Lynchburg College Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


Students are an eclectic mix of athletes, the geeks, the Greeks and more -- however even with these diverse groups we are all united as a school.


My classmates are generally helpful, and easy to make friends with.


Starting answering! Students at LC are great, I am a freshman and I take some classes with juniors and senior, well these guys are wonderful they help you in your assignments if you have any question they are willing to help you because they have been through the same situation. In Lynchburg College we are a community that help one onother we are wonderful.


My classmates are engaged to learn new things everday.


My classmates are very self driven people who understand the value of self discipline yet manage to always balance out their lives between varisty and club sports, academics (many in the nursing career path), play, community involvement (volunteering), clubs and whatever else they like to do with their time.


Some of them will not care, but most of your classmates are trying to do well. There are a lot of people who seem a little too into partying and not so much the school, but will still do what they can to get good grades.


I've completed my freshman year and most students at LC are very serious about their education and work hard to accomplish their goals.


some are fake


Nursing classmates are very helpful, they always try to understand and help you do your best. We all want each other to succeed and to do so we work together to reach success.


My classmates are open-minded, friendly and fun.


They are all very friendly and involed in class and in activities outside so that I feel as thought I develop friendships with them all.


They are white, upperclass children who love depending on their parent's money and couldn't get into a real college so they chose Lynchburg College.


My classmates have become some of my good friends and it's really nice to see them at social events on the weekends and be able to personally know them because of the small class sizes.

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