Luzerne County Community College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I would tell my high school senior self to keep your head up and just barrell through, and to learn different focusing techniques. I would also tell myself that the more scholarships you acquire now, the less money you will have to pay, and the more you can relax, so get to work on the scholarships.


It is worth it.


Study very, very hard! It might seem like you don't need to know that specific concept in math, or science, but you will need it a year or two from now! Keep going, the best is yet to come!


I would tell myself to listen to my parents. All the advice that I was given about not worrying about making friends and not trying too hard to create relationships with other people was true. Instead of putting all my focus on building life-long friendships during my first months away at school were not needed. The purpose of college is to study and gain knowledge that you will need in the future and all the extraordinary people that you meet along the way are just an added benefit. I would tell my high school self that absorbing the skills and knowledge that the instructors and proffessors will provide to me takes focus, effort and hard-work - friendships do not.


One piece of advice I would tell to myself in the past would be to prioritize your time. Don't procrastinate during the college process because it only creates problems and major stress. Look into different clubs and activities to try new things and meet new people to help formulate ideas for a major. Lastly, Commit to going to college full-time. Most high paying jobs require high degrees, and you won't get there by taking a couple of classes each semester.


During most of my senior year of high school, my heart was set on going into the United States Marine Corp. It was always my dream and I always wanted to follow my father?s footsteps. When I was contacted by a local recruiter, I immediately took the opportunity. I was thrilled when I met up with the recruiter. I was enrolled into the Delayed Entry Program, which would prepare me for the Marine Corp. Everything was going my way until it was time to pick the career I wanted based on my Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery score. My score was high enough that I could get any job I wanted. I decided to go into Personnel Retrieval and Processing Specialist which would allow me to retrieve soldiers from overseas. However since I was female and that was a male job they changed the job entitlement to where it was going to be just a desk job, which was the least thing I wanted. I?m not that type of person. Since I was so focused on this career I never applied to any colleges. If I could go back I would focus more on my college career.


Knowing what I know now about college life I would definitely apply myself more to form good study habits right through my senor year of high school. It is apparent now that as a senior in high school I, like everybody else, slacked off a little too much and had the attidude that the "senior year is a party year". However, I now know that it is extremely important to use that time wisely to prepare myself in all aspects of my education for college life. Also, I would have talked to my student advisors more to help me determine what I wanted to study in college. I definitely would have spent more time in the library researching and applying for more scholarships that are available because I am very much in need of financial assistance in order to continue my schooling. Lastly, I would stop trying to grow up so fast as a senor and would have enjoyed the last year more instead of worrying so much because now I am in college and I see that my high school years have come and gone and so has my youth.


Dear high school senior, you are about to embark on a journey like no other you have ever taken. You might think you are prepared for what lies ahead, but think again. You are now responsible for everything in your life: waking up in the morning, cooking, doing laundry, getting to class, the list is endless. Do not take this responsibility lightly-it will change your life!! My advice to you is this: take advantage of every opportunity that your school offers, be it tutoring, help writing papers, and even talking to a counselor if you feel overwhelmed by all the changes you are going through. It's okay to admit to needing help; remember, what doesn't kill us makes us stronger. You only get one chance at being a college student, so do it right. Don't let yourself get behind in your reading. Before you know it, it's midterms and you have so much catching up to do, it seems impossible to complete. Let your friends into your life-if they want to be there for you, let them. Remember your family loves you,above all, and will always be there. Believe you can do it!!


Oh, just look at you!! Forget all the fears held inside, and just go for it! Apply to that college two states away from home you admire so much!!! Wait, you say friends are going to the movies tonight? A night full of submitting applications to numerous colleges and searching for scholarships is more worthy of your time. It may seem like forever still exists, but time will pass by so quick, one has to ask where it has gone. Study, study, study for tests and quizzes to receive the highest grades possible, for good marks improve the quality of college careers. Yes, higher education will be costly! Forget about the money! There are all types of financial aid such as grants, loans, scolarships, and work study programs to support a great education. So, no movies tonight, I want to see you succeed!!!


Well i would have told myself not to jump into anything. When i was in highschool my guidance counselor pressured me into applying to schools. I had no idea what i wanted to do. So I would tell myself to wait a year work and save up some money.


First, I would congratulate myself for choosing a community college, since the prices are so reasonable (and I haven't consumed college debt yet) and all of my credits are transfering. I would then advise myself to take as many difficult courses in my first semester as possible, to get them out of the way. I didn't push myself hard enough in my first semester, and I know if I had, then I would be farther ahead with my credits then I am today. I would tell myself to start saving up more money for my future. The college transition for me hasn't been difficult yet, since I attend a commuter school and I still live at home (I transfer in Fall 2010). Finally, I would tell myself to relax on the first few days. Most people are understanding, and will help you if you need it when you are confused.