Lynchburg College Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Lynchburg College is a beautiful campus with knowledgeable professors and a close-knit group of students who form lifelong friendships.


Lynchburg College is small school that is a great way to jump start your future academically, socially, and environmentally.


Lynchburg College is a small community, the campus is really pretty and even more in the fall, during this season, the campus' trees are beautiful, even the classrooms look great. LC is a small campus where everything is very near, it takes you about 7 min. to walk to your classes. the cafe, the library, the auditorium, and the labs are very close to the dorms, so you don't need to wake up really early to get on time. our dinning hall is really big, we have flat screens to entertain students and plus we have many food choises. If you visit LC you will love it. LC is a wonderful community of students and professors.


Lynchburg College is a n extremely small, but personalble liberal arts school.


Lynchburg College is a dedicated institution to its students, faculty, community and alumni and is passionate about the success for all.


Lynchburg College really cares about the students.


My school is brimming with opportunity, helpful, genuine people and diverse leaders who feel motivated and inspired to become global citizens with more than just book knowledge.




This is a fantastic school


Lynchburg College is a place you can go to feel at home and welcome, where you can be challenged but have a strong support network, and there are also many outside activites.


Lynchburg College is a liberal arts school with many people who care about your education and social life.


Lynchburg College is a beautiful friendly campus that is extremely inviting and personal.

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