused on the classes at hand you can be a successful college student.


I would probable tell myself to be alitle more prepared to be on your own. The teachers do help and it is great but there is a lot you have to do on your own. It is part of growing up. I would also tell myself to keep my options open not just stick to one idea.


I would say "Asha if you study more you'll find that you would've better scholarships or yet better college offers.""sometimes life stinks but you have to go hard because at the end of the day .you've got to make the decision for you. Nobody can give you anything this has to be a want you need for yourself .Take more accountability for your action and listen to your teachers. You can lead a, "horse to water but you cant make him drink.". An your thirst for knowledge has got to be just that strong or even stronger.High school is the preparer its up to you to be the finisher you determine you future . Get it now or let it kick your butt later and it wont be very pretty.


If I could go back to my senior self, I would say to not stress about the small things. I worried entirely too much about the wrong things in life, like boys and relationships, and I wish sometimes that I didn't. I would tell myself to not slack off in the classroom and to do my homework that I thought wasn't so important, but really was. Worrying myself to death and slacking off, made me one of the most "out there" seniors there was. Also, I worried about starting college. Not being able to make friends was one of my biggest worries. If I knew then, what I knew now...there would nothing to worry about. I not longer stress about small things, I do my homework, and I have lots of new college freinds.